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Best Scholarships for Hemophilia

Individuals with bleeding disorders like hemophilia are not to be excluded from society in any which way. Those suffering from such disorders can be given support in various ways, and helping them get aid to continue their studies is one of the greatest reliefs that they can get. Various scholarships are dedicated specifically to them so that they are not put down from any kind of educational opportunities which they had been dreaming of for a long time, but couldn’t continue due to the financial burden caused due to the treatment of the disease or by other related difficulties. Scholarships of such kinds are listed below.

1. Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship Program

The scholarship program is aimed at promoting those students who are undergraduates and suffering from hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, or a related inherited bleeding disorder. The applicant needs to be diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, and it needs to be an inherited one. They should have actively volunteered their time and effort for the bleeding disorders community. They should be enrolling or attending a 2-year or 4-year undergraduate course in institutions in the United States. High school seniors, undergraduate freshmen, undergraduate sophomores, and undergraduate juniors are also eligible to apply. Past recipients of the Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship also get the chance to reapply for the same throughout their undergraduate careers. The scholarship is for honoring Beth Carew Beth, who had been a woman of energy, love, and care. The awards are given annually and are in the non-renewable category. They should also be a citizen of the United States or a legal resident of the state.

Provided by: Hemophilia Federation of America
Amount: $500-$6000
Eligibility: Undergraduates
Deadline: Applications will open soon
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2. Biomatrix Scholarships for the Bleeding Disorders Community

BioMatrix is offering scholarships for 6 individuals who are assisting those suffering from bleeding disorders and have the dream of pursuing higher education. Women, men, inhibitor patients, and immediate family members included in the community are also eligible for the application. The opportunity is offered specifically based on various demographics.

Provided by: BioMatrix
Amount: $1,000
Eligibility: All
Deadline: August 01, 2022
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3. Christopher Mark Pitkin Memorial Scholarship

The scholarships by the foundation are not intended for students alone but also for spouses, siblings, and children of those who had been members of the hemophilia and bleeding disorders community. The applicants have to be continuing the post-high school or in college or in a technical or trading school.

The scholarship, as the name indicates, is in memory of Chris Pitkin, a health policy consultant and advocate, a leader in the hemophilia community, earlier president of the foundation, and above all, a beloved friend.

The applicants have to be diagnosed with a bleeding disorder and should be accepted in any educational/vocational institution with proof of enrollment. They should also be a permanent resident of any of the Southern California counties, which includes Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Kern, Inyo, and Santa Barbara.

Provided by: Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
Amount: Varies
Eligibility: post-high school or college or technical/trade school education
Deadline: Applications will open soon
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4. Education Scholarship for Students with Hemophilia

The students with the bleeding disorder are bound to get support and assistance for tuition fees for continuing their education at an accredited university or vocational/technical school. Students should be staying in the state of Wisconsin or should be receiving care at any one of the Wisconsin Hemophilia Treatment Centers.

Provided by: Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation
Amount: $250 – $3,000 per student
Eligibility: varies
Deadline: March 15, 2022
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5. Wilson Traditional Scholarship Eligibility

The applicants of the scholarship need to be diagnosed with the condition and have to be a resident of Louisiana. They have to be a high school graduate presently and pursuing an undergraduate degree at a Louisiana college. The applicant needs to be diagnosed with a bleeding disorder or should be a parent of a minor who has the disease. They have to be pursuing any kind of post-secondary vocational, trade, or college degree. The application has to be filled completely and has to have attachments that are briefed on the website. An essay also has to be included related to the experiences of facing the condition and so on.

Provided by: Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation
Amount: $750-$1500 per semester
Eligibility: High school graduate
Deadline: Applications will open soon
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Best Scholarships for Hemophilia

6. Takeda Education Advantage Scholarship Program

The bleeding disorders community is being considered by the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited through their Education Advantage program. Scholarship America, which is the largest designer and manager of scholarship, provides assistance in tuition fees and other related education programs for corporations, foundations, associations, and individuals. The applicants have to be diagnosed with hemophilia A or B, including those with inhibitors (Factor VII or IX deficiency) or von Willebrand Disease. They have to be citizens of the United States or permanent residents. A high school senior, a high school graduate, GED certified, or a current post-secondary undergraduate student can apply for the scholarships. The student should be planning to join in for a full-time undergraduate course in a college or university for 4 years in the United States with a consistent GPA of 2.0.

The awards are given based on the academic record, an exhibition of leadership qualities, work experience, verification of diagnosis, and the award can be extended for three years. The award amount is strictly for undergraduate students and should be used only for the expenses to cover the fees for tuition, fees, books, and other required supplies.

Provided by: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited has partnered with Scholarship America
Amount: $5000
Eligibility: undergraduate
Deadline: Yet to be decided
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7. George D. McCoy Education Scholarship

The residents of North Carolina who are diagnosed with hemophilia A are the ones who are found eligible for the scholarships. Their education has to be from an accredited college, university or the training program has to be an accredited one. Even though the awards are disbursed based on the merit of the applicants, their actual financial needs also have to be analyzed and considered. A copy of there are current FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or other statements of need is to be attached with the application.

Provided by: National Hemophilia Foundation
Amount: $1,000
Eligibility: diagnosed with hemophilia A
Deadline: May 10, 2022
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8. Pfizer Hemophilia Scholarship Program

The scholarship is considered solely for those who are diagnosed with hemophilia A or hemophilia B. They are selected from the best persuasive essay they prepare, excellent recommendations, and the highest academic standing. In order to be considered for application, the student has to be a citizen of the United States and studying as a high school senior or graduate or should have completed high school or an equivalent (GED). Beyond this, if they are presently enrolled in a junior college, college, or a vocational center, then they can apply for the same.

Pfizer has been contributing its services in the educational platforms for supporting students in need for long years. Students with hemophilia have been supported before also. The scholarship program is named after a pioneer in the research field of hemophilia named Soozie Courter. This has been inspiring the students for a long time, especially those who are fighting with their lives with the dreaded disease in order to reach their educational goals.

Provided by: Pfizer
Amount: NA
Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate
Deadline: June 11, 2022
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9. Faith Hope and Love Jesus, Inc. College Scholarship

An annual scholarship is provided by the Faith Hope and Love Jesus, Inc. The applicants have to create an essay for which the topic may differ. The application has to accompany a letter by the doctor who is treating the applicant, which should include the complete history of the blood disorder or cancer which had been diagnosed before 18 years.  

Provided by: Faith Hope and Love Jesus, Inc
Amount: $500
Eligibility: diagnosed with a bleeding disorder
Deadline: May 01, 2022
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Best Scholarships for Hemophilia

10. Eric Dostie Scholarship

Bleeding disorders or hemophilia for students makes them eligible for the prescribed scholarships. Every year 10 students are considered to receive the scholarship. The applicants need to be citizens of the United States and be enrolled in a two-year or four-year college program that is accredited. The application has to accompany an essay regarding the education’s effect on humanity and the ways to encourage self-improvement and enrichment. The scholarship is in loving memory of Eric Steven Dostie of Easthampton, Massachusetts, who had been a five-year-old boy with hemophilia and is no more now. With his brief life, he touched other’s life with complete joy, humor, and love. The scholarship anyway gives a chance to the recipients of the award to continue the college degree to widen their education and career opportunities.

Provided by: Nufactor, Inc
Amount: $1,000
Eligibility: Students with a bleeding disorder
Deadline: March 01, 2022
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