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Best Schools for Creative Writing 2018

If creative writing is the career path you have decided to take, it may be challenging to find a program that both focuses on those skills and that also gets you excited, not to mention the whole process for applying and actually getting in. However, there are, of course, many options out there that can really get your juices flowing.

It is always easier when the information you’re looking for is all packed into one place, so that’s why we’ve put this list together; to save your time and give you the quickest directions to the best universities and colleges for creative writing programs.

Explore our list of the ‘Best Schools for Creative Writing 2018’ and choose the right one for your education, according to your need and interest. Good luck!!

Columbia University

This NYC located university carries a world-class creative writing program as well as an excellent journalism school, on top of that, its English Department is considered to be one of the best in the country. It also has the great advantage that it’s set in the heart of New York City, where an infinite number of publishing houses, authors, and literary journals are found. The resources that are available for this university are endless, and it definitely gives it a special edge.

Ranking: #2
Location: New York, NY.
Acceptance rate: 7%
Tuition: $22,973/year
SAT Range: 1410-1590
Admissions Website:

Princeton University

Princeton University has been for years one of the most recognized schools in the world and it hasn’t been out of sheer luck. For their creative writing program they constantly update their curriculum to adapt to the popular genres and in doing so they include classes like How to Write a Song, How to Write for Television or How to Write for a Global Audience. Among their alumni we can name F. Scott Fitzgerald and Eric Schlosser, to name a few.

Ranking: #5
Location: Princeton, NJ.
Acceptance rate: 7%
Tuition: $17,732/year
SAT Range: 1400-1590
Admissions Website:

Best Schools for Creative Writing 2018

Brown University

One of the best things about Brown’s Literary Arts Program is that, besides it being one of the top MFA in the US, it doesn’t have any core requirements, so this allows the student to explore areas that might interest them outside of writing, such as the screenwriting program or courses in the English department.

Ranking: #6
Location: Providence, RI.
Acceptance rate: 9%
Tuition: $25,264/year
SAT Range: 1370-1570
Admissions Website:

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is not only known for a very rigorous admissions process but also because the creative writing program offered is the absolutely top notch. During their time here, the student will have gone through every possible niche in writing, including business, culture, science, humor, sports, social change, among many others. It also offers a high amount of scholarships.

Ranking: #14
Location: Iowa City, IA.
Acceptance rate: 84%
Tuition: $14,161/year
SAT Range: 1020-1320
Admissions Website:

Northwestern University

This university’s creative writing program is widely recognized as one of the best for this major. It can boast acclaimed professors and it has an excellent record of students later becoming successful writers of renowned world fame. It features outside the classroom activities related to writing skills, such as the literary journal that is run by students or be an intern at a publication in Chicago, as well as the prestigious yearly writing competition evaluated by the Department of English. It is also a great place to work on non-fiction writing, thanks to their outstanding journalism program.

Ranking: #19
Location: Evanston, IL.
Acceptance rate: 11%
Tuition: $29,326/year
SAT Range: 1400-1560
Admissions Website:

Best Schools for Creative Writing 2018

Wesleyan University

Wesleyan is chock full of creative writing opportunities and their 17 publications only go to show how active the writing community is. They cover topics that range from sexual health to slam poetry, passing through literary criticism and campus-wide news coverage. There’s a long list of awards and scholarships for students that excel in their work and they also offer the opportunity to work along renowned authors such as Deb Olin Unferth, Susan Howe or Lisa Cohen, this way students are encouraged to see the relationship between history and literature.

Ranking: #25
Location: Middletown, CT.
Acceptance rate: 18%
Tuition: $20,490/year
SAT Range: 1300-1480
Admissions Website:

Washington University in St. Louis

This school awards up to eleven scholarships to creative writers. Their classes go over most creative writing styles and they encourage the students to innovate and go beyond their known talent. Here the study of historical fiction, memoirs, rewriting poetry, cultural identity, microfiction, among others, is dealt with depth and importance.

Ranking: #26

Location: Saint Louis, MO.
Acceptance rate: 17%
Tuition: $28,824/year
SAT Range: 1400-1570
Admissions Website:

Hamilton College

Hamilton is a small and cozy college that is well known for providing students plenty of freedom to follow their interests while offering support so that they can study these topics in depth; both inside and out of the classroom. The creative writing program takes advantage of smaller classes and at the same time offering internships and the opportunity to be published.

Ranking: #33
Location: Clinton, NY.
Acceptance rate: 26%
Tuition: $24,397/year
SAT Range: 1300-1480
Admissions Website:

Best Schools for Creative Writing 2018

Emory University

Another well-renowned undergrad creative writing program in the US, it often draws some of the most sought-after visiting scholars and writers. Students are given the opportunity to participate in intimate Q&A sessions with award-winning writers, as well as studying a wide array of genres. Competitions and scholarships are also part of their experience, and to finish off they will work with an adviser for their honors project.

Ranking: #36
Location: Atlanta, GA.
Acceptance rate: 25%
Tuition: $24,804/year
SAT Range: 1290-1500
Admissions Website:

Oberlin College

Oberlin College covers the traditional writing styles, like poetry, fiction, and non-fiction and it also allows the student to branch out to other writing topics, such as translation, short stories, screenwriting and travel writing. You can also participate in competitions, for example, the Emma Howell Poetry Prize.

Ranking: #52
Location: Oberlin, OH.
Acceptance rate: 28%
Tuition: $25,264/year
SAT Range: 1250-1450
Admissions Website:

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