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Best School Districts in Northern Virginia

If you are thinking of moving to Northern Virginia for our kids’ educational path, then you have made the right decision. It is pertinent to note that Virginia has the fourth-best public schools overall in the United States, ranking fourth for quality and third for safety. So the primary concern before going to a school district is fully answered because all parents look for are safety and the quality of the education. The crime rates in Northern Virginia are significantly low compared to the other states nearby.

In this article, after in-depth research, I have chosen ten school districts in Northern Virginia which have excellent educational schools that are public, private as well as charter. So Are you ready to start a new life in the birthplace of the nation? So without further adieu, let us get started.

1. Falls Church City Public School District

If you are looking for a significantly small district with a beautiful community-based approach, I would highly recommend Falls Church City Public Schools District. The people here are incredibly welcoming, and this will help you have a home feeling in this district.

Another reason why the district is famous is that it is the home of George Mason. Also, George Mason High School scores high overall in many national surveys, and it is the best school most of the families prefer. Safety and culture are first class in this district.

Founded In: 1920
Location: Washington St Ste 400, Falls Church, VA
Rank: 1# of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: +1 703-248-5600
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2. Fairfax Schools

There is no doubt that the prime reason northern Virginia holds a significant record in the rankings of school education is due to the Fairfax Schools. They get a high number of positive reviews from not only students but also parents.

Another fun fact of this district is, The city has approximately 5,000 students enrolled, with close to 2,500 students at Fairfax High School alone. So the impact of having this school in this district will create a bright future for your kid. It is also a home for top schools like Daniels Run Elementary and Providence Elementary.

Founded In: 1870
Location: Falls Church, Virginia
Rank: #2 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: 571-423-4740
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3. Charlottesville Public Schools

If you’re looking for a school district that primarily concentrates on balancing a significant student-teacher ratio, then I would highly suggest Charlottesville Public Schools. With an average of 12:1, students will get an undivided approach from the teachers, who will constantly push kids forward for new challenges. This will help them explore new interests and boost their creative mindset. The district includes seven elementary schools to keep classroom and overall campus attendance numbers smaller.

Founded In: 1890
Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Rank: #3 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: (434)245-2400
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4. Alexandria School District

Alexandria School District is a first-class school district that has a lot to offer. There are plenty of educational resources, and schools force you to decide which wine will be better for your kids’ future. The neighborhood is very educated and has a very safe environment.

Students are given a  lot of autonomy in these schools to create a leadership mindset right from the beginning. The schools also get really good funding from the government. Moreover, high school students can even work with an advisor to start a new club if their interest isn’t covered by an existing organization.

Founded In: 1902
Location: McKay Ave, Alexandria, MN 56308
Rank: #4 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: +1 320-762-2141
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5. Salem School District

Are you looking for a school district where it seems like half the town turns up for football games and local business owners get involved with clubs and student activities? If yes, then Salem is the right school district for you. This is a fantastic place to start if you want a community-based approach and, at the same time, provides a lot of emphasis on sports and athletics coaching for your kids. The curriculum is also very challenging for the students.

Founded In: 1920
Location: College Ave, Salem, VA 24153
Rank: #5 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: +1 540-389-0130
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6. Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Virginia Beach City Public Schools is a first-class public school district that has a great reputation for maintaining really good safety protocols. The crime rate in this district is very low, which makes all the parents prefer this school district for schooling.

The public school district is ranked #2 in Best School Districts in Norfolk Area. So the reputation of the schools here is quite high. If you want your kid to take part in the; tics and sports, this school district is the best choice as the schools have great sports infrastructure.

Founded In: 1903
Location: George Mason Dr. Virginia Beach, VA
Rank: #6 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: (757) 263-1007
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7. York County School Division

York County School Division is the number one school district in the Norfolk area since the schools here have a great set of teachers and administrative staff who are highly experienced in their field. It is pertinent to note that the schools have been focusing more on the academic excellence of the district. According to state test scores, 92% of students are at least proficient in math and 88% in reading which is far better than the other district’s average.

Founded In: 1910
Location: Dare Rd Yorktown, VA
Rank: #7 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: (757) 898-0300
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8. Loudoun County Public Schools

If you want to find a district that will have a good focus on the college preparatory programs for your kid, then I would highly suggest Loudoun County Public Schools. The schools here have great mentors who will guide you through finding the best ivy league schools for you.

The schools in this district have a great reputation for their STEM coaching as well as AP enrolment programs. This will help you get a set future through getting into good colleges. It can be a little more competitive environment keeping the loving, supportive approach intact.

Founded In: 1920
Location: Education Court Ashburn, VA
Rank: #8 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: (571) 252-1000
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9. Roanoke County Schools

Roanoke County Schools is one of the top-rated school districts, which is mostly preferred by families who don’t want a city like Salem yet want the opportunities like jobs and housing opportunities of a city. This country is a top-class place to start a living.

The school district is not only known for having academically inclined schools, but it is also the home for the top-rated Cave Spring. It is to be noted that In addition to robust sports programs – Cave Spring High School is especially known for producing professional football and basketball players.

Founded In: 1890
Location: Roanoke County, Virginia
Rank: #9 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: 540-562-3900
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10. Arlington County Schools

Like Roanoke County, Arlington County offers a list of impressive schools. Most families will prefer elementary and middle school education in Arlington since they have the most caring teachers, administration, and staff who will follow a community approach towards educating our kids.

The district also boasts a low student-teacher ratio and the highest percent of people who have gone on to receive a bachelor’s degree. So this school district is highly recommended if you don’t mind the expensive real estate market.

Founded In: 1864
Location: Arlington County, Virginia
Rank: #10 of Best School Districts in Northern Virginia
Contact: 703-228-8000
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