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Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Make the most of your college summer holidays with a job or internship. With summer break just around the corner, many college students will be looking for seasonal and short-term jobs for extra cash, to stay busy or to beef up their resume.

Summer is a great time to gain work experience and beef up resumes. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job or an internship at a big name company, we can help you find a good summer job with our list of the Best Summer Jobs for College Students in the USA.

Keep reading to get some ideas about possible summer jobs, learn more about top companies that hire college students for the summer and choose the best one according to your need, requirements, and interest. Good luck!!

Summer Jobs that are Partially or Mostly Indoors

  • Tutor: Earn extra income with part-time work as an online or offline tutor. If you’re looking to make extra money this year, are a college student or simply have extensive knowledge in a particular subject, tutoring could be a good fit. The rates for private tutoring can range anywhere from $10 per hour all the way to $75 or even $100 per hour.
  • Delivery Driver: Get the right Delivery Driver job with company ratings & salaries. It is one of the jobs which will give an opportunity to get money in the summertime. You can work as a courier or pizza delivery driver. A Delivery Driver earns an average wage of $13.40 per hour.
  • Office Assistant: Office assistants’ job duties usually include tasks like typing, filing, taking inventory, keeping records and sorting checks. They may also prepare documents, process mail, and answer telephones. The average Office Services Assistant salary in the United States is $35,426 approximately, but the range typically falls between $30,447 and $40,090.
  • Retail Stock Clerk: The Retail Stock Clerk will be responsible for stocking the shelves in the assigned grocery store(s), checking inventory and updating stock totals. Organization and basic office skills, including computer, data entry, and word processing skills, are necessary for receiving, processing, and tracking inventory. Stock clerks must also have good customer service skills and be able to work effectively with co-workers. The average pay for a Stock Clerk, Retail is $10.13 per hour.
  • Retail Sales Associate: Many retail sales associate jobs are entry-level positions, requiring minimal education and experience and a general skill set. Sales associates earn an average wage of $9.16 per hour but are likely to see a bump in pay with skills in field and account sales and customer relationship management.
  • Childcare Provider: Child care is an important government job field that requires employees in many different areas to work hard in order to assure that the youth of today is well taken care of. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), childcare workers earned an average annual wage of $21,710. Most professionals in the field earned salaries ranging from $16,570-$30,080.
  • Hotel Front Desk Clerk: Hotel Front Desk Agent responsibilities include registering guests, managing reservations and providing information about rooms, rates, and An experienced Front Desk Clerk which includes employees with 10 to 20 years of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation of $24,000 based on 157 salaries.
  • Facilities Maintenance Assistant: Keeping various types of facilities clean and in good operating condition is the main role of a Maintenance Assistant. This occupation includes cleaning floors and restrooms, emptying garbage cans and making minor repairs in areas of plumbing, lighting, and Maintenance Assistants earn a median annual salary of $36,630 in the U.S.
  • Bank Teller: A bank teller is an employee of a bank who deals directly with customers. In some places, this employee is known as a cashier or customer representative. Most teller jobs require experience with handling cash and a high school diploma. Most banks provide on-the-job training.
  • Restaurant Server: Restaurant server is the gender-neutral term for a waiter or waitress who is typically part of a wait staff. Servers can be employed in a wide range of establishments, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. This is the equivalent of about $20,890 per year.
  • Barista: A barista is a person who makes espresso-based coffee drinks. Baristas are usually employed by specialty coffee shops. To be a barista, you have to learn how to make many different types of coffee drinks. A Barista usually receives an average pay level on a scale between 8000 and 12000 based on experience and education levels. Baristas can expect salaries of $19100 per annum.

Summer Jobs that are Mostly Outdoors

  • Dog Walker: If you are looking for a part-time job, dog walker job might be a good one for you! In general, expect to pay a dog walker about $15 to $20 per 20-minute walk and $20 to $30 per 30-minute walk. For two walks a day, expect to pay between $30 and $45.
  • Outdoor Tour Guide: Are you a professional or amateur guide? Take guests around and show them the local gems. Outdoor guides lead groups on recreational outing activities. An outdoor tour guide leads tourists to various outdoor activities such as skiing, rafting, backpacking, and climbing. The average Outdoor guide salary in Canada is $25,350 per year or $13 per hour.
  • Outdoor Activities Assistant: Supporting staff working to build self-esteem and confidence through the medium of outdoor activities in groups of young people and adults at risk. Assisting instructors in work with groups of young people referred through agencies such as Social Services Youth Offending Team, Education out of School and Connexions. The entire group has an average salary of $11.25 per hour.
  • Outdoor Event Usher: An usher is a person who shows people where to sit, especially at a theatre or when attending a wedding. The average hourly rate for Usher/Ticket Taker ranges from $8 to $12 with the average hourly pay of $10.
  • Camp Counselor: If you enjoy the outdoors, camping, nature, science, computers or a specific sport, a summer job as a camp counselor might be for you. The average salary of a summer camp director is $40,000 per year plus benefits.
  • Plant Nursery Assistant: A nursery worker is someone who works outdoors or in a greenhouse, and whose job it is to plant, grow, water, transplant, prune, and generally care for plants, shrubs, and trees. A Nursery Worker earns a pay level of somewhere between range 16000 – 24000 depending on seniority levels.
  • Golf Course Assistant: An Assistant Golf Course Superintendent is responsible for assisting the Superintendent in directing and participating in the maintenance, operation, and management of the golf course in the hotel’s continuing effort to deliver outstanding guest service and financial profitability. The average salary for an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent is $37,339 per year.
  • Lifeguard: A lifeguard is a rescuer who supervises the safety and rescue of swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants such as in a swimming pool, water park, spa, beach or river. The average hourly pay for all lifeguards is around $9.25 per hour but will vary by experience and location. Experienced beach lifeguards can earn $16 per hour or more.
  • Landscaping Assistant/Gardener: An Assistant Gardener does gardening, landscape construction, and maintenance work in parks, playgrounds, citywide traffic islands, medians, slopes, grade separations, and other landscaped areas. Employment as an Assistant Gardener is intended to develop skills necessary for regular full-time employment with the City as a Gardener Caretaker. A Gardener earns an average wage of $14.72 per hour.

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