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Can You Have a Career in Cheerleading?

The short answer is yes. Cheerleading by itself obviously can’t be a career, but that doesn’t mean the months and years spent practicing cheers and stunts should be considered wasted time. Professional cheerleaders should be paid for their work.

But what counts as “paid”? Some would say that payment implies receiving money in exchange for labor. While this is a fairly broad definition, it probably applies to most North American cheerleaders who receive some salary from their team or school, even if they do not have professional careers. In that case, provided that the women are being fairly compensated and have signed contracts per state laws, they can feel comfortable being part of a legitimate career.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for many women across the world. According to reporting by Lisa Wade at The Society Pages, it is common practice among college squads and some professional teams to have cheerleaders work for little or no pay. They may be required to attend mandatory practices several times per week, attend pep rallies and home games, in addition, to cheer at all the school’s sporting events. In exchange for this work, they may receive a small gift or discount tickets to the games.

1. How Much Do Cheerleaders Get Paid?

 A USA Today article reports that some teams pay their cheerleaders $10 per hour. The same article mentions an NFL team paying its rookies $100 for each home game they perform and another paying its rookies an average of about $3,500 for the season.

The website Cheerleading Coach gives a basic breakdown on what things may cost for new cheerleaders: $150-$300 uniform, $50 for shoes, and $5 per stunt block with an additional cost of $10 for midline and $25 for chest. At the very least, these costs add up to just over $500, which is what USA Today reports as the average annual salary for high school and college cheerleaders.

Want to play in the NFL? According to another USA Today article, cheerleaders for National Football League teams receive $75/game and $150/special event plus housing and meals. That’s not too bad! But remember that their game schedules are much more hectic than college or high school squads concerning both practices and games.

2. What about Cheerleading Competitions?

Cheer competition is a whole different ballgame from the world of professional sports, where much less time and effort is put into cheers that can be used in multiple games. Cheers for competitions need to be original and often take months to create, making the price relatively high for a team. On top of that, the cheerleaders need to travel to competitions, which can be pretty expensive.

The average price for the competition is $1,650 per event, with an additional $150-300 for uniforms. The cost of attending five significant competitions is, therefore, more than most professional teams would pay their cheerleaders in the first year! And if you think that this price sounds high, it is. Most cheer squads do not attend more than one or two competitions per season if any at all.

But to each their own! Wanting to compete in the world of cheering is a good thing, and there are benefits to working hard toward that goal. It’s also essential for teams trying out new routines to have that experience.

Just remember that if you want to pursue cheerleading as a career, don’t expect it to pay the bills. It’s doubtful that you will be able to make enough money by cheering to sustain yourself unless there are opportunities to become involved in different forms of entertainment.

2. Is Cheerleading a Viable Career?

Cheerleading is not like other professional sports. It’s an activity that requires significant time and money to get involved in. Whether it can be a career boils down to what the individual hopes to gain from this endeavor. But for many women, cheerleading does offer opportunities that could lead to full-time careers.

There are many opportunities for careers in fields related to cheerleading. A career in sports management or broadcasting. Sports marketing or sponsorship are also common avenues for former cheerleaders. Many women who have spent time on competitive squads are involved in dance teams, acrobatics, gymnastics, and other similar activities leading to additional jobs within the entertainment industry, both professionally and as an amateur.

Someone considering pursuing cheerleading for a career should dig deep into what they hope to gain from this activity. It will be essential to examine the sport itself, goals for competition, and entertainment opportunities outside of cheering. The more specific you are concerning your goals, the easier it will be to pick the right path for building that career.

The cheerleading industry is an interesting one, but there are clear benefits of being involved in cheer. Not only do you get to meet new people with different goals for their lives, but cheer can also be a big step toward achieving those goals.

4. What about a Career as a Cheerleading Coach?

It’s possible to make a career out of cheerleading. Several professional cheer clubs offer the opportunity for coaching, choreography, or even owner/manager positions. These can be lucrative gigs if you’re good at what you do. Most professional teams will also provide some compensation package for their coaches, whether in salary or bonuses based on performance.

Cheerleading coaches can take their careers in different directions as well. Many of them are involved with camps, clinics, and private lessons, which provide a steady income for personal trainers who have gone through the rigors of teaching proper technique, safety, and creativity with these skills.

Another option is to be a part of a traveling squad like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. These teams provide an opportunity for cheerleaders not only to travel and explore new cities but there’s also compensation for their time depending on the experience they bring to the team.

So if you’re wondering, “can I have a career in cheerleading?” the answer is yes! If you want to make a career out of it, you can, but you’ll have to plan carefully with those goals in mind.

Stunt cheerleading is an athletic activity that requires significant time and effort for training and building a resume of experience. To be successful at this type of cheering, one must build their skill set by practicing tumbling, stunting, and other cheerleading activities over many years. It’s not something that can be perfected overnight or by trying it once or twice.

Career choices for stunt cheerleaders are limited, but some avenues are available to them. They may work as trainers for camps, clinics, or private lessons if they have the credentials and experience to bring value. They may also start their own companies and franchise their brand as a well-known stunt squad.

Finally, for those who enjoy working with big names in entertainment, there are opportunities available at halftime shows, pro games, and other high-profile events across the country held by professional sports teams like NBA or NFL teams. If you want to be involved in cheerleading for a career, stunt cheer is the place to start, so look at job opportunities through this lens.

It’s important to remember that professional sports teams will expect their coaches and instructors to demonstrate knowledge of training techniques and possess athletic talent during tryouts which means coaching positions are not guaranteed.

5. How Much Do Cheerleading Coaches Make?

Stunt cheer coaches can expect to make $30,000-$50,000 per year if they work for a professional team. However, this position also requires significant time commitments, so it’s essential to consider when deciding to become involved in coaching. Many professional teams will offer additional income through performance bonuses.

Cheerleading coaches who own their own business can expect to make $15,000-20,000 on average.

So if you’re wondering, “can I have a career in cheerleading?” the answer is yes! If you want to make a career out of it, you can, but you’ll have to plan carefully with those goals in mind.

“Stunt cheerleading is an athletic activity that requires significant time and effort for training as well as building a resume of experience.”

6. What Are the Education Requirements to Become a Cheerleading Coach?

There are some coaching positions out there that don’t require any special qualifications. Still, stunt squads will certainly expect coaches to have gone through rigorous training and demonstrate experience in the area of tumbling, stunting, and other cheer camp techniques.

Generally speaking, coaches will be expected to have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in gym-related fields like fitness instruction, exercise science, or athletic training. It wouldn’t hurt for would-be stunt coaches to take courses through USA All-Star Federation or Universal Cheerleaders Association.

7. What Can I Do to Become a Cheerleading Coach?

If you’re looking for professional training, try contacting your local universities and colleges because almost all offer sports-related certifications. For example, if you’re interested in becoming a cheerleading coach, you may want to take courses in fitness instruction or other exercise science-related topics.

There are also training and certification programs available through Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA), Cheerleading Coaches and Athletic Instructors (CCAAI), and USA All-Star Federation (USASF). These courses provide both the practical skills needed and the credentials that employers will look for when making hiring decisions.

8. What Are the Physical Requirements to Become a Cheerleading Coach?

The most physically demanding part of being a stunt coach is performing many hours of practice and training and competing at tryouts and other events. However, this is true for any professional sports team or cheer squad, so it may not be much different than what you’d expect from any other physical activity.

9. Best Cheerleading Colleges in the USA?

University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, Kentucky. One of the most successful student programs globally is the Kentucky cheerleading squad. Kentucky has dominated the World Fan Championships more than any other cheerleading squad.

The Universal Cheerleaders Association in Orlando, Florida, awarded the University of Kentucky fans their 22nd national title on Sunday. Cheerleaders frequently attend events hosted by the University Athletics Association and the Alumni Association. They also serve as ambassadors for the university at various philanthropic and social activities.

University of Minnesota

The Spirit Squad coaching staff at the University of Minnesota is dedicated to serving its student-athletes and assisting them in developing academic and athletic abilities.

They would mentor and advise their teams due to their various qualities and features. Your ultimate goal is to develop intelligent, genuine, and unselfish Minnesota ambassadors.

The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Spirit Squads is a cheerleading squad headquartered on the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota.

The University of Minnesota is known as the “Birthplace of Cheerleading,” as it was the world’s first program. Men and women make up the Co-Ed and Small Co-Ed cheer squads, which vary in size from year to year. All of the women on the all-girl cheer squad are female.

Concordia University

The Concordia University cheerleaders are regarded as one of the most excellent cheerleading universities because, among other things, they offer athletic assistance scholarships of varying amounts based on the students’ credentials, abilities, and experience.

These athletic scholarships are renewed each year if the student-athlete remains competitive. In addition to their sports scholarship, student-athletes can qualify for academic scholarships.

The former is usually determined and awarded during the admissions process and is merit-based. Fans can also apply for several on-demand grants. Each student-athlete must be a member of one of the university’s competitive teams, including both girls and NAIA students. Before the tournament, a placement evaluation will be conducted. Travel between teams may be required at some point.

University of Alabama

Each year, the University of Alabama cheerleading squad is ranked among the finest in the country. They have two cheerleading squads: an all-girls squad and a coed squad. Women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and home football games are all supported by the all-girl team. All home and away football and men’s basketball games are supported by the Coed team. Every January, both teams compete in the UCA National Tournament. Fans are asked to schedule their lessons around the coaches’ schedules. Fans must also attend weekly training sessions in addition to training.

University of Hawaii

The University of Hawaii is genuinely concerned about its supporters! Members of the school’s support staff are eligible for 12 to 14 full-time scholarships. The complete cost of teaching both local and qualified external fans is covered by these scholarships.

In addition, the university offers a second scholarship to its international supporters! It is a tremendous relief that foreign fans who meet the standards have to pay half of the training charges.

If they meet the qualifications, fans can apply for several WUE scholarships and tuition expenses. The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a scholarship program that saves students’ tuition expenses at more than 160 public schools and institutions.

University of Central Florida

The cheerleading team at the University of Central Florida, which arranges teams, usually is 16 men and 16 women. UCF is widely regarded as having one of the best college cheerleading programs in the country. Each year, the squad acts as the University of Central Florida Ambassador and represents UCF at both home and away football games, men’s and women’s basketball games, and all home volleyball games.

Delaware State University

In February 2020, the University of Delaware cheerleading team earned its second consecutive national title in the Universal Support Association’s Open Division I. In truth, the fan team has come a long way to achieve its goals. If you want to join the squad, you can also apply for scholarships. If you live in Delaware, you may be eligible for up to $7,500.

University of Mississippi

On game day, on social media, and in the community, the University of Mississippi is looking for dedicated applicants who can favorably represent Ole Miss. High matchday performance, crowd management abilities, attitude/work ethic, professionalism/speaking skills, physical training, academic performance, inhibition, and appearance are only a few of them. Before the practice exams, all applicants must be accepted, already enrolled, or submitted to the University of Mississippi.

Oklahoma Panhandle State University

Except for soccer and rodeo teams, Aggie athletes at the University of Oklahoma Panhandle (OPSU) are supported by a large and vocal fan base. The institution also provides considerable cheerleading scholarships to in-state and out-of-state undergraduate athletes. For a qualifying student, the amount can reach US $ 10,500.

University of Southern California

Cheerleading is becoming a competitive sport thanks to USC Cheer. Its principal objective is to represent the University of Southern California in national contests. They focus on maintaining a solid work ethic, high level of commitment, and tradition at their university in a fun and motivating environment as the squad representing USC.


Cheerleading is a physically demanding and highly competitive sport. It takes years of practice to tumble, stunt, and dance at the level required to compete on a national or international stage. While many people think of cheerleading as just a sideline activity, the reality is that it’s a full-blown career for thousands of people all over the world. If you have what it takes – passion, athleticism, discipline – then a career in cheerleading could be right for you.

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