Best Ways to Advertise to College Students

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Best Ways to Advertise to College Students

Advertisers have pursued college students for years. This community of consumers has also not established unbreakable brand loyalties as new entrants into the coveted 18-30 demographic. This ensures that if a company will engage with them, that company has a chance to continue to connect with that community of individuals while they graduate, start jobs, start their own families, and move into retirement.

Even if they do not make a lot of money, a ton of it is spent by college students. And they don’t just waste it on pasta like ramen. Instead, modern-day students shop everything from clothing and spring break holidays to technology and movies. Big universities know how to advertise to students in college. A niche and diverse target market are for university students. What works with a rapidly evolving audience may be hard to discover. There’s no one correct solution, but most of the bases can be covered. It can be tricky to reach out to this group, but here are ten tips that can help you reach out to college students.

Make a Video

A staple of student entertainment is sites such as YouTube and Netflix since cable TV can be pricey. Video has taken over online advertising and social media in the last decade. Video gets greater interaction than any other medium of media online, whether it’s organic content for Facebook posts and Instagram stories or YouTube advertising. By making short-form videos that can draw students in, businesses should take advantage of that interest. Videos that are insightful, enjoyable, and exciting are an efficient means of interacting with college students. Create videos on topics of interest to students, such as decorating a dorm room or cramming for a test effectively, and link them to your own products. As the internet and cellular speeds get even faster and the cost of generating quality content begins to decline, you can anticipate video productivity and the number of individuals you can reach with it to continue to grow.

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Visit Classes

Your experience, as a founder, is of great importance to future entrepreneurs in America. Begin in your own neighbourhood with your own alma matter or colleges and offer to talk to business students or engage in special events. University professors may be looking for someone who represents startup founders in the region and when you’re there, you’ll be able to chat about your idea. Through their message, enterprising advertisers will practically decorate a college campus. Using sidewalk chalk to produce eye-catching posters on campus thoroughfares and post flyers on campus bulletin boards, where they can undoubtedly attract the attention of receptive students.

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Consider Their Budgets

The bad thing about college demographics is that their funds are small. You’ll be a hero to the college crowd if you can find a way to sell a commodity that fits under a small budget. Anything above a certain price point is out of the question with less money. They are picky about what’s worth investing in. If there’s a service on the lower end that you have, advertise it to them. If it’s not worth it to them, don’t advertise excessively priced items.

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Reach Some Students

One of the easiest ways to advertise to college students is to make as much as possible out of the brand name. In getting individuals to pay attention to the company, word-of-mouth is key. You’ll excel if you can somehow penetrate a small community of students who are popular on campus over other groups. In exchange for promotions, try contacting student associations or fraternities and giving free goods. Students in college will trust peers over conventional ads. They want to be as their peers are, eat and wear what they are.

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Find Student Ambassadors

Students in college are still finding part-time jobs. Employ a couple of student ambassadors at events and nearby campus hangouts to hand out samples. Red Bull is one of the brands that, through paying student brand managers, have mastered the art of getting the message out.

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Place an Ad in the College Newspaper

Though social media has become a preferred means of contacting consumers, the campus newspaper is still read by many college students. In fact, 72-80 per cent of college students read their college papers in one report. Invest in advertising in campus publications and you will be more able to hit your target demographic.

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Offer a Student Discount

Since college students are so scarce in cash, they will also actively search for organizations that offer college students discounts. This isn’t limited to nearby movie houses and restaurants. When you advertise a good or service on campus, let students know that you are giving all college students a discount.

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Host a Giveaway

Host a giveaway if you’re trying to build up your social following or your email newsletter, or just get a ton of students interested in your business. You’re going to have to find it enticing enough for college students to potentially give up their data and/or money to win. Ask students to use your product to post a picture of themselves, or tweet an entry using your Twitter account. Or you can do an old-fashioned drawing where students insert their names and contact details and encourage them to select from you to collect potential promotional messages.

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Social Media Ads

Since college students are subject to a lot of advertising posts each day on their favourite sites, social media can be challenging. Yet social media-focused advertising could be instrumental in targeting the very students who are most likely to engage with your brand. For nearly all small businesses, social networking platforms have been valuable marketing resources, but for those aiming after the audience of higher education, a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks is crucial for engaging clients.

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Put Together a Survival Pack

For the first time in their lives, freshmen are transitioning to dorm life during the early weeks of college, moving away from home. Place a survival kit of items such as a toothbrush, band-aids, and a funny thing or two together. You’ll be able to advertise your company with your name branded on the pack. Squeeze in a sample of your item or offer to check out your service for free.

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