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Best Scholarships for Pre Vet

Love for animals is not something that happens commonly to every human being. Some are afraid to be closer to them, whereas some like to be with them day and night. On a general note, if you are free from inhibitions in taking care of an animal, then continuing education in veterinary science can bring you joy and contentment in your career. There are schools specifically intended for veterinary science and educational aids and grants to help those who are interested in following the studies.

Veterinarians play crucial roles in society as they make sure the protection of the environment, safety, and health of the public indirectly. They have a major role in maintaining a disease-free city or nation from serious disease outbreaks through animals. The veterinary scholarships help to cover the essential tuition and other monetary requirements in completing a degree and following the dream of being a support for animals. Various scholarship options are listed below;

1. Pre-Veterinary & General Animal Husbandry Education Scholarship

The Golden Meadow Kennel has put in the effort to make sure of an annual college scholarship for supporting students who are interested in general animal husbandry and/or pre-veterinary studies. The applicants should be presently attending an accredited college and should submit the application with the required details as per the norms of the providers. A 1000 word essay needs to be prepared on any topics like; The importance of the breeder in maintaining breed standards, Canine genetic defects and their role in a breeding program, General canine health concerns & prevention. There may be other related topics included, such as those related to the well-being of dogs, such as health, breeding, and training.

Provided by: The Golden Meadow Kennel
Amount: $1000
Eligibility: Under graduation
Deadline: December 31st, 2019
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2. Certified Angus Beef Colvin Scholarship Fund

The scholarship funding association has been so extravagant in distributing about 15 scholarships in the year 2021 running to a total amount of $59,000. This idea has been the inspiration of Louis M. “Mick” Colvin, retired ED of Certified Angus Beef. He wanted to give wings to the dreams of those who were finding difficulty in continuing their education. Those who are interested in the beef industry and also dealing with any of the following sciences; meat science, food science, animal science, or agriculture/agribusiness are considered for eligibility. The candidates should be a junior or senior at the starting of the year or at the quarter in a 4-year institution. Graduate students enrolled in any year of an accredited full-time master or doctorate program or those who are into research (applied or basic) are also coming under the eligibility category.

Provided by: Certified Angus Beef 
Eligibility: College juniors and seniors with a commitment to meat science, food science, animal science, agriculture/agribusiness
Amount: varies
Deadline: January 15, 2022
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3. Rivma Veterinary Student Scholarship

Veterinarians are the doctors of the animal globe. The skills and abilities are utilized to find out the diseased conditions of the animal patients and to diagnose any kind of irregularities in them. Their life is maintained along with the reduction of pain to make their lives better. Veterinary students who are in their junior level get the eligibility to apply for the RIVMA veterinary student scholarship. They need to be graduates of a Rhode Island high school and should have earned a GPA of a minimum of 2.5. Academic merit and excellence percentage and the academic need are considered during the selection process.

Provided by: RIVMA
Amount: $2,500
Eligibility: Graduate
Deadline: October 15, 2021
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4. Dr. Elinor Mcgrath Scholarship

The founder of Dr. McGrath’s animal shampoo, Juliette Fassett, has taken an effort to associate with The American Veterinary Medical Foundation in bestowing out a scholarship amount to a female veterinary student in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year of veterinary school. Dr. McGrath is a renowned America’s primary practicing female veterinarian. She has a determined and strong history of getting graduated from the Chicago Veterinary College and practicing veterinary medicine in Chicago. She had also been associated with AVMA. The selection of the recipient of the award will be based on the story of the ways traveled in reaching the veterinary ambitions. AVMF is dedicated to serving to compensate the amount of veterinary medical education. Donations are accepted to sustain the performance of outstanding students dealing with the wellbeing and research needs of the society of present and tomorrow.

Provided by: The American Veterinary Medical Foundation
Amount: $1500
Eligibility: Graduation
Deadline: May 15th
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5. The Charles Shelton Foundation Scholarship

The organizers are so generous that they come up with two scholarships every year. It comes in the category of non-renewable one and can be made available only for those who have enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher education. Proof of enrollment also needs to be submitted to the sponsor for being considered eligible. The scholarships are provided in the check format payable towards the institution, which can be used for the educational expenses of the student and is disbursed twice. Two applicants might be considered winners when the result ends in a tie. The student needs to be a Black African-American graduating high school senior, current college student or returning college student, and a legal resident of the US and included in one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia. The form should be filled in perfectly along with two professional references from Professors that articulate directly to the student’s experience in Veterinary Medicine along with the proof of full-time registration in a college or university.

Provided by: C Sheldon foundation
Amount: $2,000
Eligibility: Graduation
Deadline: April 15th, 2022
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6. Walkin’ Pets Veterinarian & Rehab/Vet Tech Scholarships

The scholarship is a bit of a different kind by the Walkin’ Pets. Their mission is to promote the pet care professionals who are engaged in understanding the pets’ conditions like aging, injured, and disabled to have a better life that is happy and healthy. They make this possible through pioneering, medical-grade products. They also have come forward with scholarship programs to pay tribute to the miracle workers of tomorrow and the effect they are going to bring about in the veterinary community. Those doctoral students who are entering or presently enrolled in veterinary school and the canine rehabilitation or veterinary tech students become eligible for the scholarship, even though the amount may vary.

Provided by: Walkin’ Pets
Amount: $1,000/$500
Eligibility: A doctoral student entering or currently enrolled in veterinary school
Deadline: Feb 2022
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7. Oxbow Animal Health Undergraduate Companion Animal Interest Scholarship

The Oxbow Academic Scholarships are presented annually to extend financial support to upcoming and inspiring veterinarians and vet techs together with animal health professionals of the future. The students who are presently enrolled in a college or university with a considerable career interest in animal health and nutrition can apply. There should be an essay worded 300-500 explaining the reason for pursuing the particular career in the companion animal industry. The wannabe veterinarians are helped with financial support as veterinarians are an inevitable part of today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Provided by: Oxbow Animal Health
Amount: $1,000
Eligibility: Graduate
Deadline: March 02, 2022
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8. Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles Veterinarian Scholarship

The scholarship funding association is very much into the dog community as they consider giving them back the love and care. The criteria mainly considered is the commendable history showing the care towards animals. The student should also be a graduating high school senior with excellent performance in the class and pursuing a degree for 4 years in animal nutrition, animal science, animal breeding and genetics, biological sciences, or pre-vet sciences. Inclination will be towards those applicants who are planning a career in veterinary medicine.

Provided by: Heartland Goldens and Mini Goldendoodles (HGMG)
Amount: $500
Eligibility: Graduating high school senior
Deadline: May 30th, 2022
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9. Animal Welfare Institute Scholarship

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) is concerned with the improvement of animals anywhere around, be it inside a laboratory, or a ranch, at a residence, or the in their natural habitat. The work towards the betterment of animals had been carried out by AWI for long years. In order to have further accomplishments, they have come up with the idea of supporting students in the form of scholarships. The future generation needs to be motivated to maintain love and care towards animals. The scholarship is for the high school seniors with admirable commitment to animal welfare by doing volunteer works. High school seniors should be in a high school in the United States. Also, those who intend to pursue a career to help reduce the suffering of an animal are considered noteworthy.

Provided by: The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)
Amount: $2000
Eligibility: High school senior
Deadline: February 16th, 2022
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10. Animal Care Pa’s Veterinary Student Scholarship

An important part of the mission of Animal Care PA is promoting the progressing of veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians alongside the members of the veterinary team. The support is extended in the form of scholarships to students during the educational period in order to reduce the burden of debt taken for educational purposes. The student who receives the scholarship can make use of the money received as financial funds at an AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)-accredited veterinary school. The awardees should be in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-year veterinary science from Pennsylvania and should have a significant need for financial aid. The veterinary school, the applicants, are attending should be accredited by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) Council on Education. The amount of scholarship will be provided as a single installment and is in the form of payment at the veterinary school restricted to be used only for educational expenses.

Provided by: Animal Care PA
Amount: $2500
Eligibility: Attending a school of veterinary medicine
Deadline: January 31
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