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Best Schools for International Law 2018-19

Thinking about getting an International Law degree? If you wish to make your career in the legal field and want to get an international law education then there are several great opportunities available. We have made a list of the Best Schools for International Law that will helpful for you.

Students interested in pursuing a career in international law have a few law degree options available to them, including a Juris Doctor with a concentration in International Law, a Master’s of Laws and a Doctor of the Science of Law in International Law.

There are various best schools or universities in our list which offers the various opportunities for students to enrich their understanding of law, language, culture, and governance in a global context. So go ahead, check out our full list and choose the best one for your education. Good Luck!!

New York University School of law

The school of law has the most extensive range of law and business offerings in legal education, with outstanding programs in corporate law as well as specialized programs for those interested in less traditional career paths. Their international law courses are divided into three sub-groups Comparative and Foreign Law, International Law, and International Litigation and Arbitration. It offers a unique four-year JD-LLM program in international law. It demonstrates equivalent strengths in international economic law, thanks to our deep coverage of international trade, investment, finance, taxation, and dispute resolution.

Founded In: 1831
Ranking: 1st
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 47,750 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 212-998-1212

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School is the oldest continually operating law school in the United States and is home to the largest academic law library in the world. It offers special and joint degree programs in International law. There are Five optional Programs of Study:  Law and Government; Law and Social Change; Law and Business; International and Comparative Law; and Law, Science, and Technology The new curriculum reflects legal practice in the 21st century, adding courses in legislation, regulation, international and comparative law to the traditional curriculum of civil procedure, criminal law, and torts.

Founded In: 1817
Ranking: 2nd
Tuition & Fees Approximately: $63,800
Finance and Admission Office Contact:  +1 617-495-3109

Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the U.S. It has shaped the laws and judicial systems of the country. It provides International Law or Dual Degrees, Global Alliance Programs and single-semester opportunities. It offers a broad selection of courses; during their time on campus, students are encouraged to explore the breadth of our varied curriculum. Senior Columbia Law School administrators advise students about international LL.M. programs and career strategies, offering excellent preparation for those considering further studies in a leading global graduate program.

Founded In: 1858
Ranking: 3rd
Tuition & Fees Approximately: Domestic tuition: 55,916 USD and International tuition: 55,916 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 212-854-2640

Georgetown University Law Center

The Georgetown Law Center is the second largest law school based on near the heart of the American federal government in Washington, D.C. It offers joint degree programs such as the J.D./Ph.D. in Government program, which examines the effect of the law on American government and political processes. Its curriculum is one of the largest and most diverse of any law school in the world. Each year, we offer more than 500 courses at the J.D. level and more than 300 courses for graduate students. Students can get hands-on legal practice in 15 clinics, including the D.C. Street Law Program, in which Georgetown students teach high schoolers and community members about the law.

Founded In: 1870
Ranking: 4th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: $59,850
Finance and Admission Office Contact:

Best Schools for International Law

Yale Law School

Yale Law School is one of the most prestigious law schools in the world. It provides students with a diverse and robust academic experience that empowers them to chart their own course. Its longstanding international tradition occupies a central place in its intellectual life, and many legal issues are approached from a global perspective. The international law curriculum provides an array of traditional courses, smaller seminars, and clinical/experiential learning opportunities, from classic courses in International Law, Business Transactions, Constitutional, or Criminal Law.

Founded In: 1824
Ranking: 5th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 59,920 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 203-432-4992

American University Washington College of Law

American University Washington College of Law is an institution with a unique heritage. It offers JD, LLM, Domestic & International Dual Degrees and SJD degree programs in International law. A solid legal education is always demanding, but it should also be an exciting, challenging investment in the future of society as well as your own. The LL.M. programs are designed for international and domestic law graduates and feature a flexible curriculum of specialized law courses and experiential learning opportunities. Their goal is to enable selected course offerings and programs to be available to a worldwide audience, anytime, anywhere.

Founded In: 1896
Ranking: 6th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: $25,938
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 202-274-4000

George Washington University Law School

George Washington University Law School is the oldest law school in the national capital and one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. It offers several degree International law programs including, but not limited to, the Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, Doctor of Juridical Science, and Joint Degree Programs. It also offers students the opportunity to sample a broad array of areas of the law with more than 275 elective courses offered each year. Their areas of study provide students with a wide choice of academic specialties with courses taught by faculty who are leaders in their fields.

Founded In: 1865
Ranking: 7th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: $58,520
Finance and Admission Office Contact:  +1 202-994-1000

University of Michigan Law School

The University of Michigan is the state’s oldest university. It has Michigan Law School that offers Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM), and Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree programs. The International Law Society is devoted to promoting a greater understanding of international and comparative law and the role they play in the world today. The study of this fairly traditional material has become one of the experiences shared by almost all lawyers.

Founded In: 1859
Ranking: 8th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state: $14,826 Out-of-state: $47,476
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 734-764-1817

Duke University Law School

The Duke University is the private and oldest research university. The Duke Law School is an ambitious, forward-thinking, and innovative institution whose aim is to prepare students for responsible and productive lives in the legal profession. It offers various programs in international law. The LLM program at Duke Law School is designed to introduce foreign law graduates to the legal system of the United States and to provide the opportunity to take advanced courses in specialized areas of the law. The SJD program normally takes a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years.

Founded In: 1838
Ranking: 9th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: 49,241 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 919-684-8111

University of California, Berkeley Law School

Berkeley Law School is one of the premier law schools in the United States. It offers hundreds of courses, including dozens in our top-ranked Intellectual Property, International Law, Social Justice, and Environmental Law programs. Their LL.M. (Master of Laws) is a general LL.M. degree designed to prepare foreign lawyers for global practice. A fundamental objective of the JSP Program is to focus the knowledge and perspectives of the social sciences and humanities on the analysis of law, legal discourses, legal institutions, and law-related policies.

Founded In: 1868
Ranking: 10th
Tuition & Fees Approximately: In-state 13,431 USD, Out-of-state 38,139 USD
Finance and Admission Office Contact: +1 510-642-6000

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