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Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Worldwide Student Contest

The Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs, Inc. is delighted to announce its contest named the Ocean Awareness Student Contest. The competition is open for international students aged 11-18 who are the young artist, thinkers, and activists.

It is an international contest that accepts visual art, poetry, prose, film, and music submissions. The 2018 theme is Our Oceans in a Changing Climate.

Through this contest, the Bow Seat Organization want to use creative voices of students to explore and aware of issues related to climate change and oceans. Awards will be given in each of the categories at both the Junior and Senior.

Who May Eligible:

In order to be eligible, the candidates must meet all the following criteria:

  • Any student age 11-18 who is/was enrolled in middle or high school while the Contest is open
    • Junior Division: Age 11-14 before the Contest deadline June 18, 2018
    • Senior Division: Age 15-18 before the Contest deadline June 18, 2018
  • The applicants must be international students
  • Participants under the age of 13 must have a parent or legal guardian complete a Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Parent/Guardian Consent Form and upload it as part of their submission.

How to Apply & Competitions Rules:

The apply,  the students must create an account and submit their work through our online system at

2018 Theme: Our Oceans in a Changing Climate


  • Your submission (art, poetry, prose, film, or music) in the required file type
  • A title for your submission
  • Your written reflection (Word document or PDF), Length: 100-250 words
  • Your reflection should be written in English
  • COPPA form signed by your parent/guardian (required if under 13 years old)
  • Submissions are accepted in- Visual Art, Poetry, Prose, Film, and Music
  • All students must provide the contact information for an adult sponsor (teacher, parent, mentor, etc).
  • Students must have an adult sponsor – usually a teacher. Homeschooled students may put down their homeschool teacher’s name.
  • Entries may be submitted by an individual or group of unlimited size. If you submit as a group, there must be one group leader who will serve as the contact person for the group. All of the names of the group members must be listed in the submission. Award money will be split among the group members.
  • Any student may submit (i.e., have their name included in) only one entry per category. Therefore, a student may have a maximum of five different submissions, one in each category.
  • All entries must be the students’ original work. While they recognize that existing sources will be used for inspiration and research, Bow Seat reserves the right to disqualify an entry at any time if we suspect or determine plagiarism.


Junior division

  • Gold Award – $1,000
  • Silver Award – $750
  • Bronze Award -$250
  • Honorable Mention – $100
  • Sponsor Recognition Award – $750

Senior division

  • Gold Award – $1,500
  • Silver Award – $1,000
  • Bronze Award -$500
  • Honorable Mention – $250
  • Sponsor Recognition Award – $750

Additional Awards Available in 2018

  • Over the course of the Contest, other awards may become available and will be listed here.
  • The winners of these awards will be chosen and announced at the same time as the category awards.

Making Waves Award

  • The Making Waves Award will be awarded to one submission in each age division that demonstrates a powerful, engaging, and original voice of ocean activism. Winners receive a $250 cash prize.

Application Deadline:

All entries are due by June 18th, 2018 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Original Website

If you have any questions regarding the competition process, send an email to

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