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Cost of Living in Ensenada, Mexico

Ensenada is a city in Mexico’s Central America region. 31.86674 latitude and -116.59637 longitude are the coordinates. It’s at an altitude of -32768 meters above sea level. The population of Ensenada is 557430 people. It is in the America/Tijuana time zone, with a GMT of -8.0.

Living in Ensenada is a dream come true for wine connoisseurs. Its wine area, Valle de Guadalupe, produces 90% of its wines and is known as Mexico’s Napa Valley. Ensenada offers a diverse range of activities, from wine tasting to world-class surfing. Ensenada, dubbed “The Pearl of the Pacific,” hits both “Best Places to Live” and “Best Places to Visit” lists because of its proximity to the United States (only 78 miles south of San Diego), big foreign community, a vast foreign ex-pat community, a diversified scenery, delectable seafood, breathtaking wine country, and much much more! 

Ensenada is an appealing relocation and vacation destination because of its modern comforts, widespread English, and cultural activities. Local Mexicans, marines, marine and other sciences students, young professionals, and ex-pats, including Asians, Europeans, Canadians, and Americans, make up most of the 280,000-strong population. The diversity of ages and ethnic backgrounds gives Ensenada a vibrancy not found in other Mexican enclaves, represented in the music, art, theatre, and cuisine.


Ensenada has warm year-round temperatures because it is near the Pacific Ocean and is surrounded by the Sierra de San Pedro and Sierra de Juaréz mountain ranges. During the winter, the rainy season (November to February) has an average temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The driest months are June through September, with an average temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest months for the ocean are August and September (between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Ensenada and Its Surrounding Areas

It would help to fly into Tijuana’s Abelardo Rodriguez International (TIJ) airport to Ensenada. 

It is the closest airport to the city that can handle international aircraft. The Highway 1 South toll road connects Tijuana and Ensenada and takes about 70 minutes. You have the option of taking an Uber or renting a car at the airport. From the airport, you can easily take a taxi. Once you’ve arrived in the city, walking about Ensenada’s downtown and tourism zone is simple. You will, however, need to rent a car or use a taxi if you plan on visiting the wine region of La Bufadora. A cab ride to La Bufadora costs roughly $15 per person round trip. Ensenada’s public transportation is dominated by small buses known as “micros.” 

The basic fare for “micro” travel is less than.80 cents USD. But proceed with caution. Tourists are not encouraged to ride “micros” alone late at night.

Living Costs 

One of the most important economic contributors is biomedical device companies and biotech researchers from San Diego and Mexico. The tourism industry thrives all year, thanks to cruise liners. Agriculture, import and export, and naval stations contribute to Ensenada’s thriving economy. Ensenada is less expensive to Californians, and many San Diego residents live in Ensenada and commute to work each day. On the other hand, Ensenada is one of Mexico’s most costly cities to live in compared to the rest of the country. Grocery and dining prices are comparable to those in a U.S. metropolis such as Denver. The cost of electricity in Mexico is high, but petrol remains at $3.50 per gallon. Hiring employees is far less expensive than in the United States, and if you keep your accommodations modest, you can locate cheap apartment rentals.

 How Much Does it Cost to Live in Mexico?

When you evaluate the average cost of living in Mexico, it will be much less than in the United States or Canada, regardless of where you choose to reside in Mexico. With the daily cost of living elements taken into account, you should expect to save between 30 and 60% on your monthly expenses. Your savings figures will be influenced by your geography and lifestyle choices.

Real Estate Average Prices 

Before buying, we recommend renting in Ensenada for a while. Long-term rentals range from $500.00 U.S. per month (small apartment) to $2500.00 U.S. per month (condominium or home), with utilities. Ensenada features modest flats for plain and sparse rent if you wish to rent cheaply in the city. Electricity (which varies considerably based on usage), water ($6.00 per month), and cable ($50.00 per month) are standard extra utilities. Vacant lots, apartments, condos, and residences are available, with costs varying according to distance from the city or the shore. Depending on the features and views, a tiny condominium might cost anywhere from $150,000.00 to millions of dollars, and a single-family home can cost anything from $275,000 to millions of dollars.

Medical Assistance 

 Small clinics in Ensenada give good care, but they cannot handle advanced emergency care. Tijuana or San Diego are referred to for more severe emergencies. Because of the huge expatriate population, English is spoken more frequently in medical facilities. Most Mexican insurance policies and some U.S. and Canadian insurance plans are accepted at Hospital Cardiomed and Hospital Velmar. You can get an international major medical plan if you live in Ensenada but require a health care plan that will function in the United States or Canada in the event of a medical emergency.

What Is the Minimum Amount of Money Required to Live Comfortably in Mexico? 

Because everyone’s definition of comfort is a little different, you’ll need first to identify the lifestyle you want to live in Mexico before you can answer that question! The monthly household budget lifestyles listed below are based on spending for two individuals. The four lifestyle levels are (D – A), with D being the least comfortable, luxuries, and convenience, and A being the most comfortable, luxuries, and convenience. These tools are part of the data in our “Best Places to Live in Mexico” location pages that you may use in your decision-making method. The average lifestyle rating ranges are also coded for each area, city, or town we showcase for living in Mexico.

Monthly Budget $1400-USD 1650: Level D

By American standards, houses or flats rented in this category are modest.

They will most likely lack air conditioning and feature “spartan” kitchens and bathrooms. 

The only water expense you’ll have is bottled drinking water, which will add roughly $10 per month if you use municipal water. Unless you’re a gourmet chef who spends all of her time in the kitchen cooking (which could push your gas bill to $20 per month), the remaining utilities will be minimal to low. This level assumes that you use public transportation, spend very little money on entertainment and travel, and only hire help for 4 hours each week (maid or gardener). The Allowance for Savings/Medical/Unexpected Expenses (“Allowance”) ranges from 40 to 52 percent of living expenses, assuming no health insurance is carried, and the “allowance” is used to cover medical bills.

 Monthly Budget Level C: $2000-USD 2650

 One or two of your bedrooms may have air conditioning, and your bathroom(s) will almost certainly be more modern, but the kitchen will almost certainly have “open” shelves (no cabinets) and a single “tub” sink. Again, with a bit of thought, it’s simple to reduce utilities to a bare minimum — use the water heater and air conditioner only when essential, and turn off lights and appliances when not in use. 

It will be conceivable to own and operate an automobile at the mid-to-high level of “C” if you are not prone to many day trips per week. You can afford a maid or gardener (or both) once or twice a week. The Allowance percent is calculated at 27-35 percent of income, depending on the assumption of no health insurance or severe medical care.

 Monthly Budget Level B: $2800-USD 3400

 At this point, things start to loosen up. Your two-three bedroom house/condo will very certainly have air conditioning in the bedrooms, as well as in the common areas. Your bathroom(s) will be vast and modern, and your kitchen will most likely include cupboards and a modern sink.

Utilities naturally rise in this environment, but they can still be kept low with careful use. The cost of a car is included in this lifestyle level (although public transportation can be used, too, to help mitigate the expense). Several times a week, hired help is covered. Some medical insurance is assumed; therefore, the Allowance percentage drops to 23-27 percent.

Here, too, there is a larger budget for amusement and travel

 Monthly Budget Level A: USD 3500-$4500+

 Live the lifestyle of the Rockefellers! Never before has such a small sum of money gone so far. It is simple to have a home or condo with complete air conditioning. Your kitchen will have modern appliances (though they may be smaller than you’re used to), your bathrooms (there will be more than one at this level), your kitchen will be modern and extensive, and you may have access to a pool. Utilities will be more expensive, but they can still be kept lower than in the United States if you use caution. This lifestyle includes a car, travel, and entertainment, as well as a maid and gardener four to five days a week. At this level, some form of medical insurance is anticipated. Thus, the Allowance is 15-21 percent of total living expenses. If you earn this much money each month, you can live in Mexico in a comparable way to that of well-off Americans.

 Ensenada’s Crime and Safety

Ensenada receives a score of 30 on the Numbeo Crime Index (which is based on citizen surveys and self-reporting rather than official crime data). 

This indicates that Ensenada has a low level of recorded crime. However, according to the Mexico News Daily, increasing homicide rates have made Ensenada one of Mexico’s 50 most violent cities. The U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning for the Baja California region. On the other hand, Ensenada is not highlighted as a city to avoid. Ensenada has a strong police presence, which has resulted in fewer drug trafficking activities, which are a significant source of crime and criminal activity. Residents and visitors to Ensenada should continue to use caution when traveling around the city. Maintain vigilance, avoid sketchy areas, and travel in groups, particularly at night.

 Neighborhoods Expats in Ensenada, Mexico

 Many ex-pats in the area prefer to settle in towns like Bajamar to the north and Punta Banda to the south, a few kilometers from downtown Ensenada. Bajamar is a seaside vacation town located 40 minutes south of San Diego-Tijuana.

Universities and Colleges 

If you want to further your education, you can enroll in classes at the Autonomous University of Baja California, Ensenada, the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education, and the Ensenada Institute of Technology, among others. Take classes at the Pacific Spanish Institute in Ensenada to brush up on your Spanish or learn to speak it fluently. Alternatively, Libromar Bookstore in Ensenada has a large selection of books.

The Draw

Ensenada offers a wide range of cultural activities, including museums, wine tastings, theatre, fine dining, lively nightlife, music festivals, and sporting events. In this bustling city, there’s never a dull moment! Miles of beachcombing, sea kayaking, surfing, sport fishing, and grey whale viewing await you on the Pacific Coast beaches! 

Because the city is located on the bay, you must go north or south to reach a nearby beach. The harbor, on the other hand, is a lively and fascinating area to see naval ships and yachts while dining on excellent seafood wine and listening to local artists and vendors. Grey whales visit the oceans of Ensenada from the third week of December to the third week of March in search of warm waters in which to give birth to their whale calves. Dolphins and sea lions can also be found here, and they’re a lot of fun to watch!

Ensenada has a plethora of musical talent. Every year on the last weekend in September, a free international jazz festival takes place. Blues musicians, mariachi bands, and young contemporary artists can be found at coffee shops and restaurants all across town, in addition to jazz festivals.

Hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, and bird viewing are available in the Sierra de San Pedro and Sierra de Juaréz mountain ranges. At the same time, ATV and off-roading are available in the Desert of Death (bring plenty of water!). 

Finally, wine country is found in the Valle de Guadalupe, home to almost 80 wineries. The winemakers make the rounds to welcome you to their orchard and tell you a little about themselves. The entire month of August is dedicated to a wine festival, with internationally renowned performers performing in vineyards at night. Mexican wines are gaining appeal among the world’s most refined and sophisticated wine fans, and this wine festival attracts tourists from all over the world! Cost of Living in Ensenada, Mexico

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