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Best Short Term Courses after 12th Science

After completing high school, it is normal to go through an anxious rollercoaster ride about what to do in the future. Especially considering the covid situation, it has become really difficult to bag a decent career. Students who took the science stream do not succumb to medical fields. The stream is pretty vast and this generation has given these young minds a doormat of opportunities.

In this article, I have listed down the top 10 short-term courses that can be poured after 12th grade. You might be planning to stick on to some skill jobs or you don’t want to waste 4-5 years of undergrad or whatever the reason is, you have come to the right place. These short-term courses will help you get the necessary skills you wanted to have a colorful future. These specialization courses mentioned below will help you stand out from the herd. So what are waiting for? Let us get down to business.

1. Certificate in Food & Nutrition by Bowling Green State University

Food and nutrition have become one of the fast-growing industries. Due to recent dietary revolutions like vegans, vegetarian, is and many more habits, the research studies in this is fast growing. This certification course is offered by Bowling Green State University.

This University is known for its education on health and human services. Through this course, you will get a great perspective on nutrient metabolism, food science, and nutritional principles related to health and disease. Students who are willing to get this certificate is required to have 15 credit hours of food and nutrition graduate-level courses. This course is highly recommended.

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2. Certificate in Poultry Farming by Texas A&M University

The emergence of new technologies based on agriculture has paved the way for poultry farming. The highlight of this field is it will never go out of style since chicken, eggs will always be an indispensable dietary need for people. Texas A and M University offers its top-notch Poultry Meat production program.

Through this course, you will learn about Modern integrated broiler and turkey production; housing and equipment, flock health, pest control, grower relations, marketing, and financial management. The cost of this course is just 150 dollars. The course is currently on hold for this fall but it will come anytime soon, do check their website.

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3. Certificate in Clinical Psychology by Indiana University

With the great awareness of the importance of mental health, people are actually looking for therapists in and around their city. In the near future, having a therapist will become the norm- so having a skilled clinical psychology background will help you build interest in this career path.

This Certificate in Clinical Psychology is offered by Indiana University. The course comes with applied capstone experiences and an associated supervision/discussion section which will help you gain real-life experience on how to deal with these situations. The course teaches you various techniques which can be useful in mental and behavioral health settings.

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4. Certificate in Beekeeping by Eastern Apiculture Society

This is one of the most unique and useful skill one can ever have after completing your high school. The Eastern Apiculture Society offers this magnificent course. The concept of Beekeeping is knowing the nuances of Bee’s biology.

The certification program costs $100. As each individual exam is passed, it will not have to be repeated. If an individual fails an exam, they are charged $25 for each section retaken. The course comes with a written examination, oral, field, and laboratory examinations. If this short-term course intrigues you, definitely give it a shot!

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5. Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery by CIIS 

The Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery (ANM) is a unique, cool course to take in this generation. The duration of this course is lesser than 2 years and there are a lot of perks coming with this course. The total cumulative credits coming with this course is 16 credit hours.

The course does not succumb to nursing. You will get a wider perspective on Anatomy & Physiology, Biological Science, Microbiology, Behavioural Science, Sociology, Psychology, Fundamentals of Nursing, and First Aid. For someone who wants to get into the healthcare sector, this course would be very beneficial for you to work. You can work for the army, old age homes, nursing homes, and industries too.

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6. Certificate in Sericulture by Ignou The People’s University

Ignou The People’s University offers this first-class course through their e campus. The duration of this Sericulture course is just 6 months and it will help you change the whole idea of farming. The course will help you understand the concept of sericulture and soon you will realize that sericulture is a profit-making enterprise.

The highlight of this course is this program has been developed with the support of the Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, and Govt. of India. So the credibility of this course is pretty high. The course is coordinated by Dr. P. Vijayakumar- one of the renowned faculty from Ignou.

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7. Dental Assistant Certificate by Dental Assistant National Board

The Uni doesn’t seem like opening anytime soon. In this time gap, it is better to have Dental Assistant Certificate and gain great knowledge in this field. To become a Certified Dental Assistant, one must pass the National Entry Level Dental Assistant (NELDA) examination.

This exam is accredited by Commission on Dental Accreditation. To choose the right program to prepare for this exam, click the below link to choose the best program near to your place. The list contains all the educational institutions offering this course in all the states of America. Some of these Unis offer distant learning programs too.

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8. MRI Technician Certificate by Pulse Radiology Education 

MRI has become a popular scanning method. X-rays are gone and doctors prefer MRIs for more productivity. Many hospitals are looking for trained MRI technicians to avoid any radiation malfunctions. Pulse Radiology offers a comprehensive MRI Certification Program which is designed to pass the MRI certification registry exam.

It is a 14-week online course that covers the major topics of this program. The course not only comes with pre-recorded lectures, but it also offers one complementary mock ARRT MRI registry test, along with 1,000 ARRT MRI Registry-type questions that they can use as a reviewer.

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9. Certificate in HIV 7 Family Education by IGNOU

Diploma in HIV and Family Education (DAFE) is a highly recommended course since it has a lot of advantages for personal as well as professional life. The duration of this course is just one year and it is sponsored by Indira Gandhi National Open University.

The course does not stick to knowledge on HIV/AIDS, you will also get a wider perspective on sex and sexuality, family life education, alcohol, and drug abuse, and communication and counseling. The course comes with 32 credits of which the theory papers are of 4 credits each and the project work is of 8 credits. This course has a lot of future benefits and it is a valuable awareness to have.

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10. Certificate in Web Designing by DeVry University

Science background includes computer science too. Web designing is the future. At an early age, trying out web designing will help you land great job opportunities in the future. Another advantage is you can become a freelancing web designer and earn a huge chunk of money with a normal certification.

Web designing does need some basic coding knowledge as well as some artistic skills. DeVry University offers a top-notch web designing course that will teach you how to design user interfaces (UI), graphic elements, and code responsive web-based content, as well as apply animations, videos, and other media used in the creation of websites.

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