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Best Schools in Georgia by County

Georgia is one of the best places to send your kid to school. If you want to send your kid to first-class charter schools, then I would highly recommend reading this article. Georgia has 111 charter schools and many more within Georgia’s 28 charter school systems. In this article, I have handpicked the best schools in each county. The following counties are chosen after in-depth research on the schools it has.

It is also worthy of knowing that the state ranks 17th in the nation for K-12 achievement (Education Week). So the chosen counties are top-rated, and you can close your eyes and opt to the following county for schooling. These counties are chosen after considering their crime rate, academic excellence, college preparation, and many more. So without further adieu, let us get started.

1. Oconee County- North Oconee High School

Oconee County is one of the top-rated counties to live in Georgia. The schools in Oconee County are first-class and have a great reputation. There are many opportunities to get involved in the community where you will find a sense of belonging in this place.

North Oconee High School is a top-class school that has tremendous world-class facilities for students right from kindergarten to high school. The school gives a lot of leadership opportunities like  Student Council president, Beta Club President, FCA president, Miracle Vice president, or sports to learn the necessary skills.

Founded In: 1922
Address: Rocky Branch Rd Bogart, GA
Rank: #1 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (706) 769-7760
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2. Forsyth County- South Forsyth High School

Most of the urban families move to Forsyth County fortis fantastic neighborhood and also the diversity. The county is very safe and has a good government that takes care of the community. The county is also filled with plenty of parks and green spaces and includes Lake Lanier and the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.

South Forsyth High School is one of the top-rated schools which provides tremendous college prep programs for you. The most important reason the school is popular is that they encourage raising awareness on current issues in America, such as Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Founded In: 1944
Address: Peachtree Pkwy Cumming, GA
Rank: #2 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (770) 781-2264
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3. Fayette County-McIntosh High School

If your area is looking for a more conservative county that respects the values, culture, and tradition, I would highly recommend going to Fayette County. It is also worthy of knowing that this county is awarded the healthiest county in Georgia.

McIntosh High School is a first-class school known for its academic excellence. All teachers at this school are highly experienced and provide a great one-on-one focus for each student. You will get to take part in a lot of extracurricular activities in this school.

Founded In: 1923
Address: Walt Banks Rd Peachtree City, GA
Rank: #3 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (770) 631-3232
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4. Gwinnett County- Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology

If you are looking for a safe county to live in the metro Atlanta, then Gwinnett County can be a fantastic choice. The crime rates at this county are remarkably low since law and order are doing a very good job. From an investment perspective as well the real estate market is growing in this area at a great pace.

Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science & Technology is a marvelous school with a student-teacher ratio of 17:1. It is a fairly populated school with many opportunities. The school’s primary focus is on STEM coaching as well as the AP enrolment programs.

Founded In: 1992
Address: Mcelvaney Ln Lawrenceville, GA
Rank: #4 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (678) 518-6700
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5. Morgan County- Morgan County High School

If you want to move to a close kitted community, then Morgan County can be a really good choice. Morgan County is a small county with a less population that is diverse, all-inclusive, safe, and spirited. They have fantastic schools in their neighborhood.

Morgan County High School is a small school with great infrastructure and world-class facilities. The sports at this school are remarkable, and every student will find their niche through the numerous clubs and organizations the school has. They also have more than 90% of the average graduation rate.

Founded In: 2001
Address: College DR Madison, GA
Rank: #5 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (706) 342-2336
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6. Columbia County- Lakeside High School

One of the reasons why most of the wealthy families move to Columbia County is because of their top-rated investment opportunity in real estate; it is predicted to grow more than 24% in the next year since it is a county with a lot of opportunities for adults.

If you are looking for a school where your kid will find a mentor-mentee relationship with the teacher and the guidance to get the right college, I would highly recommend choosing Lakeside High School. The school is known for its fantastic gifted programs too.

Founded In: 1992
Address: Blue Ridge DR Evans, GA
Rank: #6 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (706) 863-0027
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7. Pierce County- Pierce County High School

Pierce County is relatively a very populated county with around 20,000 people population. The neighborhood is very diverse and educated compared to the other counties nearby. The people at this place have a conservative mindset who respects each other’s traditions, religion, and values.

Pierce County High School is a wonderful high school known for its 100s of clubs. The students will discover their creative interests through the opportunities the school offers. The academic curriculum is also rigorous and challenging.

Founded In: 1922
Address: County Farm Rd Blackshear, GA
Rank: #7 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (912) 449-2055
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8. Camden County- Saint Marys Middle School

The naval base is a huge reason why much of the housing is being built all around the county. Moreover, this has created a lot of job opportunities for people, and this has made the county a highly recommended place to move in for starting a family.

Saint Marys Middle School is a first-class school that has great staff, teachers, and a decent administration who takes great care of the kids to help them find a challenging curriculum. The teachers will push students to strive for their best. The food provided at the school is very hygienic and amazing.

Founded In: 1998
Address: Martha DR Saint Marys, GA
Rank: #8 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (912) 882-8626
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9. Cherokee County- Etowah High School

According to the Niche, Cherokee County is the best place ranked by the families. Most of the people in this county have owned the houses since the real estate of this county looks promising. Moreover, the median home value is at 253,500 dollars currently.

Etowah High School is a first-class school that has a really good reputation for providing good education. The school has a lot of events for your kid to engage in. Whether it is Football Games, Pep Rallies, Basketball Games, Track Meets, or any event, it is always fun for the students.

Founded In: 1989
Address: Putnam Ford DR Woodstock, GA
Rank: #9 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (770) 721-3120
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10. Monroe County- Mary Persons High School

Last but not the least, Monroe county is a fantastic place to start a family for its exceptional safety measures, law and order, and significantly low crime rate. The population at this county is very diverse, and the community is welcoming and makes you feel at home.

Mary Persons is a school that puts academic excellence as not only a goal but a top priority. The staff is more than friendly, and each teacher ensures students are able to grasp the criteria necessary to succeed in the classroom. This school is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1999
Address: Montpelier Ave Forsyth, GA
Rank: #10 of Best School Counties in Georgia
Contact: (478) 994-2812
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