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Deloitte Consulting Career Path

Deloitte Consulting is one of the leading management consulting firms in the world. With over 43,000 employees worldwide and $14 billion in revenues, Deloitte Consulting has an unsurpassed global presence.

Deloitte provides audit, consulting, financial advisory services to many of the world’s largest companies and institutions. They also offer their expertise to governments and nonprofit organizations across sectors like technology, energy & utilities, health care & life sciences, aerospace & defense industries, etc.

But what about those considering a career at Deloitte? What are they looking for when hiring new staff? And what does it take to be successful as a consultant at Deloitte? Let’s explore these questions below!

1. What Is a Deloitte Consultant?

Deloitte consultants are members of one of the company’s two consulting businesses, which deliver ‘consulting solutions.’
The firm’s Consulting business consists of three distinct service offerings: Technology, Strategy & Operations (TSO), Finance, and Human Capital. Each service offers various service “lines” that focus on specific business and industry expertise.

For example, within the Human Capital service offering is the Talent & Organization line of services, which focuses on leadership development, talent acquisition strategy consulting, learning technology design and delivery, employee engagement strategies, among other things.
In addition to their Consulting practice areas, Deloitte also has seven global Business Units that provide outsourcing, technology, and operations services.

2. What Does a Deloitte Consultant Do?

Deloitte consultants work with their clients to improve strategies, processes, organizational effectiveness, and efficiency. They help clients make better business decisions by providing insights from major economic, industry, and competitive trends as well as emerging technologies.
In other words, Deloitte consultants provide expert industry insight that will help organizations achieve their goals.

As stated on the Deloitte website: “We ask ourselves what’s next every day, and we’re thinking about what’s next for our clients—what new challenges they face and how they can navigate those waters to reach their goals.”
This is what consulting is all about: providing expert advice and guidance to organizations to improve their business performance.

3. What Does it Take to be Successful As a Consultant at Deloitte?

Opportunities and growth for new and talented professionals are what defines a great employer. You’ll find these opportunities at leading corporations, nonprofits, professional firms, and government agencies across the globe. Whether you seek an internship, management training program, or a full-time role, growth opportunities come in many forms and vary based on the industry and area of specialization.

At Deloitte Consulting, they look for graduates who have strong analytical thinking skills, are strategic thinkers with superior judgment, communicate effectively both orally and in writing, have leadership potential, are collaborative with a keen interest in professional development, and are passionate about their chosen industry.

Within the Deloitte Consulting organization, you will find professionals at all levels interacting with clients on projects across industries and business functions. Businesses turn to consult firms like Deloitte to help them solve complex problems or realize new possibilities.

4. What Does a Typical Day as a Deloitte Consultant Look Like?

Although every day is different, here are some of the skills and qualities you’ll find Deloitte consultants working on:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve processes and operations through technology solutions;
  • Contributing to innovative business strategies for competitive advantage in the marketplace;
  • Advising clients on issues related to organizational management, corporate finance, or international taxation;
  • Building and developing key client relationships;
  • Working cross-functionally in project teams.

5. What Is it Like to Work as a Consultant at Deloitte?

The values that guide Deloitte’s approach to consulting are integral to their culture. They include:

· Confidence and humility — having the right mix of Confidence and humility is key to success, and it’s something Deloitte consultants know they need to live by every day.

· Collaboration — working across teams and clients, Deloitte consultants get hands-on experience in consulting practices that many organizations only dream of offering.

· Courage — asking tough questions and taking on challenges head-on leads to better client outcomes. It takes Courage to do what’s right, but it also pays off for clients, consultants, and the organization as a whole.

Deloitte Consulting is different from other consulting companies in that their focus is, as mentioned earlier, on providing expert advice and guidance to organizations that enable them to improve their business performance. In this regard, they work with their clients as trusted advisors and business partners.
Deloitte consultants tend to be more process-driven than others in consulting because of the practical nature of their work. They focus on making sure processes and frameworks are in place and work to achieve desired outcomes.

6. How Much Does a Deloitte Consultant Make?

It is difficult to estimate an exact figure, but given the high demand for consultants and consulting firms such as Deloitte, it can be said that the compensation tends to be very good. In any case, what matters most is not so much the amount of money you make while at work but how satisfied you are with your choice.

If you compare it to other career options, consulting can play very well and has more flexibility than some other jobs out there. It would help if you considered that whatever amount of money such companies offer (and which you may find online) usually includes bonuses and incentives, which could be pretty exciting. Bonuses include sign-on and retention bonuses, performance-related bonuses, referral bonuses, etc.

7. Should I Enter Consulting if I Am Unsure What Industry I Want to Work In?

The short answer is yes! Consulting firms are known for having some of the most well-rounded and diverse workforces globally.

The reality is that consulting firms like Deloitte operate with a model to hire people from various industries and business domains. This means that there is no set industry or area of specialization when you enter as a consultant – it all depends on your scores, grades, and educational background.

8. What Skills Do I Need to be a Successful Consultant?

Consulting firms are looking for individuals who have attained the highest academic qualifications possible, but they also consider work experience. You don’t necessarily have to have previous work experience in technical domains or other related areas if you want to be a consultant.

· Collaborative — great consultants work well with their peers, clients, and teams. They understand the importance of teamwork and doing what it takes to get the job done right.

· Analytics — used for analyzing problems, assessing situations, and coming up with solutions is fundamental in consulting roles. You will often have to work under pressure and crunch numbers to solve problems.

· Leadership — good consultants can influence the people around them, become leaders in their own right, and get things done. Thinking like a leader can be critical if you want to excel in this field.

· Initiative — again, under the pressure of time constraints, consultants need to think on their feet and be creative in problem-solving. The Initiative is critical for this reason.

· Business acumen — understanding the language and business processes and putting them into practice will help you excel as a consultant. Taking the time to study different aspects of business combined with learning how to apply these concepts while solving problems will give your career a real boost.

· Communication — consultants are often required to interact with senior management or people from different business areas. Being able to convey your message is essential in consulting because the information you present needs to be understood by others and used for decision-making purposes.

9. What Are the Career Levels at Deloitte Consulting?

At Deloitte, they offer tremendous opportunities for advancement both within and outside our firm. And they provide a wide range of career paths – from junior consultant to principal – that let you develop your skills and experience as you work with clients on the issues that matter most to them.

The following is an overview of those career levels:

1. Junior Consultant

Consultants are the backbone of our consulting practice, and we place enormous value on each person’s skills and contributions. Our junior consultants work with senior-level team members and develop their expertise as they master our processes and tools, build relationships with clients, represent Deloitte at industry conferences, and expand their knowledge across our seven areas of expertise.

As they develop their consulting skills, junior consultants also begin to build relationships with clients and become involved in client engagement teams. Deloitte offers an extensive range of training programs developed to help young talent grow inside and outside the firm, intending to develop future leaders.

2. Consultant

As they progress, consultants assume more responsibility for client engagements. Our consultant role is characterized by business savvy, consulting expertise, leadership skills, and managing complex engagements with many stakeholders.

Within two years of joining Deloitte, consultants are assigned a mid-level manager who works with them to develop their skills through hands-on assignments and regular coaching.

3. Senior Consultant

As Deloitte’s most experienced consultants, senior consultants provide Leadership to engagements and guidance to more junior team members. Because these professionals have a proven track record of success, clients tend to seek them out for strategic projects and high-profile assignments. As a result, they play an essential role in furthering Deloitte’s overall strategy.

4. Principal Consultant

Principals are the senior leaders in the consulting community, leading large global engagements that generate significant revenue for the firm. They play a critical role in helping to shape Deloitte’s business initiatives. These professionals also work with their regional organizational leadership teams to develop future consultants within their regions.

5. Senior Director, Principal (Partner)

Partners are responsible for building Deloitte’s consulting practice and furthering the firm’s overall strategy through client work. These professionals lead complex engagements that generate significant revenue for the firm. They also provide advice on business needs to senior leaders across all functional areas within Deloitte.

6. Managing Director, Partner

As the highest level of professional achievement within Deloitte, Managing Directors are responsible for building and managing a significant portion of the consulting business throughout one region. They ensure that their team members have the resources they need to maintain a strong presence in their respective markets while also drawing on other internal resources when necessary. These professionals are also responsible for managing client relationships.

10. Where Are Deloitte’s Career Paths Headed?

Deloitte is committed to providing consulting professionals with the opportunity to do rewarding work on some of the world’s most significant and most complex business issues while offering them a variety of career options that can help further their professional development over time. They can choose from a wide range of career paths, including becoming a partner at the firm.


The Deloitte Consulting career path is a long and rewarding one. If you’re considering this as your next step in your professional development, we can help to prepare you for success with our coaching program. With the proper guidance, time management skills, and dedication, it should be easy to move up through the ranks at one of the top consulting firms in the world!

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