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Bucknell University Acceptance Rate 2018-2019

Bucknell University is a private liberal arts college in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania that was founded in 1846. The University is highly selective, private, non-sectarian, mixed residential and undergraduate, and has a small graduate program. The university consists of the College of Arts and Sciences, Freeman College of Management, and the College of Engineering.

At Bucknell, you can choose from a much larger selection of majors, minors, and courses than other liberal arts colleges and universities. It offers nearly 50 majors and over 60 minors. The College comprises the three traditional liberal arts divisions: humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences and mathematics with over 275 faculty members in 31 departments.

With 24.8% Bucknell University acceptance rate, Bucknell is an extremely selective school. The school receives approximately 10,300 applications every admission cycle from incoming students. Bucknell received 10,967 applications and accepted 2,718 (24.8%), with 938 enrolling. The college has over 275 faculty members in 31 departments.

What GPA do you need to get into the Bucknell University?

  • The average GPA at Bucknell is 3.54.
  • This makes Bucknell Strongly Competitive for GPAs.
  • With a GPA of 3.54, Bucknell requires you to be around average in your high school class.

Bucknell University SAT Score Analysis (New 1600 SAT)

Here’s the breakdown of new SAT scores by section:


Average 25th Percentile 75th Percentile
Math 660 610



33 30 35
Composite 1310 1210


What is a good ACT score for Bucknell University?

  • The average ACT score at Bucknell is 30.
  • This score makes Bucknell Strongly Competitive for ACT scores.

How much does it Cost to go to Bucknell University?


The following charges cover the two regular academic semesters. All charges are to be paid in full before the beginning of each semester.

  • Tuition: $55,788
  • Student Activities Fee: $304
  • Room: $8,332
  • Board (Anytime Access): $5,330
  • Total Tuition and Fees: $69,754

What are the majors at Bucknell University is known for?

  • The most popular majors at Bucknell University include Economics, General, Accounting and Finance, Psychology, General, Biology/Biological Sciences, General, and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Students can choose from four tracks, leading to the B.S.B.A. degree: managing for sustainability, markets innovation and design, global management or accounting.
  • Students come from all fifty U.S. states and from more than 66 countries.

How much is tuition at the Bucknell University?

The 2018-19 comprehensive fee

  • $55,788 tuition
  • $ 8,332    basic double room
  • $ 5,330    anytime access meal plan
  • $ 304 student activity fee
  • $69,754 TOTAL

Keep in mind that this comprehensive fee may not be the true cost to your family. They evaluate each student’s financial circumstances as they determine financial aid.

Is Bucknell University a public or private school?

  • Bucknell was founded in 1846 and features programs in the arts, humanities, sciences, social sciences, engineering, management, education, and music, as well as programs and pre-professional advising that prepare students for study in law and medicine.
  • At Bucknell, you can choose from a broad range of majors and minors that gives you the freedom to pursue your interests and combine fields.
  • All undergraduates except 200 seniors are required to live on campus. The school guarantees on-campus housing for all four years.
  • Primarily an undergraduate school (with about 3,600 students), Bucknell has about 50 graduate students.

What is the SAT score required for the Bucknell University?

  • The average SAT score composite at Bucknell is 1370.

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