Community Service Ideas for High School Students

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Community Service Ideas for High School Students

Simply having good grades doesn’t work for any student to be a good human being. Along with an intellectual mind, what you need is your good service towards society. Your resume will shine higher when you add your community service experiences being a high school student.

There are multiple home-based ideas, volunteering in an organization, working alone for the community. However, if you are thinking of doing some service and are confused about where to start, we are here to guide you. This article will guide you to find some significant community service ideas in your high school days. You can start at your home, school, streets, and anywhere. Service doesn’t require any particular place or high-value investments. Community service is helpful for others and self-motivating for you. 

Give a clear reading to this write-up and decide which community idea you consider you will be able to carry along. These community service ideas for high school students in the list below are all you need to give a thought to. Feel free to contact me for any further related queries. 

1. Donate Clothes for the Needy

This service is a form of community service that doesn’t require much preparation. Even if you start donating your clothes that you hardly wear these days, you are serving a part of the community in need. Moreover, you can also talk with your friends who have the same mindset and willingness to serve a community to join the drive.

You can find people who sleep on the streets on cold winter nights without proper clothes and can provide them some warmth. Being a high school student, donating clothes won’t take much of your time. You can also ask nearby schools and NGOs to start a drive to donate clothes for the community’s newly served people.

2. Use Surplus Foods for Help

We often see that most big weddings and events order a lot of food items for their guests. However, some of the guests cannot turn over to the events. In such a case, the extra food leftover in the events could be used for serving people on streets or small communities who are starving hard in hunger. As a high school student, you can talk with event organizers and use the leftover meals to serve a community.

Food is essential, and this should be used properly. When a mass enjoys having a great meal in a day, the other part of the mass waits for a single bite of bread. Moreover, you can also use the leftover food cooked by your mom and serve them to the community members in need. 

3. Join an NGO

Being a high school student, you can choose to participate in community service activities through a non-government organization. NGOs are known for helping elders, needy, poor, and homeless individuals. You can be a part of any NGO in your locality and bring a change in society. Working in an NGO will, in a way, bring the ideas and motivation to you to start your small service center for the less served people. In addition, you will understand how NGOs work and bring funds for serving the community members.

4. Donate Books

Simply helping the needy with food and shelter will not bring a change in society. Education and knowledge are very important to bring changes. As a high school student, you can donate your old books to those kids who are less privileged to join a school or buy a book. Education paves the way to change. When you help the younger generation of less serving community members, you will indirectly pave the way for the change in the coming future. 

For instance- A child who belongs to the less-served community can use the tool of education to bring better days to his family. In such a way, the legacy of education will continue. 

Therefore, serving kids with a book is the key to bringing social change in the community and engaging you in social service.

5. Teach Community kids

Now that we are talking about community service, why not use our gained knowledge to serve others. A better idea to serve a community will be to teach the community’s kids. Being a high school student, you can choose to teach your nearby areas kids who are not getting proper learning instructions. 

Some students might have dropped out of school at a lower standard due to financial requirements. Therefore, you can choose to use your free hours and dedicate them to teaching the kids in need of education. 

Teach community kids

6. Help the Elderly Group to Find a Home 

If you notice, there are many older adults who at an old age go homeless. However, at such an age, they require much care and love. Therefore, you can find out older adults and find them a shelter, where they will be provided free food and clothing. It might sound tricky for a high school child to find a home for elders, but it’s not that hard.

As a high school student, you have to gather information regarding old-aged homes near your location. After making a list, you can contact them and correspondingly contact elders looking out for a home. This action and service work both ways. It is because there are old aged home NGOs who are seeking old adults in need. 

7. Work for Nature-Oriented NGOs

Well, serving a community is not restricted to direct means only. You can also serve a community by serving nature. Nature plays a significant role in making the world a better place. Therefore, there are many NGOs that can work for the preservation of nature. Being a high school student, you can join such organizations and learn to understand the importance of preserving a good nature.

Nature, in a way, provides resources for any community. It gives free food and shelter to all. However, if nature is being destroyed, you are left with nothing. By preserving nature, you are indirectly helping the less served part of the society which relies on nature and its sources.

8. Create a Small Library

You can always do things that cost you nothing. For example, you can open a small library at your place and asks people to donate books. This way, people who don’t have a penny to buy books and come and read books at your place. This small library can gradually turn into a great space for reading for all. This way, you will serve a community that requires free education for bringing a change. You can even take a chance and teach students who come to read in your library. You can also share stories with them by having an interactive session. 

Create a small library

9. Help Disabled kids

You can serve a community by helping kids who are not getting a formal education. As a result, fewer privileged children with disabilities will need special attention. Therefore, you can spend quality time with these children sharing thoughts, ideas, and tales. These special kids require special treatment and different modes of instruction. If you have good communication skills, you can surely pick up this idea for community service. You can also work with special-needs children or grown-ups through an association like Best Buddies or Special Olympics.

Help disabled kids

10. You Can Launch a Recycling Campaign

What else can be better than launching a campaign which will bring a change in a community? Recycling has become a vital point, especially when nature is degrading and much preservation is required. For example, you can see sudden climate shifts due to deforestation. You can, therefore, call upon friends, family, associates to participate in a recycling campaign. Through this recycling campaign, you can draw awareness among the general public to use more renewable resources and less non-renewable resources. 

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