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Best UX Courses London

UX Design is also referred as User Experience Design that refers to a design system that emphasizes majorly on customer satisfaction. UX design depicts the process of designing products digitally or physically that are useful to customers, very easy to use, and delightful to interact with. It is an emerging field of multidisciplinary skills and activities designing future-facing platforms.

If you love technologies and software and want to work with them all the time, then UX Design can be an intriguing role for you to work with. In this article, we have arranged a list of UX Design courses available at London that can help you build a career with UX Design:

1. MSc in UX Design- Kingston University

MSc in User Experience Design from Kingston University is designed especially for students who have prior knowledge in web designing and want to pursue their master’s degree in UX Design to build a future in it. This master’s program emphasis es on behavioral theory, UX design practice and technology, prototyping, evaluation of multimedia, and many other essential features associated with UX design.

The course was developed with the consultation of industry experts and leading businesses of the world including Samsung Design Europe, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Dream Works. The university also has tie-ups with the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) to give its students the best experience of designing.  Kingston provides you with a top-classexperience, and can be the best destination for your career.

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2. MA User Experience (UX) Design at University of the Arts London

The Master of Art in User Experience Design program is provided by the London College of Communication in UAL. The duration of the course is 1 year and 3 months (full-time) and is designed to instill professional skills among students who are seeking their future in UX design.

With the help of this course, you will gain experience through industry practices, and will have frequent visits topopular studios of London including  ustwo, Made by Many and AKQA, to enhance your understanding of user experience design. Here, you will not only practice design methods but also get to perform various tasks, research and interaction based designs, prototyping, concept development and evaluation and much more. By the end of this program, you will be an experienced UX designer who has all the specialist skills possessed by an expert.

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3. BA (Hons) User Experience Design at UAL

Another course on our list by the University of Arts at London is a Bachelor’s program in User Experience, that can be a great opportunity for students who want to begin with UX designing. From general introduction to different dimensions of designing, this 3- years specialization course will let you explore the field of user experience design in the best way.

Learn about various techniques, methods, digital platforms, and technologies that play a significant role in user experience design. You get to practice and handle challenging tasks, and also develop rigorous analytical skills through it. After the completion of the specialization, you will have concrete knowledge of UX design and will be ready to work as a professional.

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4. Ravensbourne University- BA (Hons) User-Experience and User-Interface Design

Number 4 on our list is another Bachelor’s Honours course in User Experience and User Interface Design offered by Ravensbourne University. If you aspire to become a successful UX designer, and want to create intuitive digital products and ingenious apps that are customer satisfactory and in high demand, then Ravensbourne can introduce you with a wide array of opportunities.

The program will not only make you the master of designs, but also help you gain multidisciplinary design skills, creative thinking skills, make you familiar with human-centred design and technologies and much more. Ravensbourne has great connections and tie-ups with industries that will not only give you the best of experience but also help to enhance professional, technical skills.

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5. Product Design Course by UX Academy London

Product Designing plays a major role in User Experience Design, hence it is very important to have complete knowledge and skills in it. The UX Academy at London offers multiple courses focusing on UX design both on-campus and online.

This Product Design course will introduce students to UX principles, virtual design, product designing psychology and other customer-centric approaches. You will learn about various innovative ideas to build your product for digital markets, research techniques to improve your insights, various development features and decision making skills, and the psychology behind product designing with a main  focus on behavioural economics. This course will cover all the essential areas of Product Design and also make you familiar with necessary software tools including Adobe, Sketch, Quick Test and many others. Enroll yourselves as soon as possible for becoming a successful Product Designer in the world or user experience.

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6. M.A in User Experience (UX) Design-  Regent’s University London

Here comes another master’s program in User Experience by Regent’s University London, ideal for individuals who want to expand their knowledge on UX designs and want to become confident and successful designers with an in-depth knowledge of all the strategies and solutions of the field.

With the help of this course, you will develop strategic and creative skills, learn about human behaviour, and digital technologies necessary to understand the needs of customers and to reach their level of satisfaction. Whether you want to begin your own (start-up) or lead a business in planning and designing user experience products, this course by Regent’s University (with a duration of 1 year) is going to help you a lot in your career.

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7. M.A in User Experience and Service Design  Loughborough University London

Next comes another great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and professional career through the master’s program in UX and Service Design by Loughborough University.The full-time master’s program has a duration of 1 year ( 4 years on part-time), and in this span you are going to develop skills required to progress in the world of UX design.

As a UX designer, your key responsibilities will revolve around products and services, that are very essential  and most significant part of any digital market. You will develop creative and analytical skills and work along a diverse range of projects to understand your role in a much better way. Gain experience in the areas of prototyping, quantitative and qualitative designs, research methods, usability testing, project management and decision-making, and become the most skillfull, experienced professional.

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8. UX/UI Design Course- Flatiron School London

Number 8 on our list is Flatiron School who turn amateur designers into experienced and skillfull UX designers in 24 weeks through rigorous training and practice. The UX/UI design course can be opted both from campus or online, either way it is going to prove beneficial.

For 24 weeks, you will be efficiently creating and designing with the help of industry experts. From studio work, technical trainings to project works, this course has been designed to build your future.

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9. MSc User Experience Engineering at Goldsmiths,University of London

The last course on our list by Goldsmiths, University of London is an advanced level master’s program with a focus on User Experience Engineering. In this course, you will learn about technologies and hardware from the core and acquire an unique experience. With the help of this course you will become an experienced engineer who’s an expert of technologies and interactive user interface UX designing. Become a specialist in the field and successfully lead business organisations with your skills.

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We hope the list of these courses in UX Design will guide you in the best way and help you choose the right course for you in London.

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