College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarships for Entering Freshmen

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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Scholarships for Entering Freshmen

With the remarkable growth in Agriculture and Life Sciences, there is a huge demand for research and other professionals in the same field. If you want to achieve a successful career in the Agriculture and Life Sciences field then, here is the good news for you. IOWA State University is expecting applications for its outstanding Freshmen Scholarships. If you are a freshmen student accepting admission in a major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, then you are eligible to apply for numerous grants. Though some eligibility requirements and benefits of programs differ, these scholarships can help you immensely in paying your financial expenses.

These programs are designed to reduce the stress related to expenses on students and to help them achieve excellence in the field of agriculture and life sciences. The university aims to support the deserving students to expand the agriculture major. The college is keen on supporting the new students who are beginning their career towards success. It gets difficult for students to pay costs of tuition and other related to their academics to make it easy for them and help them to make full benefit of their enrolment in the university these programs are initiated. There are several scholarships initiated to make education easy.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences awards over $3.5 million in scholarships to their students each year. In recent years, this has contributed to a rate of over 77% of the undergraduate students in the majors receiving scholarship support of some kind. While many awards are intended to reward academic performance, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences is proud that their scholarship opportunities reflect the student experiences they value.  In addition to academics, scholarships support activities like study abroad, leadership expressed through student organizations, service to the college by assisting with recruitment, undergraduate research, and professional development opportunities.

Brief Description

Organization IOWA
Educational Level Freshmen students
Subjects Agriculture
Amount Educational expenses
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards Undefined
City Any
Nationality Domestic and International
Country United States
Application Deadline Vary
Application Fees Nil
Requirement Application


Who May Be Eligible?

Eligibility requirements for each program differ, some mandatory requirements for all of these programs are given below:

  • Candidates should be freshmen students enrolling in major in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  • Students should hold a good academic record.
  • The applicant should carry 12 or more credits.

How to Apply

The application for each scholarship program is different. Students need first to fill the admission form to get accepted in the college. Students should create their Net-ID. Candidates must submit the scholarship application form with all the necessary details. Other supporting materials that vary from program to program should be submitted with care. Fellows should make sure the data they are providing is valid and complete. Applications with invalid information are not going to be considered for the program.

Supporting Documents

  • General university application.
  • Application form of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
  • Scholarship application.
  • Document to verify eligibility as per the program requirements.


The benefits of each program differ. But these scholarships are proved to be of substantial support to the students in their institutional expenses. These programs help students to pay costs of tuition, fees, books, and others.

Application Deadline

Deadlines of each program vary.

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