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Best School Districts in Nashville

One of the most diversified places to do your kid’s education in Nashville. Called the music city, they have enormous resources to develop your kid’s education as well as future. It is considered the 24th most populated city in the US as the job market is high. Well, if you are a mountain person, this place’s Appalachian Mountain is a treat to watch. One of the fascinating things about this place is that the crime rates are significantly low.

Suppose you plan to move to Athens of the South for your kid’s education. In that case, it is pertinent to know that the cost of living, employment opportunities and housing are relatively reasonable. The unemployment rate in Nashville is currently 3.3%, which is way below the national average. But which district is the best choice in Nashville? Let’s find out in this article. I have enlisted the top 10 communities which have phenomenal educational opportunities for kids. Not to forget, it is the home of two top-class universities- Vanderbilt and Tennessee State University. So without further adieu, let us get down to business.

1. Williamson County Schools

Williamson County Schools is a great district with excellent academic infrastructure. If we keep out the diversity, the school provides excellent opportunities for students, whether it is sports or academics or even extracurricular activities.

Ranked as the #1 in Best School Districts in the Nashville Area, they have a perfect teacher-student ratio of 17:1, far better than the national average. The athletics team of the school is consistently applauded for its first-class performance in championships. Apart from that, it is the safest district to do your education.

Founded In: 1847
Location: 1320 W MAIN FRANKLIN, TN 37064
Rank: #1 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 472-4000
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2. Sumner County Schools

Gallatin is a beautiful place with extraordinary scenery. Sumner County Schools is one of the top-rated school districts with excellent fantastic teachers who are dedicated and take complete care of the students, from educational needs to sports.

It has 30,425 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1. The district is pretty a highly populated city with lots of focus on the health and safety of the students. Most of the students applaud the best food facilities provided in the schools by the district.

Founded In: 1873
Location: 695 EAST MAIN ST GALLATIN, TN 37066
Rank: #2 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 451-5200
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3. Wilson County School District

If you are looking for a district with decent diversity compared to other neighbourhoods, I would highly recommend Wilson County School District. The whole section is entirely community-driven, where people will feel a sense of belonging in this close-knit atmosphere.

From principles to teachers to the beautiful buildings, the people of Wilson County School District care so much about their students. The school’s academics are also top-rated as this district primarily focuses on giving people the best coaching and STEM classes.

Founded In: 2015
Location: 415 HARDING DR LEBANON, TN 37087
Rank: #3 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 444-3282
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4. Rutherford County Schools

One of the finest districts with extraordinary importance on extracurricular activities is Rutherford County Schools. These schools have excellent infrastructure because the funding the school gets from the local government is phenomenal.

The only disadvantage of the schools in this district is that only a handful of teachers genuinely care about their students and involve interesting methods in their lessons to engage their students. Moreover, they are not fully qualified to teach the complicated stuff only.

Founded In: 1920
Rank: #4 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 893-5812
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5. Tennessee School for the Blind

It is fascinating to find a blind school district falling under the top 5 best districts in a palace. It is an above-average district with just 115 students in grades PK, K-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 3 to 1, which is phenomenally great for a blind school.

The schools in this district get fantastic funding from wealthy families as well as the local government. Most people from different states come to Tennessee to educate their kids who are visually challenged. It is also a fantastic place to reside and start a family.

Founded In: 1843
Rank: # 5 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: 6153396284
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6. Robertson County School District

If you visit Tennessee, no one will not come back without witnessing the gorgeous mountains in Springfield. Robertson County School District is located in a beautiful place, and it has the best campus life students can have during their school age.

The highlight of this district is they prepare the students to focus on college prep. The schools in this district focus on giving the students the right experience to help them in college. Moreover, the students have joined different ivy league universities from this county.

Founded In: 1950
Location: 800 M S COUTS BLVD SPRINGFIELD, TN 37172
Rank: #6 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 384-5588
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7. Metro Nashville Public Schools

Metro Nashville Public Schools is an excellent choice if you don’t mind having bad academics coaching yet finding a peaceful skilful environment. The schools in this district are known for the community-driven approach the schools in this district follows.

Each student feels like they have made lifelong friends from this district. In fact, when it comes to academics, They have the Academies of Nashville, where students can choose a pathway and have an opportunity to have industry certifications straight out of High School. So it is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1885
Location: 2601 BRANSFORD AVE NASHVILLE, TN 37204
Rank: #7 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 259-4636
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8. Franklin Special School District

When it comes to diversity, nothing can beat Franklin Special School District. It is a highly rated public high school district with excellent infrastructure and funding, which they get from the local government. The schools in this district provide wonderful and quality foods for the students.

Teachers and Staff are nice, and they are always challenging you to do your best all the time. Teachers in this district are not like people who hate their jobs and work. The whole place gives complete positive energy, which is indispensable for growing kids in their school life.

Founded In: 1906
Location: 507 HIGHWAY 96 WEST FRANKLIN, TN 37064
Rank: # 8 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 794-6624
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9. Lebanon Special School District

When it comes to sports and athletics, Lebanon Special School District provides great support and infrastructure for students who want to excel in this region. They have a good graduation rate compared to other districts, and the teachers in this district are intensively great.

When it comes to the management of the schools in this district, They set very high standards, aware that this will bring attention and promotion. Good at organizing own work and usually finishes priority tasks on time, but there is less evidence of organizing the work of the team. Nevertheless, the school cares about their students.

Founded In: 1901
Rank: #9 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: (615) 449-6060
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10. Murfreesboro City School District

When it comes to safety, Murfreesboro City School District is a great place to do schooling. The schools in this district absolutely have no tolerance for bullying. Apparently, the crime rates in this district are significantly low comparatively.

The school district has campuses that are very diverse in more than just the students attending. There is a wide range of sports and other activities to choose from, along with the many clubs and organizations that they offer. So I would highly recommend this district if you don’t mind the cost of living.

Founded In: 1970
Rank: #10 of Best School District in Nashville
Contact: 6158932313
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