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Best Scholarships for Blinds

Scholarships are not only provided based on academic excellence and merit. Moreover, some organizations provide scholarships for having some sort of disability. For example, those who are blind and want to continue education like other students can look into this article for funding.

Blind students require special educational instructions and modes of learning. Therefore, they are needed to be admitted to special institutions. To encourage blind students to study and stand on their own feet, scholarships are provided in the United States. Therefore, you are blind, and you are living in the nation; you should take the opportunity to continue your studies like others and also receive special opportunities like funding and grants from philanthropic organizations and academies. Moreover, there are also students with disabilities who urge to continue their higher studies. In such a scenario, scholarships will help merit students get normal education easily.

In this article, you will find some of the best scholarships for blind students living in the United States. These scholarships will help students to live a common life with all others. So give it a quick look and find a suitable scholarship for you. Feel free to contact for any related queries.

1. Blind Service Association Scholarship

Under this scholarship program, applicants around 30 to 40 may receive funding up to the range of $750 to $3000. This scholarship platform offers grants for applicants with visual impairments seeking to continue their formal education just like other students. This scholarship determines applicants based on merit, academic qualification, extra-curricular activities, and financial requirements. In addition, the applicant applying for the scholarship must be a resident of the United States. Kindly read through the sponsor’s website to know more about the scholarship.

Provided by: Blind Service Association 
Eligibility: Blind students 
Amount: $750 to $3000
Deadline: April 01, 2022
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2. California Council of the Blind Scholarship

The California Council of the Blind offers several honors to the numerous excellent blind scholar candidates who are citizens of California and will join or resume education at an approved university or college in either undergraduate or graduate degree courses. Individuals following vocational academies are even qualified. However, it is not required to be following a university or college in California. To be qualified to receive this scholarship, the applicant should be a full-time student registered for at least twelve-semester units per term in the academic year.

Provided by: California Council of the Blind
Eligibility: Blind Student
Amount: Varies
Deadline: May 15, 2022
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3. Carolyn Balsa Hancock Memorial Scholarship

The Carolyn Balsa Hancock Memorial Scholarship Fund supported East Side Union High School District students in vocational or theoretical apprenticeships. The scholarship is offered to an individual who reasonably simulates Mrs. Hancock’s inspiring passion of dynamism, challenging job, and persistence at the beginning of overwhelming chances. The candidates should be in the Special Education Program and design supplementary vocational or intellectual exercises after high school. Kindly visit the funding provider’s website for additional information or fill up the application process.

Provided by: Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Eligibility: Special students
Amount: $1,500
Deadline: Varies 
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4. disABLEDperson, Inc. National Scholarship for College Students with Disabilities

A disABLEDperson platform delivers this funding for supporting special students to continue their education. This scholarship offers to fund learners who are citizens of the United States. Moreover, the student should be registered in 2 or 4 years authorized institute or academy in the United States of America. This scholarship does not apply to high school students. Kindly look into the sponsor’s website for further information.

Provided by: disabledperson 
Eligibility: Special Student
Amount: $2000
Deadline: February 28, 2022
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5. Google Lime Scholarship

Google and Lime Connect are determined to support future designers make the most of their talents. Therefore, this platform feels awesome to offer Google Lime funding for computer science students with disabilities. The scholarship applicants will get one funding amount for the present academic year. The scholarship will be determined based on academic merit and qualification. Moreover, the student’s passion for the computer science branch of study will also be considered. Kindly read through the sponsor’s website to know more about the scholarship.

Provided by: Google
Eligibility: Disable students
Amount: $10,000
Deadline: December 05, 2022
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6. Lighthouse Guild Scholarship Program

Lighthouse Guild offers this scholarship program for vision loss students. Lighthouse Guild funds higher education for everyone and recognizes the accomplishments of academically talented high school and university learners striving to advance their schooling. This platform offers scholarships for pupils with sight loss to create a prosperous change to university and graduate instruction. In addition, this fund will help students to bear education expenses. This scholarship offers to fund for those students who are residents of the United States.

Provided by: Lighthouse Guild
Eligibility: Sight loss students
Amount: $10,000
Deadline: March 31, 2022
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7. Richland County Foundation Mansfield Noon Lions Club Scholarship Fund

The Mansfield Noon Lions Club Scholarship Fund delivers grants, scholarships, and or educational services for visually disabled individuals seeking or already pursuing education either in a full-time or part-time manner. The applicants graduating from the visually impaired program at Mansfield City Schools would be given preference. The applicants applying for the first time must hold a GPA of 2.5 at least. However, those who have applied for the scholarship earlier can also hold a GPA up to 2.0.

Provided by: Richland Country Foundation
Eligibility: Disabled students
Amount: Varies
Deadline: April 01, 2022
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8. Team See Possibilities (TSP) Scholarship Program

Team See Possibilities grants blind students seeking or pursuing post-secondary education in an approved institution. This scholarship program welcomes applicants from a graduating high school final-year student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Applicants into professional trade courses at a vocational school will also be eligible to apply. The student must be legally blind for being qualified for the scholarship. The scholarship offers amounts up to $5000 for the winners. Kindly refer to the sponsor’s website to know more regarding the scholarship.

Provided by: Team See Possibilities
Eligibility: Blind Students
Amount: $5000
Deadline: April 30, 2022
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9. 16th District PTA Scholarship- Special Needs Category

This scholarship is provided to students who are willing to continue higher studies and are in financial debt. The scholarship aims to provide a better educational life to those with special abilities. The Blue Grass Community Foundation provides this scholarship program. The student applying for the funding must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above. This non-renewable funding is granted to high school final-year students attending Fayette County Public Schools. Learners applying under the Special Needs type should provide an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan.

Provided by: The Blue Grass Community Foundation
Eligibility: Special needs students
Amount: Varies
Deadline: March 04, 2022
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10. American Council of the Blind Scholarship

The American Council of the Blind scholarship program aims at providing funding for those blind students who are seeking to get registered to a special school for education. The scholarship provides funding ranging from $2,000 to $7,500 to students in the technical field of study. This scholarship is provided jointly by The American Council of the Blind (ACB) and the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). This program rewards learners with scholarships for assisting with post-secondary education monetary requirements such as tuition, costs, space and board, and different extra expenses linked with adaptive technology. To be qualified for funding, a candidate ought to be lawfully blind, hold a 3.0 GPA to be qualified for most scholarships, be a full-time pupil.

Provided by: ACB and AFB
Eligibility: Blind students
Amount: $7,500
Deadline: February 14, 2022
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