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Birthday Certificates for Students

We all know that it is that one day that children wait for the whole year, and it is undoubtedly their birthdays. On these special days, children actually expect surprises from their friends and families, and also teachers. You can now make their birthdays even special by gifting them the most attractive birthday certificates along with your hearty wishes that they would absolutely love and treasure.

Children love to get recognized especially on their birthdays and this can be done through a small celebration in the classroom and handing over some attractive birthday certificates that they will treasure for years to come. has some of the best birthday certificates at unbelievable prices that you can buy and gift your students, and make their birthdays a memorable one. Our list consists of the best birthday certificates that you can buy at the most affordable rates.

1. Trend’s Sea Buddies Happy Birthday Recognition Special Certificate

An attractive-looking special birthday certificate is all you need to make your student’s day a special one. These certificates by Trend Enterprises are a great way to recognize them on their special day and make them happy! These certificates come with a big writing space where you can include your wishes for the child, there is also a separate column for sign and date.

TREND’s Sea Buddies Collection comes in 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.26 inches in size, and there are a total of 30 certificates in a single pack. These certificates are made with thick paper, and the print is eye-catching. It is suggested to teachers that they use permanent markers while writing down their wishes.

2. Creative Teaching Press Happy Birthday! Colourful Certificate with 5.5 x 8.5 inches

The Birthday Certificates by Creative Teaching Press has a pretty, vibrant design, and 3 columns where you can write the names, put your sign and date. The size of these certificates are 5.5 x 8.5 inches, just perfect to fit into students’ bags, and are printed on high-quality card stock, so they will stay the same for years to come.

There are 30 happy birthday certificates in a single package, and will undoubtedly bring a big smile to the faces of children when they receive this colorful certification on their special day.

3. TREND enterprises, Inc. Happy Birthday Cake Recognition Multicolor 30 Certificates

Another wonderful birthday certificate by Trend Enterprises that deserves a mention which is super cute, and will be adorned by children. The Cupcake edition is extremely attractive, features the cutest cupcake design that is bound to bring a big smile to every child’s face on their special day.

This certificate would definitely be something that children are proud to take home. Parents would absolutely love this idea of their children being appreciated on their special day. With vivid printing on thick paper stock, this birthday certificate by Trend Enterprises will last for years to come and will remain a part of your student’s wonderful memories. Every package consists of 30 pretty certificates (of the same design) and will look their best if you use permanent markers include your hearty wishes.

4. Chalkboard Brights Happy Birthday Cerificate with 25 Pieces and 8.5 x 0.25 x 5.5 Inches

This birthday certificate on our list by Teacher Created Resources is a little different from other certificates for it doesn’t have separate mentioned columns for names and dates, rather a full free space is left for the teachers to create wishes according to their choices, hence giving you enough space to get creative. Also, the design of these certificates is very attractive and can be gifted to children of any age group, even to grown-ups.

A great way to motivate, appreciate and celebrate your students’ special days, this birth certificate is printed on good quality paper to make them long-lasting. These certificates come in a bundle, and each pack consists of 25 pieces.

5. Edupress Pete the Cat Groovy Birthday Bookmark Certificate with  6.75″ x 5.5″

Number 5 on our list is a birth certificate that students will simply admire. With the hilarious design of Pete the Cat, this birthday certificate can be the reason behind children’s hearty giggles, and add extra colors to their special day. Pete the cat with a birthday hat over a skateboard hand over a little cupcake with a resting face is enough to cheer the special day and make children absolutely adore these certificates.

This certificate is actually 2-in-1 and comes with a tear-off bookmark that is also equally hilarious and attractive. A package of 30 certificates that are good in quality is all you need to cheer your students up! Children will absolutely love to celebrate their birthdays with Pete the cat.

6. Eureka Lets Celebrate It’s Your Special Day with 36 Identical Certificates

A trustable brand since 1986 that creates the coolest classroom tools, party favors, decorations, and certificates to bring joy into the lives of children, Eureka has some of the best birthday certificates for kids. This certificate on our list that says “It’s your birthday let’s celebrate”, is what kids will absolutely love.

Each package contains 36 identical birthday certificates, and the print is very eye-catching. The quality of the paper is great and comes with a smooth and shiny finish. You can gift these certificates to children of all ages and bring a that adorable smile to their faces.

7. Teacher Created Resources Contains with 25 Lime Polka Dots Birthday Certificates

Enough of cupcakes and candles, how about you gift your students these super attractive and vibrant birthday certificates that are designed with polka dots? They will absolutely love them! With 25 certificates in a single pack, these polka dot birthday certificates will become keepsakes for the children, that will have personalized messages from you.

Since these cards are simple yet beautiful, they will be admired by both little kids and even High School goers meaning, you can gift this to students of any age and their happiness will have no bounds.

8. Eureka Classroom Recognition Awards printed with Cradstock and measures 8.5″ x 5.5″- Suzy’s Zoo Birthday

Eureka’s Suzy’s Zoo edition can be the best birthday certificate for toddlers and students of Elementary. With an impressive design of animated animals enjoying a birthday party, these certificates will become your students’ favorite, and they will be extremely delighted to take these back home with them. Each pack contains 36 identical birthday certificates that are made of good quality paper and are thick enough to last long. This funny outlook of the certificate is bound to make kids smile hard and celebrate even harder.

9. Happy Birthday (Owl-Stars!™) Contains 30 awards per pack by Trend Enterprises, Inc.

Two adorable Owls and one Firefly come with a cute little cupcake with a candlelit on top to wish students on their special day. These adorable happy birthday certificates by Trend Enterprises are affordable as compared to other certificates on our list, and a total of 30 certificates are included in a single pack. There is enough space to include your hearty wishes for children, along with spaces for dates and signatures. Children of all ages would love to receive this simple yet pretty birthday certificate on their special day, and undoubtedly will make them more cheerful and happier.

10. Eureka Classroom a Sharp Bunch Happy Birthday with 36 Identical Certificates in a Single Pack

The last one on our list is a different one than most certificates on our list, this “Sharp Bunch” happy birthday certificate is a funny one because it has cute little cactuses wishing children a prickly happy birthday. Some cactuses are nerds some are simply the cutest, and together this group of cactuses is enough to make children giggle while they receive them. The best part is these certificates are so cool, they can be gifted to anyone of any age, even adults will totally admire them.

The print is done on heavy-weight card stock, and there are 36 identical certificates in a single pack. These certificates can make anyone happy, children will be excited to receive them, and most importantly, be prepared to answer the question “What is the Blue Bird doing on top of a cactus?”.

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