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Best School Districts in Austin Texas

Finding an environment where there are high-quality schooling options is one of the main reasons for families moving to a new community. It’s no different from going to Austin. If you’re travelling with students, it’s definitely a priority on your to-do list to identify the best school districts in Austin.

One of the most important things home buyers consider when searching for a place to live, particularly for new or expecting parents, is the quality of the school system. A strong school district will dramatically boost the likelihood of future success for students.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you the best school districts that serve the Austin, Texas area. These school districts have schools catering to different levels of education certified by the U.S. Education system. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the schools as these school districts have been the basic ground for many who have enriching careers in the present time. Hope you find the right school for you. All the best!

Eanes Independent School District

When it comes to the best school districts in Austin, Eanes ISD gets the coveted top spot. Not only is it the strongest district in Austin, but it is also consistently ranked as one of Texas State’s best districts. Six separate primary schools, two middle schools, and one high school make up the district. It serves students based mostly in the regions of Austin and West Lake Hills. There is a STAAR ranking of 92 or higher for each school within the district. Hill Country Middle School, Cedar Park Primary School, and Westlake High School are schools that belong to this district. A Spanish immersion initiative, thoughtful use of technologies, and gifted and talented programs provide instructional programs in the district. From baseball and softball and tennis, students can also compete in a wide variety of sports.

Founded In: 1958
Austin, Texas
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Lake Travis Independent School District

Close to Eanes ISD, Lake Travis ISD scores and consists of the same school number and breakdown. The greater Austin area, Bee Cave, Spicewood, Lakeway, and Dripping Springs are covered by the district. One of the standout schools within the district is Lake Travis High School. For every teacher, the school has a teacher ratio of 17.2 students, meaning that the kids have individualized care in the classroom. The average LTHS teacher has 11.8 years of teaching experience and 64% of SAT students are deemed college-ready. A host of after-school and summer programs, including enrichment courses and summer camps, are also offered by the school. Items such as games, performing arts, athletics, food, and dance are hobbies.

Founded In: 1981
Austin, Texas
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Round Rock Independent School Districts

Round Rock ISD is much bigger than the ISD of Lake Travis and the ISD of Eanes. There are 34 primary schools, 11 middle schools, and six high schools in this school system. The school district is home to around 51,000 students in total and enjoys a 96 per cent graduation record. Westwood High School and McNeil High School are prominent within the area. When it comes to testing metrics, Westwood High School rates high. Eighty-two per cent of SAT students and 68 per cent of those taking AP exams were considered ready for college. Students do particularly well at McNeil High School when it comes to literacy, science, and social sciences testing.

Founded In: 1913
Roundrock, Texas
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Leander Independent School District

The Leander, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Volente, Round Rock, and Austin areas are serviced by Leander ISD. Within the district, there are a total of 48 campuses, including six high schools and 28 elementary schools. The High School of Vandegrift is home to 2,464 students and has consistently high test results. In reality, in all subjects, the school boasts a STAAR score of 94. A variety of academic opportunities are offered in the school district, including gifted/QUEST programs, AVID, and AP courses. Student resources and support systems, including counselling, bullying prevention, and library services, are also provided by the campus.

Founded In: N/A
Leander, Texas
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Dripping Springs Independent School District

Dripping Springs ISD caters to the city’s Dripping Springs and Driftwood areas. This is a perfect alternative for individuals who enjoy small school districts where you can get to meet the principals, administrators, and aides. Three primary schools, two middle schools, and one high school teaching well over 6,000 students make up the district. For each teacher, the average classroom in the district has 16 students and learners score well on all sized STAAR test subjects, all categories graded 91 or higher. As they plan for college and the future, the school focuses on creating a culture and leading students. Sports include volleyball and rugby, and a variety of instructional options are available to students to suit their needs.

Founded In: 1876
Location: Dripping Springs, Texas
Ranking: 5
Contact: 512-858-3000
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Wimberley Independent School District

In the Driftwood and Wimberley areas, Wimberley ISD is one of the smaller school districts in Austin and serves more than 2,000 students. The district is a perfect alternative for tHOSE, looking for smaller districts with a more community-oriented environment with only one primary, middle, and high school. Wimberley high school students regularly score successful or college-readIness assessments, including AP exams and SATs. Students may take classes in addition to regular academic programs that help them develop skills when it comes to gardening and gains job advice.

Founded In: 1986
Location: Wimberley, Texas
Ranking: 6
Contact: 512-847-2414
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Liberty Hill Independent School District

According to the TEA, Liberty Hill ISD is ranked as the seventh-best school district in Austin. Another small school district is made up of four primary schools, one high school, and one secondary school. You’ll want to look at homes for rent in the Liberty Hill, Georgetown, or Leander areas in order to be part of this school system. As it is home to only over 1,000 pupils, Liberty Hill High School provides a small-town atmosphere for students. The district aims to provide a high-quality education for every child and the small scale of the district encourages educators to collaborate directly with each student. In addition to scholars, to learn new talents, students may engage in athletics and after-school activities.

Founded In: 1900
Location: Liberty Hill, Texas
Ranking: 7
Contact: 512-260-5580
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Austin Independent School District

Another vast district representing over 80,000 students across 130 schools, including Austin High School, is Austin ISD. The high school is home to 2,000 students, and for the 2019 National Merit Scholarship, one former recipient was a semifinalist. The school district currently operates 67 full-day pre-K services to kick start instruction and has won 152 designations from TEA for exemplary learning.

Founded In: 1881
Location: Austin, Texas
Ranking: 8
Contact: 512-414-1700
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Lago Vista Independent School District

In the areas of Lago Vista, Jonestown, and Pointe Venture, Lago Vista ISD consists of four campuses serving students. This Travis County school can be located in Hill Country on the north end of Lake Travis and just 15 minutes from the centre of downtown Austin, labelling itself a “district of innovation.” The district relies extensively on technologies and an alternative to education in the 21st century.

Founded In: 1895
Location: Lago Vista, Texas
Ranking: 9
Contact: 512-267-8300
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Pflugerville Independent School District

Pflugerville has expanded rapidly and is the third fastest-growing community in the U.S. The Pflugerville ISD supports 25,000 students just north of Austin and provides remarkable variety for attendees. The student body is 48 per cent Hispanic, 23 per cent White, and 15 per cent African American, including Asian American, Native American, and Pacific Islanders. For every teacher, the school averages 14 pupils and students regularly score high grades on college-level testing. Best of all, the neighbourhood is only 15 minutes from downtown Austin and scores favourably when it comes to living costs, accessibility of accommodation, and rankings in the family area.

Founded In: 1902
Location: Pflugerville, Texas
Ranking: 10
Contact: 512-594-0000
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