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Best School Districts in Maine

Maine is a state that lies in the east of the United States. This once was a part of Massachusetts state. Maine is the largest of the six New England states. It is known as a pine tree state which consists of more than 17 million acres of forest land. The state who has honeybee as its official state insect is the single largest producer of blueberries in the United States. Also, about 90% of the country’s lobster supply comes from Maine.

Maine is known widely for its quality school districts. The school district can be defined as “A unit for local administration of schools.” This is more like a district that operates the local public primary and secondary schools of their respective state. School districts should be focused upon more and more as they are a key aspect of a child’s growth. Students get to grow in a positive environment filled with other kids that are growing with them meaning there is mutual support amongst the students which helps the overall growth of the students collectively. Here are a few benefits of school districts:

  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Improves preparation of children into public schools
  • Increases contact between school districts and parents of young children.
  • Improves the image of school districts.
  • Helps children access a variety of community programs.

Without further ado let’s view few of the best school districts in the state of Maine: –

Falmouth School District

The students learning in the Falmouth schools are seen as clear and effective communicators. They are creative and have a practical problem-solving capacity like no other. But the most important aspect of these schools is that they aim to make their students be a responsible citizen as the values inculcated at a very young age go a very long way. The aim is to make a student well-versed in all aspects of life, be it in academics or be it in any other sector. It is a small but very high-performing school district. Students are the most proficient in Math and RLA. The student-to-teacher ratio is about 11:5. 

Founded In: 1967 
Rank: 1
Location: Falmouth, Maine
Contact: +1 508-548-0151
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Yarmouth School District

The Yarmouth school district department ticks all boxes when it comes to quality education and guidance provided to its students. The schools in Yarmouth have over 1600 students. The schools are located in one of the most beautiful parts of Maine. The staff here is highly qualified and the facilities provided to the students are of superior quality as well. The mission of the Yarmouth school department is to “Empowering all students to create fulfilling lives in a changing world.” In 2019, Yarmouth high school was named a National Blue-Ribbon School of Excellence.

Founded In: N/A
: 2
Location: Yarmouth, Maine
Contact: 207-674-5586
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Cape Elizabeth School District

According to the state test scores, it comes to light that almost 67% of the students are proficient in Math and 82% of them are proficient in Reading. With 12:1 as its student ratio, the school district is known for the development of its students in athletics, music, and other services that are provided. It creates a good base for the students to pursue their higher education. So, in a way, the schools prepare from a future planning perspective. It consists of 3 schools with over 1600 students enrolled. An all-out wanting to help department staff is at your service any given time, be it the bus driver, custodian, or operations manager. Everyone works in cohesion to bring the best out of the students enrolled here.

Founded In: 1969
: 3
Location: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Contact: 207-799-2217
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Scarborough School District

Schools in the Scarborough district pay particular attention to the individual student needs throughout the school tenure. Learning is practiced in a positive atmosphere and a positive environment. One of the most vital things about these schools is that they offer special education services to students which are disabled or differently-abled. It is seen to it that all these students receive a proper education so that they can participate in the elementary programs. Certain services are offered absolutely free of cost. The Information Technology (IT) department offers its services to the public schools by offering any and every technical help be it software or hardware.

Founded In: 1954
Rank: 4
Location: Scarborough, Maine
Contact: 207-730-4100
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York School District

The York School district provides its students with an extremely wide range of programs so that it is easier for the student to understand their interests and likings and then choose the program accordingly. The school districts have almost 1700 students in grades K-12. The average graduation rate is about 95%. There is a York School Volunteer program for parents, mentors, senior citizens, and absolutely anyone in the town of York and the surrounding areas. It is like a closely-knit community that helps the students in different areas and walks of their life. Fundraising programs are held to provide resources for the school. The support from the York community is what makes it so special.

Founded In: 1980
Rank: 5
Location: York, Maine
Contact: 207-363-340
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Gorham School District

The school department consists of 5 schools. This town which has a population of over 18000 is widely known for the athletics department in every school. The student-to-teacher ratio ranges from 13:1. Students are taught to strive for growth and achieve personal accomplishments. They are also taught teamwork and how a community can grow when it’s together as one. Teachers here help the students to fit in their courses and mold them into decent humans. The learning potential is quickly identified by the staff and then steps are taken to nurture a sense of hard-working mentality in the students. Everyone is encouraged to follow the school motto which is “Prepare and Inspire”.

Founded In: 1959
Rank: 6
Location: Gorham, Maine
Contact: 207-222-101
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Bangor School District

The Bangor Public schools are very highly rated public schools which consist of almost 3700 students enrolled in them. Extra-curricular activities, after-school activities are some of the non-academic-related activities that are practiced by the school. The schools are very welcoming to students coming from different parts of the country. The Bangor School District library is one of the many resources that can be exploited by the students and other people as well. Student counseling is held for the kids that are having problems deciding the courses they want to pursue. A balance is maintained when it comes to work and play by the schools. Participating in extra-curricular activities allows the students to bond with their team and their peers.

Founded In: 1834
Rank: 7
Location: Bangor, Maine
Contact: 207-992-4152
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Portland School District

The Portland public schools are considered to be the most ethnically diverse schools in Maine. They run 18 schools in total, meaning that the children and their parents have a wide range of schools that one can choose from. A mammoth 6700 students are enrolled in these schools. The student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1. Much more practical-based experiences are encouraged rather than only settling for theoretical knowledge. The school department provides lunches for almost 2200 kids a day, with the food being prepared at a central kitchen.

Founded In: 1851
Rank: 8
Location: Portland, Maine
Contact: 207-874-8100
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These were the top school districts in Maine providing a path to guaranteed success for their students.

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