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EarthX Eco-Art Competition

Do you have excellent skills in arts? You should appear for this great Eco-Art competition by EarthX. The competition is flexible for the students, in-between age group 5-22years, where the students are asked to provide artwork of 2D or 3D art piece on the theme Plant the Seed. Through this competition, they aim to encourage young students to create an awareness to do eco-friendly farming. The contest is divided into four divisions: Division 1-Ages 5-9, Division 2- Ages 10-13, Division 3-Ages 14-18, Division 4-Ages 19-22, and the prize will be allotted accordingly.

The goals for arranging this competition are twofold. The first goal gives youth a voice regarding environmental issues in the world they live in, whether from a local or global perspective. And to provide youth, through the creation of their work, the ability to raise awareness about the environmental issues important to them and move others to take action.

The artwork for this year’s Plant the seed is focused on the subject center around different aspects of this theme. It can give light on the benefits of creating a rain garden to protect a watershed, a community garden to support an urban area, or regenerative farming from improving both water quality and climate change. The theme might also be interpreted more figuratively to imply that, like planting a seed, taking any action in connection to any environmental problem can grow into sustainable solutions. Through this contest, the organization is trying to create an awareness in the community regarding the Eco-friendly practice.

Brief Description

Take a look at the following table for more information about the Competition: 

Organization EarthX
Educational Level Multiple 
Access Mode Multiple 
Number of AwardsMultiple
CountryUnited States
Application Status  January 24, 2022
Application FeesNil
Requirement    Application

Who May Be Eligible

Please go through the checklist below for being eligible for the competition:

  • The candidate must be of age 5-22years
  • The fellow should create a piece of art, either 2-D or 3-D, that illustrates the message of the theme: Plant the Seed.  
  • The 2-D Pieces-Size must be no more than 20” X 30”, and 3-D Pieces-Size must be no more than 24” X 24” X 48” 
  • The candidate should be a US citizen
  • The fellow should provide the complete application
  • The students will be divided into four divisions as per their age group.

How to Apply

The fellow should provide the complete application along with the required documents and the images for the contest. The fellow should make the application via the online process as The submission of the competition must be made following the below format:

  • IMAGES: .jpeg
  • 2-D Art: 1 image
  • 3-D Art: 4 images (1 front, one back, 1 of each side)
  • IMPACT ESSAY: .pdf

Kindly ensure to submit before the deadline as the late submission will be directly rejected.

Supporting Documents 

The applicant should provide the below-mentioned documents along with the application:

  • The fellow should provide the complete application
  • The student should provide an essay of no more than 300 words describing how the artistic representation embodies the theme of the Competition: Plant the Seed.
  • The fellow should provide images of the artwork
  • The student should give age proof


This contest will help the students to develop confidence in themselves. The competition will help them to explore their skills and demonstrate in front of the community. The student will be able to create a stage for themselves and be active participants in the competition. The application process for this scholarship is straightforward.

Application Deadline 

Submissions are currently being accepted until January 24, 2022, so begin your application immediately to receive the reward.

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