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Best Spray Tan Courses

Have you ever wondered about setting up your Salon? Or maybe being the Boss of your Beauty Business? Well, it is never too late; you can always, at any time, turn these thoughts into reality with the right training and planning. Have you noticed how Spray Tanning Artists are becoming successful at the fastest pace because of the increasing demands of Spray Tan (where more demand means more money)? Have you been wondering about starting a Spray Tanning Business of your own? Then stay tuned to this article to know about how you can become a successful Spray Tan Artist in much less time.

With the ever-increasing pollution and harmful UV rays in the atmosphere, people nowadays are opting for Spray Tanning more these days to protect their skins from harmful UV rays, and eventually, Skin Cancers. So, Spray Tanning is not only in trend these days, but it also has some good skin benefits, like preventing skin from severe sunburns. But, Spray Tanning is not that easy as it sounds and requires the right training to perform on the skin to give that perfect “Bronze Glow,” or you can say “Glow Tan.” Spray Tan Artists get themselves enrolled in Training and Certificate programs to learn the right ways. If you are aspiring to become a Spray Tan Artist, then here are some of the best and cheapest online courses you can enroll in. Find out which Spray Tan course is ideal for you from the list below:

1. Online Spray Tan Classes by Norvell University

Norvell University is one of the best online platforms where you can get Certified in Spray Tanning and become a professional in much less time. The online classes here are very flexible, and you can proceed at your own pace. You can either opt for a free online course or participate in live Classroom training to make the most out of this amazing opportunity; there is nothing that can stop you from pursuing your dream, not even money.

Among the many online courses, the two most popular, well-designed courses are the “Core Sunless- Level 100” program that is designed for beginner Spray Tan Artists, and “Master Sunless- Level 200” course that is for Spray Tan Artists who have been active in the business for more than 1 year. Visit the official website of Norvell University to register for these courses, Live Classes or Academy Sessions.

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2. Online Spray Tan Training and Certification by Perfect Glow Sunless

Perfect Glow Sunless is among the most popular websites where you can master the art of Spray Tanning and gain some pro-level skills. Perfect Glow Sunless is a trusted and leading worldwide brand in the Sunless industry that has led thousands of students towards their dreams. At Perfect Glow Sunless, you get a chance to learn from top instructors who themselves are very successful Spray Tanexperts and have about 20 years of experience in it.

You can opt for “Virtual Spray Tan Classes,” “In-Person Spray Tan Classes,” “Online Training Courses,” “Contour Training Courses,” and so much more! At Perfect Glow Sunless, you will come across a learning experience like no other, and who would not love to get trained by such experienced Professionals?

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3. Spray Tan Courses, Certifications and Trainings by Happytans

Happytans is your ultimate destination to get happy while learning how Professionals perform Spray Tanning. Be it Courses, Certifications, or Training, Happytans is your one-stop for all types of guidance you require to become a professional.

You can choose the right training for you from the various types of courses available, including “In-person,” “Online,” “1 on 1”, “1 on a Few”, “Group Training” and many others. Visit Happytans to find out which course will be your perfect fit.

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4. Spray Tanning Training Course by The Beauty Academy

The Beauty Academy’s Spray Tan Training is an online course that is designed to teach how to safely and successfully carry out spray tanning treatments. With Study materials and Video Tutorials, this comprehensive course teaches you the process, techniques, tips, and safety measures to follow. This course has been fully accredited by IPHM, and you can explore it from the comfort of your homes.

The course price is set to just $99, and at this affordable rate, you will receive the best and accredited training from Spray Tan Professionals. Opting for this training course from the Beauty Academy is the right way to begin your career in the Beauty industry.

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5. Tanning Certification and Training from NTTI

One of the best ways to master the skill of Sunless Tanning is to opt for Training and Certification courses by NTTI. The “Sunless Airbrush/HVLP Technician Course” is a comprehensive course that begins with a brief introduction to Sunless Tanning and then proceeds to other important areas, including “Setting up your Equipment,” “Skin Preparation and Application,” “Working with the Client,” “Electrical Safety,” “Avoiding Slips & Falls” and many other important things to focus on.

On completing this course, you receive a Certificate that is a ticket to begin your career as a Spray Tan Artist.

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6. Spray Tanning Training from Aviva

Aviva proudly declares itself as the world’s longest-running Spray Tan Academy, so getting trained from here will surely be worthy. If you are serious about building a career as a Spray Tan Artist, Aviva has all you are looking for. From Hands-on training experience, World’s best spray solutions, Webinars, Videos, Blogs to every other useful resource you need to become knowledgeable, Aviva has it all.

At Aviva, you get access to the fastest path to success and a chance to get trained by top-class professionals. Regarded as number 1 in Sunless Spray Tan Training, Aviva also promises a 100% money-back guarantee. Visit the website to find out which course is awaiting you.

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7. Spray Tanning Certificate – Beginner Course from Bela Beauty College

A Certificate course for absolute beginners, Bela Beauty College has designed this course to teach aspiring students like you how to give your clients a year-round, natural glow that will keep them coming back time after time. The best part about this Certificate course is that it is free of cost, and there is a Spray Tanning Starter Kit worth over $500 free.

This course will include 12 video tutorials and support from the expert Professional throughout your period of learning. The instructor will guide you on how to expertly prepare, operate and apply spray tanning using an airbrush spray tan system, the best techniques and methods to ensure the Client’s satisfaction, and so much more. Visit the website of Bela Beauty College to know more.

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8. Spray Tan Qualification Course by Udemy

Udemy is known to have courses for everything, and this time, it has a top-rated Spray Tanning course that you can rely on. The Spray Tan Qualification is a fully accredited course designed for complete beginners and teaches you all the Professional skills to become a popular Spray Tan Artist. Since Spray Tanning is an absolute must-have for all beauty and mobile therapists, this course will teach you how Professionals perform it on Clients and the secret techniques to satisfaction.

Spray Tanning is becoming one of the most demanded beauty treatments these days, and this is the right time to utilize this high demand and start up a business of your own. You will receive an accredited certificate after the completion of this amazing, beginner-friendly course.

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9. Spray Tan Online E-Course – Learn How to Spray Tan by Custom Tan

Custom Tan offers a Spray Tan Online course at just $139, but don’t go after its price because this course has so much to offer and is way different from other expensive ones. Beginning right from the history of Tanning, and focusing on important topics like how tanning works on the skin, the tanning ingredient – Dihydroxyacetone, the different spray tan color bases, choosing the right base and the impact the base has on the skin, and many other significant ones, this course takes you on a learning experience like no other. Custom Tan not only trains you to become a professional but also provides you with some in-depth knowledge about Sunless Tanning.

You will come across some pro tips, techniques of handling the tools, get to know about legal forms, including client disclaimer forms, and get a FREE social media strategy bonus. A Certificate awaits at the end of this comprehensive course.

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10. Standard Spray Tan Course by Colour Me Bronze Training Academy

The last one on this list, Colour Me Bronze Academy, is another great option if you want to get enrolled in the most comprehensive Spray Tan course in the United States. TheStandard Spray Tan Course is a comprehensive training program suitable for beginners as well as experienced spray tanners who wish to refresh their knowledge of spray tanning and the spray tan industry. By opting for this course, you get access to the specialized Colour Me Bronze Professional tanning technique that ensures a flawless finish and 100% Client satisfaction.

With this course, you receive a valuable Certificate on completion, 4 x 500ml bottles of solution (500ml TANtail pack), Blending Brush, 30 minute Skype session with your instructor, a digital badge that you can use on your website, and marketing material to show that you have been officially trained through the Colour Me Bronze Tanning Academy, and lastly, 10% discount on future courses.

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That’s all for the list of best Online Spray Tan Courses that can turn you into a professional in much less time. Each of these online platforms and courses is chosen trustworthy and has helped thousands of aspiring students like you to fulfill their goals. 

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