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Career Path Tarot Spread

You have likely heard of the saying, “Follow your bliss.” However, most people are so caught up in their day-to-day lives that they do not know their bliss or how to follow it. This feeling led me to find a solution – the career tarot spread! This reading aims to provide insight into all the possibilities that are available for you. Some may be right for you! It will help you understand who you are and what is best suited for your personality type. I can now go through life confidently, knowing my potential future because I discovered my strengths and weaknesses before committing myself fully to anything else in my life. Let’s make sure we can find out our potential future to go through life confidently and happily!

Before we get to the reading, we should self-reflect and write down any questions about our future. It is a time for you to voice what is on your mind and anything you are concerned about; it is time to find out what these cards have in store. This is a career path tarot spread to help guide you along your journey!

1. What Is a Career Tarot Spread?

The career tarot spread is a reading that explores your path and the possibilities for change. It has been designed to help you find the best way forward, transforming any blocks or obstacles in your life into opportunities. You might not realize it, but we all have a hunch deep down inside of us that there is more to life than work. The high demands of our workforce left us feeling depleted and exhausted, which can cause people to contemplate their future and what they want out of it! It’s important to explore possible paths and understand how certain aspects such as time management and organizational skills affect outcomes.

The career path spread consists of three major sections: the present status, the future goals, and the available paths. This will help you see how different aspects can affect outcomes. It can also be a great tool to use on a regular basis, depending on where you are in your life, so that changes or challenges can be anticipated and worked around. Tarot is all about gaining insight and clarity, so it’s important to note that having a positive, open mind when performing this spread will be most beneficial.

2. Why Do I Need to Know My Potential Future?

The future is a major motivator for people. Where we go, what we do, and how much money we make all depend on the decisions that we make today. If you want to be successful in your career or business, it’s important to know which way you’re heading so that you can take steps towards achieving your goals. That’s where a tarot reading comes in handy! A tarot reading will give insight into the kind of life that might await if certain actions are taken and also provide guidance on how to get there with success. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur looking for tips on expanding your company or someone who wants some clarity about their current job situation – every type of person has something they need from a career path reading.

3. What Are the Benefits of This Career Path?

Tarot cards reveal what is likely to happen if you continue along your current path, but they can also show you other possibilities that might make your life more exciting or satisfying. Some people aren’t happy with their current career paths because they don’t see much potential for growth or because it doesn’t suit their personal goals. A tarot reading will show you what is possible if you make changes to your current career path, which can help you weigh up the pros and cons of staying in your current role. Plus, looking at all the potential outcomes that are available is sure to leave you feeling more inspired about life!

4. How Does This Tarot Reading Work?

Career paths can be difficult to navigate and often feel like lonesome paths. You may not know which direction to take or if you want anything more than what is in front of you. That’s where a career path tarot reading can help!

A tarot reading by itself does not provide answers, but it will offer guidance as well as show what might lie ahead for you. In order to get the most out of your reading, it helps to ask questions before the reading begins on topics such as:

  • What would I ideally love doing?
  • What do I need from my work environment?
  • Are there any specific skills that I am missing?
  • How much money should I make each day/week/month?
  • What areas of expertise should I pursue further?

The cards will then be interpreted to provide insight into the following: Your strengths and weaknesses, How you can improve yourself in order to succeed in your career, What kind of working environment you attract, Possible career paths that may be right for you, and How you can give back to the world.

5. When Should I Do a Reading?

In terms of timing, career path tarot readings work best when performed around age thirty or once you have had a chance to personally reflect on your life. This means that if you are starting college or preparing for a job search, this would not be the time to do a career path tarot reading! The best time to do one of these readings is when you feel like you have done all that you can in self-reflection and are ready for direct insight from the Universe.

6. How Does This Spread Work?

This spread is not your traditional 3, 5, 7, or 10 card spread. It does require a bit more effort on your end, but it will pay off! The first step is to write out the questions you want to be answered in list form. Secondly, take your time selecting cards for each question. A total of six cards are needed for this reading. However, there is no specific number of cards that must be used for each question. If you are not getting much from a question, it is always best to ask another one or even more than once if necessary. With that being said, six cards will provide the most insight into your specific career path questions. The third step is to arrange your cards in the following order:

  1. Current career path
  2. Workplace environment
  3. Skills to have
  4. Working conditions/environment you attract
  5. Helping the world
  6. Ideal career path

To create this spread, start by laying out card 1 and dealing cards 2-5 around it, as seen below:

The first thing we see is what your current state of affairs is. This card is also very telling in terms of what the future might hold, so be sure to take note of your current career path! Next, we see what kind of workplace environment you are in, which can affect how happy you are at work. If you are unhappy with where you currently are, these cards will provide insight into that as well. The third thing we take note of is your skills to have. If you are lacking in certain skills, this card will give insight into which ones you should focus on developing. Your working conditions and environment attraction are the fourth and final areas that we look at in your current path. These cards will help us determine what kind of work environment you should pursue. Lastly, we look at how you can go about improving the world and eventually achieving your ideal career path.

Before you perform a tarot spread, it is advisable to sit down and meditate for several minutes. This can help center yourself so that you are able to get the most out of your reading. To ensure this reading is accurate, make sure you do not ask questions that are too vague or ambiguous. For example, asking “what will my career path look like” would not be as effective as “what can I expect to happen in my career next year.”

To make sure that you get the most out of your reading, it helps to write down insights right after reading. Furthermore, if you do not feel like your cards provided any insight into what is currently going on in your career or what you should do in the future, try doing this reading again with different cards. To gain even more insight into everything going on in your life, it would be beneficial to perform multiple readings. This way, you can compare your results and find inconsistencies so you can improve yourself accordingly!

7. What Are the Benefits of Tarot Spread?

Standard benefits:

  • Helps you find your true calling.
  • Provides insight into the future.
  • Emotional benefits:
  • You’ll be able to take control of your life and make better decisions.
  • You’ll be able to stop feeling lost and confused about what you should do.
  • Helps you stay motivated.
  • Spiritual benefits.
  • Gives guidance that will help you become who you are meant to be.
  • Helps diminish your fears by giving insight into the future.

Tarot spreads can provide invaluable insight into your current, past, and future situation. It can help you see what is lying ahead so that you can better prepare yourself for it. A tarot spread can also help you figure out what makes you happy so that you can work towards achieving your goals! Furthermore, this type of reading will give insight into how to improve your life in general. Your life is an ever-changing journey that can be hard to navigate through. Performing tarot spreads will help you find your way and set yourself on the right path.

Tarot spreads can provide you with a fresh perspective on your life and career. They will help you see the bigger picture by putting things into perspective. A tarot spread can also help guide you through difficult times in your life to make everything run smoother.


I’ve learned that there are many ways to improve your life with tarot spreads. Not only can they help you find the right career path, but they can also give insight into what kind of workplace environment or skills will make you happy in the future. Furthermore, if you feel lost and confused about why things are happening to you, a tarot spread is always available for guidance. The benefits of this type of reading are invaluable because it helps open up new opportunities where others may have been closed off before!

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