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Best Thai Cooking Courses

Thai is one of the world’s most popular cuisines, loved by many for its fragrant flavors and fresh spices. I am pretty sure that until the end of this article, I will have a watery mouth. When it comes to Thai food, the flavors will make it taste the best (gulps). Tom, Yam, Tam, and Gaeng are some of the significant Thai cuisine foods. But the names are fancy, but It means simple food. We all have had Thai food in our life. Tom stands for boiled dishes, yam for spicy salads, tam for pounded foods, and Gaeng for curries.

In this article, I have listed the top 10 Thai cooking courses to help you level up your cooking skills. These courses offer hands-on experience in authentic Thai cooking,  so are you ready to cook Thai foods without fusions and substitute ingredients? Get ready to cast an aromatic spell.

1. 56 Thai Food Easy Recipe Thai Cooking Classes Eat Like Thai by Udemy

Udemy offers 56 Thai Food Easy Recipe Thai Cooking Classes Eat Like Thai is the best course to learn Thai food recipes. If you are looking for a course which will help you from the shopping list to decorations, you have come to the right place. Asian herbs and condiments are challenging, and you will learn how to store them in this program.

The duration of this hands-on training program is just 10 hours. This is offered by Tipyapar Pla Traisombat, who is a top-rated chef since the age of 14. She will help you with your negative style of cooking. It is a bestselling course with a star rating of 4.4

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2. Thai Cooking Class by True Taste of Thai

True Taste of Thai offers the best hands-on virtual cooking class for Thai food. This course is instructed by chef Krong, a top-rated Thai chef based in Thailand.  She learned Thai cooking as a child in the southern province of Songkhla, Thailand. All the classes are tailored according to the level of each individual.

Moreover, if you are from the United States, they will drop off fresh ingredients at your doorstep to prepare for the classes. Then, all you are expected to do is pick two dishes from their menu and book a class slot. In this course, There are several popular and authentic Thai dishes that you can choose from the menu and learn to cook them.

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3. Thai Cooking Classes by Thai Akha School

Thai Akha school is exclusively offering Thai cooking classes. You will get an opportunity to choose between 6 authentic Thai and Akha recipes. There is a thin line between Thai and Akha. The latter is an indigenous hill tribe of Southeast Asia.

With the cookery classes, you will also be taught about the various Akha cultures and their history. Moreover, all the cookery classes are primarily based on plant-based foods. So if you have any trouble with dietary needs, you can tailor it easily. Additionally, you will also learn about Massaman Curry. It is considered to be the Thai King Rama II favorite curry and also mine.

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4. Thai Food Online Cooking Classes by My Thai Cooking is a top-rated platform to learn authentic Thai food. The course does not stick to Thai dishes just like other programs; they teach us Thai desserts, Vegan/Vegetarian Thai dishes, and fusion Thai dishes adapted to local ingredients. In addition, the food classes can be adapted to dairy-free, gluten-free, or other food dietary plans.

The course will be conducted 7 days a week through live virtual classes that give you hands-on interactive cooking classes. In addition, there are options to take a private online cooking class which is available all week.

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5. Thai Cooking Master Class by Udemy

Thai Cooking Master Class is offered by  To elevate your cooking skills, it is necessary to have hands-on experience training. This course is 4 hours on-demand that program will help you make authentic and delicious Thai food at home.

The course also teaches you the Thai culture that will help you fuel inspiration to cook more Thai foods. The course is divided into 14 sections and 43 lectures. The instructor is a Cooktour is a Seattle-based start-up that helps people cook like pros and learn about cultures of the world through food.

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6. Thai Cooking Class with Chef Kae by Udemy

It is always more credible when you learn Thai food from a native person. Chef Kae offers this comprehensive course on Udemy to level up your Thai food game. This is the right course for beginners who want to impress their date or family.

Also, if you are looking for a short and crisp course that will help you learn the essential points, this is the right course for you. You can complete this course in 1.5 hours. Moreover, the ingredients which are usually difficult to buy can be bought through added resource areas on the Chef’s website, where you can find and order Thai components, cooking accessories, etc., which will be directly delivered to your home.

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7. Spice Up Life with Thai Food by Airbnb

Offered through Airbnb, this online class Is being provided by industrial experts- Dwight and Panisha. The types just cost 17 pounds per person. It is not a pre-recorded lecture course; they book slots for each class every week.

 The classes are primarily based on private group classes with 25 people, and they that demand that will not be held like a webinar. Additionally, you will also learn about curry paste making and homemade tofu/tempeh, which is not taught in most other courses. This class is exclusively sponsored by Courageous Kitchen Inc. which is a non-profit organization.

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8. Cook Pad Thai Like a Real Thai by Airbnb

Cook Pad Thai, like a Real Thai, is offered by Patta, one of the most significant native chefs. The highlight of this course is for one session; there will only be a set of 10 people. So this will help you be more comfortable and clear all your doubts regarding the subject. The cost of the course is just 21 pounds per person.

The cooking style is taught in a way how they do in the streets of Bangkok. With Patta’s choice of exotic ingredients, you can have all the five savory, sweet, bitter, sour, and spicy tastes in your dish. There are a significant number of good reviews for Patta’s course.

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9. Thai Cooking Class by Thai Cooking School

The Thai Cooking School tutorial is not the same as mediocre courses. They are exclusively offering Thai cooking only. Their video classes are motion widescreen educational tutorials purposely designed to help anyone master Thai cooking from scratch.

They do not just offer classes with someone cooking or give subtitles in the video to interpret it yourself. Instead, this is a quality course that offers delicious recipes that stand alone in their own right.  To put it simply, you’ll discover Chef Khwanjai’s Kitchen Secrets at your own pace in your own home.

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10. Thai Cooking Class by Thai Cookery School

Last but not least, Thai Cookery School is a unique program that will help you do traditional-style Thai cooking. Moreover, the courses are offered in Thailand currently, but the number one Thai cookery school will accept online classes if you mail them separately.

The whole online class will teach you basic Thai food and exclusive dishes like clear soup with minced pork, Thai prawn soups, black sticky rice pudding, and Panang pork curry. These foods cannot be made unless you opt for their exclusive courses.

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