End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

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End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

If it’s the end of the year, then you know what time it is. The season of joy and the time of generosity. It is when families come together and spend quality time under one roof. However, not every student gets the opportunity to go back home during this festive season.

Since there is a strong chance your friend might not make it home this holiday season, it is never a bad idea to send some holiday spirit their way. Today we’re compiling a list of some ideas for the end of the year gift items for students. The list has plenty of ideas for this festive season, and we hope you find something of your liking too.

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Since it is the end of the year, a number of big named brands go all out with their end-of-the-year sale. Brands like Aldo, Zara, Adidas, Nike, and more have their end of the year season of giving sales with great discounts and offers. And since it’s the end of the year and the season of giving, gifting them a sweater or a jacket would be a great Christmas gift.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students


As clothing goes, the same goes for accessories. You can either go big and buy them real jewelry or buy them pretty and attractive accessories. A chain or a locket for men or a ring or earrings for women could be some of the ideas you could buy them for as accessories. Plenty of brands have various types of accessories to choose from like, rings, bangles, nose-pins, earrings, chains or locket or even ear-muffs too. Mufflers, scarves, gloves, socks, and stockings are some other great ideas for accessories.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

Christmas Decorations

Being the end of the year, the Christmas spirit is still up in a majority of people. Christmas decorations are a great idea for gifts for college students. Since they are away from home, from all the joyousness and glee, send them a piece of that joy by gifting them some beautiful Christmas decorations like beautiful bells and ornaments this holiday season.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

Candies and Treats

It doesn’t have to Halloween for you to buy some candies and treats for yourself or for your friend who is sitting thousands of miles away. Not all students get the privilege to go back home for Christmas and celebrate this holiday and the end of the year with their families. So buying them an assortment of treats and candies, or better yet, buy them a full-fledged care package for the end of the year this season. Choose from a variety of chocolates, candies, cookies, and much more for your friend this year-end.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students


This may seem like a head-scratcher but not a lot of people gift plants when in fact, they should. A plant is something that stays in your life for a long time. It teaches you how to nurture, care and look after a living thing. Gift them a plant according to the season with a beautiful well-decorated pot, gift-wrapped and packed beautifully for them. So each time they look at that plant, they will be reminded of you.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students


Much like clothes and accessories, brands focus a big deal on their end-of-the-season sale and since students are surrounded by electronics. Gifting them something in that regard would not only be great but awfully helpful as well. Like a new charger, or new headphones, a power bank, or if budget is not an issue for you, then a brand new gaming console or desktop/laptop accessories that they needed. Imagine the joy on their face when they receive the item they had been saving up for.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

Stuffed Toys/Action Figures

This might not cater to everyone, but women love stuffed toys, and there are a plethora of options to choose from. A teddy bear or a stuffed cat or dog are some of the best choices. Pay attention to what they like and get them something in that regard. And if you can’t choose from anyone, then get them a bunch of options neatly packed in a beautiful box and send it across their way this holiday season.

And since boys are not into stuffed animals and all, gifting them live-action-sized figures of their favorite childhood cartoon character or someone they idolize right now would be a great gift idea. For example, Dragon Ball Z action figures or Chief Master from the popular video game Halo are some of the most popular amongst boys.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

Books/Board Games

If not for all, then for a lot of people out there, books turn out to be their perfect companion. End of the year, cold out and snuggled up in a blanket with hot chocolate and a good book to read is the choice of leisure for many. If your friend is a book lover, then search for some of the best books on the market and gift them one. They will love you for it. And if your friend is not an avid book reader, then getting them a board game they could play with their friends to kill time in their dorm room is another great idea for an end-of-the-year gift for them.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

Amazon Gift Cards

We include this in almost every list of ours because it is one of the safest and most appropriate gift items you could get for your friend. Don’t know what to get them? Gift them a $100 Amazon gift card which they can choose to buy anything of their preference, and splurge that gift card money on themselves.

Amazon has a ton of gift cards with a number of themes for different aspects, preferences, and people to choose from. So do not hesitate if you are not sure what to get them this holiday season.

End of the Year Gift Ideas for Students

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