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Best Student Loans for Graduate School

Let us admit it, getting through your graduate school can be a pain in the ass with all the ridiculously expensive college fees. But to secure a good career, it is primary to have a graduate degree. You can pursue higher studies with federal or private student loans as well as other types of financial aid. But don’t worry, you have come to the right place. In this article, after in-depth research, I have enlisted the top 10 student loans you can take for your graduate school.

All the following student loans are chosen after considering its customer service, competitive interest rates, a wide selection of loan terms, and many other factors. All you have to do is choose one from the following list. Choosing these loans from these banks is safe to say that these are not debts; we can consider it an investment for you. So without further adieu, let us get started.

1. SoFi

SoFi is one of the best suggestions when it comes to student loans. It is exclusively known as a student loan refinance lender where they not only provide loans for undergraduates but also every educational purpose. If you are looking for a loan where there won’t be any late fees and especially has a low-interest rate, then SoFi is your bank.

It is also worthy of knowing that if you cosign another person, you will have major benefits like interest discounts. Moreover, this term may extend up to 5,10, and 15 years. This is highly recommended.

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2. Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

Well, if you are looking for a safer option, then the federal loans themselves can be a really good choice. The advantage of these unsubsidized loans is that this type of loan isn’t credit-based and doesn’t require a co-signer. Moreover, they come with a lot of low-interest rates and other loan benefits.

There are also many forgiveness options available in case if there is any delay. This makes it a worthy and safer option than the other private loans you can get from banks. They also provide a fixed APR of 5.28%, which is fair for a federal loan.

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3. Federal Graduate PLUS Loan

If you have an adverse credit history and are looking for a student loan, then the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan is the only best choice you can have. Since borrowing limits are higher for PLUS loans than direct unsubsidized loans, there will be several funding gaps.

Nevertheless, the fixed APR of 6.28 % is fantastic for a student loan option. They also offer massive long-term options from 10 years and can prolong up to 25 years. There is also no need for a cosigner for the loan requirement.

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4. Ascent

Even if you want to be co-signed or non-co-signed student loans, Ascent offers a lot of variety. People opt for Ascent for its remarkable funding options. Survey shows that most of the students who take student loans opt for Ascent when it comes to private loans.

Ascent stands out for its range of payment reduction and postponement options, rare among private lenders. It is almost like federal loans but with a lot of benefits. The reason why Ascent can be the best choice is that you can pause the payments until 24 months if you are going through financial hardship.

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5. Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is also a viable option if you are looking for different loan options. They provide a healthy fixed APR ranging from 4.65% and can go up to 10.95%, which is pretty much for a private loan option. They also offer other options like loyalty discounts if you find a cosigner who already has an account at this bank. If you are an international student looking for a student loan, then hands down, Citizen bank is the best option.

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6. College Ave

College Ave is a first-class option if you want massive fixed APR as well as variable APR options. Borrowers can also have 8 years term loan, which is unique from other contemporary 5,10, and 15 years options.

Undoubtedly this is the best choice for students since they also offer another six-month grace period option for students who complete their education. Moreover, their customer service is spot on. There is no hard credit check, unlike other private loan providers.

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7. PNC Bank

If you are looking for a bank that will provide you with a lot of options for paying back grace periods and a discount for interest when you are in financial distress, then PNC bank is the best option. You can get up to 65,000$ in student loans from PNC bank. Most of the students who pay a lot of fees for top universities prefer PNC bank for their services. The co-signer also can release himself after 48 months.

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8. Rhode Island Student Loan Authority

Rhode Island Student Loan Authority is a nonprofit loan provider exclusively known for student loans. The authority offers totally two options for you to opt for a loan. One loan requires immediate repayment, and one lets you defer payments until six months after you leave school.

It is up to you to choose what will fit the best for you. The reason why this bank is highly endorsed is that in times of struggling to pay back the interest, they will help the students by limiting the payments to 15% of income for a 25-year period.

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9. CommonBond

CommonBond is a first-class loan provider for students who are going to college. If you are looking for a student loan provider that does not require an origination fee, I would highly recommend Common bond.

You will also have an option to remove the co-signer in the middle of the duration. It is also worthy of knowing that. Loans come with a standard 12 months of forbearance available throughout the repayment term since it is a student loan. CommonBond is highly recommended.

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10. Sallie Mae

If you need a student loan where you will complete college in half time, you can still opt for student loans with the same benefits only from Sallie Mae. The long-term option offered by the bank will be gone up to 15 years.

Sallie Mae’s graduate student loan offers a comparatively short time period after which primary borrowers can apply to release their co-signers: 12 months. It is pertinent to note that Sallie Mae is yet another top-class bank that does not require an origination fee.

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