Cover Letter Examples for High School Students

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Cover Letter Examples for High School Students

You can write a cover letter for each hiring process while preparing for your first job. Your job description should entice the potential employer to schedule a meeting by demonstrating how you are a good fit for the job. We’ll go through what a cover letter is, what to include if you don’t have any work experience, and how to tailor your resume.

1. What Is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a one-page professional document that you can submit with your resume to describe why you’re interested in a job. The cover letter is usually three to four paragraphs long and emphasizes the employer’s abilities and expertise. Your cover letter supplements your resume by providing additional information to the recruiting manager. You should also explain why you are suitable for the job and the organization. A cover letter is required by certain companies, while others mention it as an optional item or don’t request it at all. On the other hand, a cover letter might demonstrate to recruiters that you are respectable and well-organized.

Sections to Be Included

Date and Contact Information

If you must provide a paper cover letter, use the standard business letter template by adding your complete address and the industry’s information.

Addressing the Recruiter

Begin by directing your letter to the prospective employer. The hiring manager may be listed in the job posting or on the company’s website. You can also contact the office and ask for the hiring manager’s name. Rather than mentioning Ms. or Mr. in the welcome, you might use their first and last name. This prevents you from assuming their gender. “Dear Robin Alvarez,” for example, maybe your greeting.

You can use the salutation “Dear Recruiting Manager” if you can’t discover the hiring manager’s name. Avoid using outmoded pleasantries like “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To Whom It May Concern.”


Identify yourself and explain why you are willing to be a part of their team and the business in the opening paragraph. Include phrases in the job description that match your abilities and expertise and name the particular job you’re applying for (or that are skills you would like to grow). Tell the potential employer how the position will help you achieve your career ambitions and how the firm’s beliefs and interests connect with your own. Your first paragraph should convey your enthusiasm for the chance.


Focus on what talents and qualities make you the best applicant for the job in the next part. Explain how your prior experience and training have qualified you for the position in one or two paragraphs. Rather than reiterating your resume’s bullet points, focus on a few unique, directly important talents or projects to show why you are the greatest candidate for this position.

Be Honest

If you’re a high school student looking for summer work, be truthful with yourself and the company about your capability to accommodate the requirements of the job. Because they exaggerate their own talents, many high school students make the mistake of enrolling for professions for which they are completely unqualified. Make sure you can handle all facets of the job before applying. If not, seek an entry-level job with duties that are more aligned with your level of expertise, or better yet, volunteer or intern. It’s enticing to cut and paste your résumé into the content of your cover letter if you’re searching for a job as a high school student. However, you should not be doing this because it will not reveal why you are keen to work for their organization. Write about what drew you to this specific organization or job description to demonstrate that you are passionate about the position and why it fascinates you. Include any explanations why they must employ someone in your age range, as well as how your abilities would help the organization.

2. Editing Your Cover Letter

The cover letter of a high school student is a significant opportunity for them to demonstrate why they are the best guy for the job. A terribly written cover letter, on the other hand, will not make a favorable impression on the recruiting manager. In your cover letter, use good grammar and punctuation, as these two factors can say a lot about you. Before sending your cover letter, double-check it for errors. If at all feasible, have someone else proofread your work for any mistakes you may have overlooked.

These are the basics of writing a cover letter. If you impress your employer with a fantastic cover letter, then your job is almost half done. We have a sample cover letter for you to take reference from.

Example 1

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to apply for the position at your firm. After reading the job description, it’s evident that you’re searching for someone who is very familiar with the tasks of the position and can comfortably do them. Given these criteria, I am confident that I possess the requisite skills to competently complete the task and exceed expectations.

I am a dedicated fresh high school graduate (4.3 GPA) who has been recognized by my professors and managers for being attentive. Throughout my educational life, I was able to accumulate roughly 4.5 years of professional experience. In my spare time, I had the pleasure of working as a waiter at Los Hermanos, where I learned important professional skills, including resolving conflict, teamwork, prioritizing, customer needs analysis, and customer service. I bring proven communication, innovative thinking, and critical analysis talents to academic, recreational, and professional endeavors, which I intend to harness into the associate post at your organization.

After reviewing my résumé, I am confident that you will concur that I am the sort of qualified and competitive applicant you seek. I’m excited to discuss how my specialized skills and talents will meet your requirements. Thank you for your time and attention; I hope to hear from you soon.

Example 2
I’m sending you this letter and the attached résumé to express my interest in working for your company.

I recently finished high school and am looking for a position at your organization as an entry-level employee. I learned a wide range of talents throughout high school. One among them is the importance of collaboration. At school, I participated in team sports and helped plan events. This has shown me how to collaborate with a varied group of people to achieve a common goal. Working in a group isn’t always simple. I took advantage of these opportunities to hone my abilities to motivate others to collaborate. As a result of this talent, I was named captain and team leader in a variety of after-school activities. Throughout my education, I was able to keep decent grades. I wouldn’t describe myself as a natural learner. I’ve always had to put in a lot of effort to reach my goals. This was an important life lesson for me since it taught me that if you want something, you must strive for it. I consider this to be one of my best assets. To succeed in life, I trust in tenacity and hard effort.

I’m excited to move on to the next stage of my life now that I’ve completed high school. I’d like to start working while continuing to school part-time. I am confident that if you offer me the chance to work for your company, I will be able to demonstrate that I am a reliable employee. I feel that effort and commitment are the most important factors in achieving professional success. I’d like to meet with you to discuss what skills and talents I could bring to your organization. I’m also curious to learn more about your company to see where I might fit in.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I want to hear from you as soon as possible.

Example 3
This cover letter is my request to be admitted into your college in order to pursue academic greatness and build a brighter future. Not only do I believe that I possess the abilities necessary to thrive at your school, but I also feel that the school’s culture is consistent with my own educational beliefs.

I can conjure up an image of a pupil who possesses all of the world’s skills. I can tell you about my previous academic accomplishments as well as my participation in a variety of sports. I could enlighten you about the cultural events in which I thrived, but that would be lying. I received excellent marks and competed in the cross-country state finals for my former school. I also went on to star in our school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, but none of this came about because I am gifted. Instead, I was able to do everything because I am a diligent worker.

I’ve known since I was a child that everything important is never easy. I didn’t grow up in a wealthy household, but I did grow up in a secure environment where my parents taught me the importance of hard work and determination. Your school has an excellent name, and I think that if I put in the same effort in my academics, sports, and cultural events as I have in the past, I will succeed and be a valuable contribution to the school. Education is the best weapon, but it is only as good as the person who uses it. Your school has wonderful teachers, and your teaching philosophy is very similar to mine.
I really anticipate hearing from you and joining the tradition that you’ve already established throughout the years.

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