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Cost of Living in Kauai

In its most basic form, the cost of living refers to the amount of money needed to maintain a certain level of living in a given location. It includes the expenses of housing, food, transportation, health care, taxes, and other essentials and is typically used to compare the affordability of living in one city to another. The cost of living index is a theoretical pricing index that calculates the relative cost of living in a given region over a given time period.

If you’re thinking about moving to Kauai Island, Hawaii, it’s a good idea to do some study on current data to see if your predicted salary will allow you to at least keep your existing lifestyle. 

Kauai is widely regarded as the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands, with spectacular views and natural retreats that never cease to please even the most seasoned visitors. For its lush, fertile scenery and spectacular waterfalls, Kauai is known as the “Garden Isle,” providing the ideal atmosphere for the ardent grower or outdoor enthusiast. Choosing to relocate to Kauai means committing to a life of renewal and unadulterated luxury. Put your toes in the sand and feel the energizing spirit that appears to exude from this extraordinary island. Relocating to Kauai is likely to be the best move you’ll ever make, with a plethora of professional opportunities, educational options, and a wonderfully involved community.

What Is It Like to Live on Kauai? 

Life on Kauai is uncomplicated, and the climate is tropical. You are not wasting a lot of money on clothes and shoes. Amphitheaters, amusement parks, and huge shopping malls are not found on Kauai. You are not spending money to visit these locations or attend these events. For the most part, entertainment is completely free. Kauai has some of the most beautiful beaches, mountains, hiking trails, and cycling pathways in the world. If you reside in Kauai, you may visit all of these beautiful and breathtaking spots for free. If you enjoy fine eating, relocating to Kauai may not be the best choice because the island lacks a variety of dining options. BBQs, potlucks, and get-togethers with friends abound in Kauai. The meal is always delicious, and the feeling of being surrounded by friends who actually care is unrivaled. 

According to the latest recent statistics, the population of Kauai is a little over 67,000 people. 

People of Caucasian and Asian ancestry make up the majority of the population. The property tax rate is often lower than on the mainland, and we only have a 4% sales tax. On Kauai, there are numerous groups for a variety of activities that would appeal to almost any hobby or passion. The island’s population is diversified, with many people involved in local arts, natural medicine, and fantastic local musicians. There is an abundance of skill to be found here.

Weather in Kauai 

The weather on Kauai is seldom predictable. 

Rainfall is abundant in some regions of the island, which feeds the awe-inspiring waterfalls and lush plant life that abound on Kauai. While most tourists visit between December and March to avoid the cold winter weather, this is also the time of year when Kauai gets the most rain. However, if you intend to move to Kauai, don’t expect to have to change your plans very often…Rain showers on Kauai are very brief, lasting around an hour or two at most. You should evaluate the topography of Kauai before relocating there, as different parts of the island can experience cooler winds or warmer, more humid air. Regardless of where you are on the island, you can rest assured that your garden will thrive thanks to the island’s consistent rainfall and nutrient-rich volcanic soil.

Attractions on Kauai 

Regardless of your personal interests, active living is a significant component of Kauai culture, with infinite opportunities for adventure. Imagine relocating to Kauai and waking up to nature’s playground every morning. The beautiful natural features of Kauai provide the majority of the island’s entertainment. Plan your day around Kauai’s diverse landscape, which includes sandy beaches, breathtaking valleys, and majestic mountain peaks.

Activities on the Ground 

The white sand beaches that encircle Kauai are well-known, but the sea and sand aren’t the only attractions on the island. The north shore of the island is known for its dramatic cliffs and mountains. Meanwhile, the east side of Kauai, with its waving coconut trees and stunning waterfalls, awaits.

The following are some of the most popular Kauai land activities: 

Hiking: 90% of this magnificent island is inaccessible by car. This is excellent news for your family’s devoted hiker. Some of the nicest sights on Kauai can be found at Kokee State Park and Waimea Canyon.

Mountain biking: While Kauai has a limitless supply of trails and jeep roads, the Moalepe road route offers a spectacular perspective of the island’s rainbow eucalyptus. 

Horseback riding: It is a great way to see Kauai’s botanical beauties from a different perspective.

Ziplining: Residents and visitors alike love ziplining on the Koloa Zipline, Kauai’s longest zipline tour. 

Sports on the Water 

Ocean enthusiasts visit Kauai every year for its unique water sports activities. There’s nothing like spending a summer on the north shore swimming or diving with dolphins, monk seals, and turtles in abundance. At sunny Poipu, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, and surfing are all the rage. Return to land after a fantastic day on the water to take in one of Kauai’s spectacular sunsets. Check out the south shore’s best beaches if you’re relocating to Kauai for its world-renowned surfing options. With activities like these right in your own backyard, moving to Kauai turns every day into a holiday.

What Should You Know Before Moving to Kauai? 

* You do not require as much as you believe. 

Remember to bring a rain jacket with you to the event… 

* There’s no use in driving to Kauai if you’re not going to use it.
*If you’re bringing a pet, begin the process as soon as feasible.
* Don’t get caught up in your thoughts. 
* Allow things to happen naturally…
* Local vegetables from Hawaii will quickly become one of your favorites.

In Kauai, Hawaii, the Cost of Living Is Relatively Low. 

True, living costs such as food, gas, and electricity are more than on the rest of the mainland. When comparing the cost of living on the mainland to Hawaii, there are many additional factors to consider. Although the electric cost is greater, we do not have to pay for heating or air conditioning in the winter or summer. Food is more expensive in the grocery store than on the mainland; however, we have local farmers’ markets for products that offer a wide variety of fresh, tasty local fruits and veggies to suit any palate.

Housing Prices 

Kauai Island’s typical home value is $378,300, which is 105 percent greater than the national average. This area’s house ownership rate is 45 percent, which is 30 percent lower than the national average. In terms of rent, a 1-bedroom apartment in Kauai’s downtown area costs $1,049 per month, while a 3-bedroom apartment costs $1,827 per month. One person’s average monthly power bill is $102.This includes the costs of energy, heating, and water. A family’s utility costs would be $157 on average. The average cost of an internet package (50 Mbps+ 1 month unlimited) is $63.60.

Food and Grocery Prices 

Lunch for two at a restaurant costs roughly $13.40, while dinner for two at a restaurant costs around $52.10.A typical fast-food lunch costs around $7.49.A liter of milk costs $0.88; a loaf of white bread costs $2.54; a kilo of white rice costs $3.84; a dozen tray of eggs costs $2.31; a kilo of chicken breast costs $8.87; a kilo of round steak costs $12; a kilo of apples costs $4.50; a kilo of bananas costs $1.70; a kilo of oranges costs $3.95.

Basic Service Costs 

A simple haircut in Kauai costs $15.60 on average. If you want to join a gym, the monthly cost is roughly $37.20.The average cost of a visit to a general practitioner is $107.A month of daycare or preschool costs approximately $860.


A single ticket on local transportation costs $2.16 on average, with a monthly ticket costing $57. 

A 5-mile cab ride will set you back at roughly $17.30. 

On average, a gallon of gas costs $4.00.

Taxes in Kauai County, Hawaii 

Hawaii has the lowest property tax rate in the country, with an average effective property tax rate of about 0.27 percent compared to the rest of the states. Despite having a typical home worth of about $564,000, which is more than any other state in the US, homeowners in Hawaii only pay $1,529 in property taxes each year, which is around $500 less than the national average.

One of the main reasons for Hawaii’s cheap property taxes is the state’s significant exemptions for owner-occupied homes. Homeowners in the Aloha State can get tax breaks ranging from $80,000 to $160,000, depending on their county of residency. The effective property tax rate in Kauai County, where the island of Kauai is located, is 0.25 percent. Every year, homeowners in Kauai County pay an average of $1,321 in property taxes. In Kauai County, homeowners who qualify for the homeowner exemption pay a lower tax rate. 

In this county, the full residential rate is 6.05 per $1,000 of taxable property, while the homestead rate is 3.05 per $1,000 of taxable value. 

Working on the Island of Kauai 

Because Kauai is such a small island, many people may be wondering what work options are available. The state of Hawaii’s minimum wage was raised to $10.10 this year. Kauai’s average income is $62,946, much higher than the national average of $53,482.As you might expect, Kauai’s tourism industry booms, but the island also has a constant demand for medical professionals and instructors. Relocating to Kauai can also be a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses while living a simple but exciting life. If you’re a seasoned professional looking to immerse yourself in the island lifestyle, Kauai may be the finest spot to do so all at once.

Kauai Has a Number of Schools.

Are you relocating to Kauai with your children? 

There are a variety of educational alternatives available in Kauai County, including:

* 16 public schools 
* 3 charter schools 
* 4 independent schools
* 4 parochial schools
* 12+ pre-kindergarten programmes

Kauai also has its own community college, which allows students to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and specialized certificate programs at the University of Hawaii without having to leave the island. 

The People of Kauai 

Despite the fact that Kauai is relatively small, the island’s residents are tremendously noisy and proud of their home. You can expect an outstanding selection of community events, block parties, and farmers’ markets to occupy your time no matter what time of year you move to Kauai.

There are numerous clubs on Kauai for persons interested in learning about local arts, natural healing, and music, to mention a few popular interests. If you’ve newly relocated to Kauai, this is a great way to get active in the community, learn a new skill, and immerse yourself in the island’s culture. With numerous barbeque parties, potlucks, and social events, Kauai makes up for its lack of gourmet dining options. Every islander brings something unique to the table, and every new day in Kauai is a reason to rejoice.

On Kauai, Where Is the Best Area to Live? 

* Waimea is a town in Hawaii with only one review: 1 out of 5 stars. 
* Kekaha is a Hawaiian town. It has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating based on six reviews.
*Princeville is a city in Hawaii. 
*This is a Hawaiian town. Three reviews with a rating of 4.33 out of 5.
* Wailua Homesteads is a town in Hawaii. Out of ten reviews, it received four out of five stars.
* Puhi is a settlement on the Hawaiian island of Oahu…Anahola.It’s a small town in the middle of nowhere.

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