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Best Scholarships for HVAC Students

HVAC or, to be more elaborate, the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry is gaining more and more recognition day by day. Hence, more students are opting for Programs or Certificate courses that can introduce them to the world of HVAC. If you are one of them, then did you know there are numerous scholarship opportunities available for you if you plan to enroll in HVAC-related programs? If not, then look at this list of best Scholarships offered by organizations across the United States to financially support students who aspire to become HVAC Technicians or work under any other relevant job roles. 

Find out which Scholarship meets your requirements from the list below:

1. ASHRAE SocietyScholarship

ASHRAE Society Scholarship is one of those many scholarships offered to financially support students who want to pursue a career in the HVAC&R field. The Society’s Scholarship Program also serves the public interest. Hence, it intends to support and encourage more men and women to pursue their education or complete their training to become Engineers in the field of HVAC&R. 

To obtain this Scholarship, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, submit three letters of recommendation, demonstrate a good character with leadership skills, and of course, show commitment towards the HVAC and refrigeration profession. The deadline for submitting your application is December 1, 2021.

Provided by: ASHRAE
Amount: Varies
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: December 1st, 2021
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2. Rees Scholarship Foundation Clifford H. “Ted” Rees, Jr. Scholarship 

Rees Scholarship Foundation offers multiple scholarship programs to encourage and support students who aspire to or are enrolled in an HVACR training program at an institutionally accredited school. The Clifford H. “Ted” Rees, Jr. Scholarship Foundation, along with Skills USA, offers eight one-time, merit scholarships amounting to $2,500 to students currently enrolled in HVACR or a general construction program and intending to pursue college/postsecondary career training in the HVACR industry in the upcoming session. 

Applying for this Scholarship is very easy; you just need to have potential regarding establishing yourself as a professional and submit a 500-word essay demonstrating your goals. For more details regarding this Scholarship, visit the official website of Rees Foundation from the link below.

Provided by: Rees Foundation
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: April 30th, 2022
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3. Women in HVACR Scholarship

The Women in HVACR provides a fantastic opportunity for High School seniors and above to establish their careers in the HVACR industry. Multiple scholarships are awarded every year to female students who are about to enter College or Technical Schools to complete their training in HVACR, and to obtain this; you must either get enrolled in Technical College or Trade School or Bachelor’s Degree Program at any Four Year College. 

If you have maintained a minimum GPA of 2.0 or above for entering technical college or Trade School, or 3.0 for enrolling in a Bachelor’s program, then this Scholarship is just for you. You are submitting an essay of about 500 words describing the questions mentioned on the scholarship website.

Provided by: Women in HVACR
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: To be updated ( application opens from January 1st )
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4. EGIA Foundation Scholarships

The EGIA Foundation Scholarship was established to promote HVAC technical education and help those who aspire to get established in the HVAC or home performance contracting industry. This Scholarship is intended to support up to 20 eligible students, who will be awarded $2,500 to pursue an HVAC degree or certificate at an accredited community college, technical/vocational school, or approved technical institute during the 2022-2023 academic year.

To apply, you must be U.S Citizens, U.S Nationals, or U.S Permanent Residents, maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent. Students who are pursuing an Associate’s Degree, Certificate, or Diploma in an HVAC technical program are also eligible to apply.

Provided by: EGIA Foundation
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: February 1, 2022
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5. Scholarship brings a fantastic opportunity for students who are currently enrolled in Colleges, Technical or Trade Schools and aspire to become Plumbers, HVAC Technicians or Sprinkler, Irrigation Specialists, and any other relevant job roles. The Scholarship authorities value education and understand how important it is to financially support those students who face financial issues, and hence provides them with up to $2,000 as rewards, to be used directly in meeting educational expenses. 

To obtain this Scholarship, you will have to create a how-to-guide” video for home improvement novices demonstrating your skill in plumbing, HVAC, or irrigation, and complete the online application form. Current High School seniors who are about to enter Training Schools within the United States are eligible to apply for this Scholarship. Please note that there are no citizenship requirements for this Scholarship. 

Amount:Up to $2,000
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: March 31, 2022
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6. Thermaxx Engineering & HVAC Scholarship

Thermaxx Engineering & HVAC Scholarship is offered with an aim to support future leaders who are about to bring a positive change in the industries of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration. Although getting trained to become a professional includes a lot of expenses, Thermaxx Jackets with this Scholarship hopes to make education affordable for aspiring students. 

If you wish to apply for this Scholarship, you must be willing to or enrolled in full-time Undergraduate Engineering or Pre-Engineering, pursuing a Bachelor of Science or enrolled in a Trade School, pursuing a degree in HVAC&R. Maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5, and submitting an essay of about 500 words explaining “What inspired you to become an engineer or HVAC&R professional?” is some of the most important criterias. Visit the scholarship website from the link below to read more in detail.

Provided by: Thermaxx Jackets
Education Level: Undergraduate
Deadline: Dec 31st, 2021
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7. Trade Academy Scholarships

Trade Academy offers Scholarships only for students who wish to begin their careers in the field of HVAC. Now, students who demonstrate potential to build a hugely successful, high-paying job in HVAC can obtain Scholarships amounting to $2,500 to complete their education/training. Trade Academy empowers students throughout their education, training, and careers as technicians.

For obtaining this Scholarship, you must be enrolled or planning to get registered as a student in a U.S. Trade School or program for the 2022 spring semester and must be in an HVAC training program at School. There is no GPA requirement for this Scholarship. 

Provided by: Trade Academy
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate 
Deadline: December 1st, 2021
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8. Trane Technician of the Future Scholarship Program

The Trane Technician of the Future Scholarship was established to support students who are about to become future HVAC and/or building automation technicians. HVAC Students can now win up to $4,000 as scholarships if they are currently High School Graduating, Seniors, Undergraduates, and Graduates. Both full-time and part-time students are eligible for this Scholarship, and citizens of both the U.S and Canada can apply. 

Trane Technician of the Future Scholarship Program is administered by Scholarship America and does not distinguish between race, religion, or any other similar things. Visit the scholarship website from the link below if you wish to apply. 

Provided by: TRANE 
Amount:$2,500 to $4,000
Education Level: High School Seniors, Undergraduates, and Graduates
Deadline: To be updated soon (applications will be opening from April 2022)
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9. Revenue Ascend HVAC Technician Scholarships

An award-winning Digital Marketing agency, Revenue Ascend offers Scholarships to help HVAC businesses grow even during challenging and unprecedented times and aims at supporting students’ education. Every year, multiple Scholarships amounting to $500 are awarded, as well as 4-6 full FREE scholarships are offered to the most deserving students.

If you are interested in applying, then you must be currently enrolled in an HVAC School or must have applied to HVAC School. For application details, visit the scholarship website from the link below.

Provided by: Revenue Ascend
Education Level: High School seniors and above
Deadline: April 20th,  2022
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10. Precision Air Heating & Cooling Scholarship

The last Scholarship on the list, Precision Air Heating & Cooling, is offering scholarships worth $1,000 to students, who have been accepted to an accredited community College, Vocational College, Technical School, or Trade School. This Scholarship will be offered based on the “one-page” typed essay, where you are required to explain how trade or your chosen field plays a vital role in today’s world and how you expect to play a part in the future in your chosen career?

The application dates for the year 2022 are to be revealed soon.

Provided by: Precision Heating and Cooling
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: To be updated (for 2022)
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That’s all for the list of best Scholarships available for students who want to establish their career in the HVAC/R industry. Each of these scholarships is aimed at supporting you financially so that you can achieve your goals without having to worry much about financial issues. These scholarships can undoubtedly change your lives and open doors to a plethora of new opportunities. Find out which Scholarship is waiting for you to apply, and make your dreams come true. 

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