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Best School Districts in Miami

Miami is one of the top-rated places to start living. This world-class city is full of restaurants, nightlife, and great schools. So if you are planning to move to Miami but looking for the right district for google education, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have handpicked the top 10 school districts in Miami that have world-class educational facilities.

It is an accepted fact that gun violence has emerged in a lot of districts in Miami. So choosing the right district can be a daunting task. But all you have to do is choose from the districts mentioned below; these are ranked as the safest districts for schooling in Miami. I have chosen the following districts after careful consideration of their funding, educational excellence, academic curriculum, community, and safety. So without further adieu, let us get started.

1. Palm Beach County School District

Palm Beach County School District is ranked number one for its excellent academic facilities. It is a very large district and has a great student-teacher ratio at 16:1, which is perfectly balanced. The district is known for its safety and the low crime rates it maintains.

The reason why this district rose into fame is. They offered ample opportunities to take Virtual School and Dual Enrollment programs when the covid lockdown hit the world. Now, there are a lot of opportunities offered by the district that will make your kid very bright and smart.

Founded In: 1909
Address: Forest Hill BLVD # C-316 West Palm Beach, FL
Rank: #1 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: (561) 434-8000
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2. Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Miami is known for its below-average diversity rate. But Miami-Dade County Public Schools have a great diversity in the student body, and your kid will study in a vibrant atmosphere where they will learn about different ethnicities, linguism, race, and more.

The district is known for its first-class funding from the local governments. There are schools that get great funding from wealthy families in town. The district will give you a fun experience with many club options and school activities that are always happening throughout the year.

Founded In: 1885
Address: NE 2nd AVE # 912 Miami, FL
Rank: #2 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: (305) 995-1000
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3. Broward County Public Schools

Broward County Public Schools is one of the finest districts that has fantastic infrastructure for students who want to excel in their future. The school here is known for its exceptional STEM coaching and AP enrolment programs which will be taught by experienced teachers.

Even Though there is a great disparity in funding for schools that are white-dominated and minority schools, each school tries to strive for betterment, and no schools here are below average. The teacher’s staff and administration take great care of the students.

Founded In: 1915
Address: SE 3rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Rank: #3 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: +1 754-321-0000
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4. Palmetto Bay Public Schools

Palmetto Bay Public Schools is one of the finest districts that provides exceptional educational facilities for students passionate about education. If you want to study in an environment where they are small-sized classrooms and have a community-based approach, this is a great choice.

This is a suburban village located south of Pinecrest and north of Cutler Bay. The schools are very highly rated, like Coral Reef Elementary School, Southwood Middle School, and many more. These schools provide great opportunities for passionate students.

Founded In: 1920
Address: Palmetto Bay, FL
Rank: #4 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: (305) 238-4306
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5. Pinecrest Public Schools

Pinecrest Public Schools is a first-class district that has a tremendous atmosphere where you will find the right weather, environment, and society to study as well as move into this place. Pinecrest is undoubtedly the best area to study for schooling. The area also has easy access to better schools in nearby communities, like Palmetto Bay and Coral Gables. The teachers in this neighborhood are renowned and have great experience in their field. This district is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1934
Address: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Rank: # of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: 954-492-4100
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6. Coral Gables School District

Coral Gables School District is located in the top-rated area where you will find the best educational opportunities for you. The neighborhood is very friendly and will provide a great atmosphere for educational activities for your kid.

If your kid has an interest in art, theatrics, and other creative interests, this district provides great opportunities. It is also home to a number of celebrities such as Alonzo Mourning and Mimi Rogers, to name a few. The academic curriculum provided is also very challenging.

Founded In: 2000
Address: Minorca Avenue
Rank: #6 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: (305) 448-1731.
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7. kendall West School District

Kendall west school district is a fine school district that has a good reputation for its exceptional extracurricular activities. If you are looking for a district that focuses on sports, I would highly recommend Kendall West. This suburban community is located northwest of Kendall and west of Kendale Lakes. The kids from the neighborhood become top-rated industrial professionals after they graduate from school and go to college. This will give confidence that the schools here play a big role in setting up the basement.

Founded In: 1864
Address: Kendall West, FL
Rank: #7 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: (509) 924-2150
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8. Aventura School District

Aventura School District is a fantastic place where you can learn about different ethnicities and cultural people since the schools here are very diverse. Most of the schools here are private, with public schools that students can attend here being found along the borders between Aventura and its neighboring communities. So if you are planning to make your kid study in a private school, this environment is the best one without any doubt.

Founded In: 2003
Address: ST Aventura, FL 33180-2933
Rank: #8 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: +1 786-481-3032
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9. Doral Public Schools

Miami Dade Public Schools are also called the Doral school district which is known as yet another family-friendly neighborhood that has numerous good schools for parents to choose from. If you don’t mind living in a wealthy neighborhood where white people are more, then this district can be a fantastic option. Some of the institutions here that have top ratings include Doral Academy, Renaissance Elementary Charter School, and Doral Academy Charter Middle School.

Founded In: 1885
Address: Miami, Florida, United States
Rank: #9 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: (305) 995-1000
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10. Hialeah School District

Hialeah is one of the top-class school districts which has a great reputation for its funding for public schools. They have great private schools in the neighborhood too. It is a very safe place to move for its first-class atmosphere and low crime rate.

This city actually has hundreds of schools for parents to choose from, and the list includes a number of public district and public charter schools ranging from elementary to senior high. The teachers at this school have great experience and are renowned in their field.

Founded In: 1925
Address: Hialeah, Florida
Rank: #10 of Best School Districts in Miami
Contact: 305-883-5832.
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