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Classroom Prizes for Students

Choosing the right gifts for your students can be confusing and challenging too. Students love to receive small gifts as appreciation whenever they do something good. As a Teacher or a Guardian, it is important to appreciate and celebrate every little achievement of children and encourage them to do even better. And for that, it is very important to choose gifts accordingly.

Children love to receive gifts that are vibrant, on-trend and are fun to play with, keeping that in mind, we have arranged a list of attractive gifts that can serve as the best classroom gifts. These gifts are available at very affordable rates and come with great discounts at

1. Mr. Pen Emoji Erasers & 1 Inch in Diameter with Pack of 64 Emoji 

These supercool Emoji Erasers by Mr. Pen are totally in trend and will be loved by students when they receive them as small appreciation gifts by their teachers. Every time they score better in-class test, or write a good essay, or do something appreciable, gift them these unique erasers to encourage them in doing even better. Children love prizes, and they will do everything to receive these as gifts in front of the whole classroom, and other students applauding.

There are a total of 64 emoji erasers in this single pack, children will love to choose their favorite expressions from the bunch. The erasers are of high quality and are latex-free, erase smoothly without having to degrade the quality of papers.

2. Cezan Colored Pencils Bulk with High Quality Wood

Colored Pencils by Cezan are a great choice for classroom gifts for they include 12 color pencils that are pre-sharpened and come with simple yet pretty packaging. This 360 bulk pack consists of 30 boxes of 12  pre-sharpened colored pencils, that are made of wood, and are break-resistant.

Created with high-quality wood, these color pencil boxes include all the common 12 colors that often come in use. There cannot be better classroom gifts for your students than these pencil color boxes by Cezan. If you want to gift your students something useful that they can use every day and for a long time, then this is the best option. Children will think about and remember you whenever they use these color pencils.

3. URSKYTOUS Animal Pencil Erasers with Rubber Material

These pencil erasers by URSKYTOUS are the cutest gift you can give to your students especially if they are in Pre-School or Elementary. These super-cute animal erasers are like puzzles that serve as a fun play for kids while also keeping pages clean. These erasers come in 60 different pieces and designs hence students can pick up their favorite animal from the bunch, and return home with a big smile on their faces.

URSKYTOUS is the abbreviation of “You are sky to us”, this company keeps children’s fun and safety as their priorities, therefore they make toy gifts for them keeping in mind what is the best for them. Your students will love to receive these adorable, vibrant erasers as appreciation gifts.

4. Wang-Data Squeezable World Stress Balls for Kids with 2.5″ in Diameter 

Next on our list comes a pack of stress-relieving balls that will not only be a part of kid’s playtime but also educate them. The balls printed in the design of a globe are a wonderful way to introduce students to the world map whereas at the same time giving them something useful to play with, that will also help to release their stress. There are 24 squeeze balls in this single pack that is proven to be a therapeutic aid for kids as well as grown-ups suffering from stress.

Suggested for children above the age of 3, these squeeze balls can be used in indoor and outdoor games, and while using them as a therapeutic aid, they will release stress and anxiety, increase blood flow, and promote growth and strengthening of muscles.

5. MALLMALL6 Animal Scratch Bookmarks with 20 Stylus Wood Sticks

The animal scratch bookmarks by MALLMALL6 is a unique gift idea that the kids will absolutely love. These scratch bookmarks come in 5 different animal patterns that come with the small bamboo stick, that must be used to scratch and reveal the rainbow-colored pretty animal designs. A single pack contains a total of 70 scratch bookmarks,20 stylus wood sticks, 10pcs thin bamboo sticks, and 1 roll of golden ribbon. The bookmarks are made of good-quality paper that will not tamper easily.

6. YCSH Classroom Gifts, Mini Cubes Set for Above 3 Years Old

Rubik’s cubes are the best gifts that you can gift your student to make them more patient, increase their power of concentration and use that tricky corner of their brains to solve it. There are 24 mini Rubik’s cubes in a single pack that is made with eco-friendly safe materials. These cubes can be gifted to children above the age of 3, they would love the vibrant look and its mini size that would perfectly fit into their mini pockets.

These cubes serve as Brain Teasers that help in enhancing memory,  improving the ability to solve problems, and release stress. These cube puzzles can be the ultimate gifts for kids that will be a part of their fun time while at the same time release stress and help with their brain exercises.

7. Laxdacee Bubble Wands & Odor-Free, Non-Toxic for Kids

Children absolutely love to blow bubbles hence, these bubble wands by Laxdacee will bring a lot of joy and excitement to your students. These mini bubble wands are odor-free, and are non-toxic hence, totally safe for kids. Suitable for children above 3 years of age, there are a total of 64 pieces in a single pack that comes in 8 different neon colors. Bring out that giggles on the faces of your children by gifting them these pretty bubble wands, and make their playtime more exciting and cheerful.

8. PP PHIMOTA Sensory Toy Set for Children

Here comes a pack of assortment sensory toys on our list by PP Phimota, that act as wonderful anxiety and stress relievers, and enhance their senses. These sensory toys have also proven to be very helpful to calm nerves, increase concentration levels, and bring improvement in children affected by ADHD, ADD, OCD, and autism.

Children also get bored and stressed with too much study pressure, these sensory toys will help them forget their stress and bring great joy to their playtime. This pack consists of Set of Animal Squishies Mochi Squeeze Toys, Stretchy String Fidgets, Mesh, and Marble Sensory Toys, Infinity Cubes, and fidget blocks.

9. Mini Plush Animal Toy Set by Laxdacee Store

These mini plush animal toy sets are something that kids will simply adore! With 32 different designs, that come in the shapes of rabbits, monkeys, mice, ducks, bears, frogs, puppies, cows, leopards, lions, tigers, and so on, these plush toys can be used as keychains and be a part of their fun games.

These mini toys are lightweight, made with the safest materials, and are easy to fit into mini pockets. You can give these animal plush toys to toddlers as well as students of Elementary as gifts of appreciation, no matter who you give, they cannot help but fall in love with these vibrant toys.

10. Mochi Squishy Toys by Fly2Sky

The last gift idea on our list is a set of 45 Mochi squishy mini toys by Fly2Sky that have the cutest designs and shape you will ever come across. Kawaii Squishies can be a part of kids’ every fun occasion be it parties or fun plays, but you can definitely use them as appreciation gifts for classrooms.

Toys that are washable, and act as stress relievers, Kawaii Squishies come in the shapes of the adorable panda, octopus, shark, duck, cat, hippo unicorn, and many others. Most importantly, these toys are 100% safe, made with good quality TPR material, and include no chemical smells. However, it should be gifted to children only above 3 years of age.

These 10 gift ideas on our list will serve as the best classroom gifts. Whether you gift them on your student’s birthdays or use them as appreciation gifts whenever they do something worth appreciating. Children would love to receive these gifts at school, and will proudly take them back home with a big smile on their faces. Since “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” similarly, all study and no play create a lot of stress in the minds of children, and some of the toys on our list will act as great stress relievers, and add joy to their playtimes.

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