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Best Scholarships for Good SAT Scores

Are you good at dealing with tests that follow the paper-pencil format? The more skilled you are in reasoning, language, and mathematical abilities, the higher possibilities you have in getting through the ‘SAT exam’ (Scholastic Assessment Test). It acts as a criterion in most colleges and universities in the United States in getting admitted to undergraduate courses. As there is no such specific standard limit set as the best SAT score, if you can get a minimum of 1200, you can be relieved. The SAT exam is certainly not an undefeatable task if the appearing aspirants are thorough with the concepts included under the initial two years of high school together with added focus on other areas too into the blend. The test layout needs to be undoubtedly understood in order to pass it with ease.

Regarding the scholarships options based on the SAT score, the merit and certainly the economic background of the family are taken into account. The competition for such kinds of scholarships is found to be high, so maintaining a proper score can be a relief. Scholarships are certainly a hand to rely on for those who are tormented by a load of financial disadvantage in going towards the educational stream of choice.  Students can choose from a variety of scholarship options that are set up based on a projected SAT score. If you are meritorious, you can certainly be part of any of it.

1. Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship     

The Jackie Robinson Foundation is open-hearted to bring up the students who are wannabe attending college along with supporting with their financial needs and to steer them through the progression of higher education. The applicant has to be fulfilling certain requirements set up by the Foundation including; being a graduating minority high school senior, a United States citizen, with an excellent academic backdrop, and planning to attend an accredited and approved 4-year college within the United States or affiliated with a United States-based college or university. They have to present the actual need for financial assistance and should be exhibiting substantial leadership prospective and keenness to community service. The official score representing the SAT/ACT score from the junior or senior year is crucial. The application has to be submitted online along with a recommendation letter, demographic details, an unofficial high school transcript, test score of AP, IB, PSAT, ACT, or SAT, details of the activities and distinctions, information of the household, 4 essays, and plans for college.

Provided by: The Jackie Robinson Foundation
Amount: $30,000
Eligibility: Graduating, minority high school senior
SAT Score: 1000
Deadline: Jan 12, 2022
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2. Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship    

The Deana’s Wish Memorial Scholarship has been established by the DLH Foundation, honoring Deana LaRae Hamilton Hughes. It is a private scholarship program that provides grants every year, which ranges up to $2000 to students in college who are affected by gastroesophageal cancers in their families. The applicant or a close family member like spouse, parent, grandparent, sibling, or child has to be medically diagnosed with the condition of esophageal or stomach cancer. They have to be U.S. citizens entering or continuing college in the academic year 2022-23. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 is to be maintained. The application has to be submitted along with one or more letters of recommendation. An essay has to be presented on how life has been affected by cancer.

Provided by: The DLH Foundation
Amount: $2000
Eligibility: Varies
SAT Score: 1100
Deadline: To be decided
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3. The ExxonMobil Engineering Scholarship Program

The students, if belonging to the Hispanic origin and are high school seniors pursuing education in engineering at U. S. post-secondary institutions, are sponsored by the Exxon Mobil Corporation, and the help is administered by LULAC National Educational Service Centers (LNESC).

The ExxonMobil Engineering Scholarship Program is intended to administer national and local scholarships. An amount of $20,000 is provided for 4 years to one individual nationally, and 12 local scholarships of $2000 to the students who are high school seniors. The students applying have to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher and decent scores in the ACT and SAT tests. Above that, they also have to plan to attend a full-time course in an accredited college or university. They have to be a U.S. citizen. The application has to be submitted along with a high school transcript, ACT or SAT score report, admittance verification, and three letters of recommendation.

Provided by: LULAC National Educational Services Centers, Inc
Amount: $20,000 (1), $2000 (12)
Eligibility: High school senior
Deadline: Application available early summer 2022
SAT Score: 1350
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4. Furman Scholars Program

Scholarship of merit is being provided by the Furman University of Greenville, North Carolina. The students are considered based on their athletic talents, too, together with academic backgrounds from among those who are admitted to the university and chosen as Furman Scholars.  Furman University is a private university of liberal arts and was established in 1826. It is considered one of the oldest intuitions of the kind in NC.

The applicants have to be high school juniors interested in liberal arts and sciences, with a maintained GPA of 3.5, an ACT score of 29 or above, and significantly involved in extracurricular and community activities. The students are expected to have abilities of leadership too.

Provided by: Furman University
Amount: $20,000
Eligibility: High school juniors
SAT score: 1360
Deadline: Varies
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5. Point the Way Foundation Scholarship

Military children and their families are supported by the non-profit organization named Point the Way based in Carlsbad, Cal. Every year they come up with two scholarships accounting for up to $5000 each. The eligible student has to be above 18 years of age, be a U.S. citizen, and have been admitted to or presently attending an accredited university in the U.S. A minimum ACT score of 21 has to be maintained. The scholarship depends on the merit and the need of the recipient and also considers the community service and extra-curricular participation of the student. The student who shows a multifaceted and versatile attempt in improving one’s own life together with the others around them by prevailing over the obstacles is appreciated.

Provided by: Point the Way Foundation
Amount: $5,000
Eligibility: NA
SAT Score: 1500
Deadline: No deadline
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6. Loyola University Chicago Ignatian Scholarship

The Ignatian Scholarship is offered to new undergraduate applicants who are applying to Loyola University Chicago based on their merit and academic achievements. The scholarships are distributed annually. The students should have maintained a GPA of 3.5 in high school along with an ACT score of 33.

Provided by: Loyola University, Chicago
Amount: $25,000
Eligibility: New undergraduates
SAT score: 1490
Deadline: Varies
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7. Colorado Christian University (CCU) Distinguished Achievement Scholarship

High scholastic go-getters recognized by the Colorado Christian University get the opportunity to acquire merit-based scholarships. The Distinguished Achievement Scholarship can be of help to freshmen with an amount of $19,000 each year extending up to 4 years and are made available with a total amount of $76,000. The CCU is an interdenominational Christian college that is a leading educational institute in the Rocky Mountain area. The applicants of the scholarship have to have a 4.0 GPA in high school, ACT of 30, CLT score of 93, and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above at CCU. They need to be a full-time student at the university. The scholarship amount will help cover the expenses of the complete tuition of the course.

Provided by: Colorado Christian University
Amount: $22,000 Per year ($88,000 maximum)
Eligibility: Varies
SAT Score: 1410
Deadline: Varies
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8. University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship

Incoming freshmen who are residing in Georgia are considered for the Foundation Fellowship from the University of Georgia. They are provided with an annual stipend of $12,300. The amount varies if the student is from out of the state and it accounts for up to $20,300, and the amount increases to $22,300 if the student is from completely another country. There are specific scholarships like the Zell Mill Scholarship for Georgia residents ($9,552/year) and the Presidential waiver ($18,574/year), which provide a decent amount to out-of-state and international students. The fellowship looks up to the undergraduates based on the academic requirements if they are maintained with a very high academic threshold.  The scholarship is also considering the abilities of leadership in the schools and communities, exceptional artistic and athletic talents and the powerful logical inquisitiveness about the world around them, and the dedication to distributing the comprehension and hand-outs. The applicant has to be a high school senior with a GPA of 3.9 and an ACT score of 33 or higher.

Provided by: University of Georgia
Amount: Varies
Eligibility: Freshman
SAT Score: 1460
Deadline: November 1
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9. The Gladys Carol Scholarship Program

High school seniors, high school graduates, and current undergraduate level students of the United States are open to applying for the scholarship offered by the Gladys Carol Scholarship Program. The students need to be accepted or admitted to recognized, non-profit public or private four-year college or university in the United States for a full-time STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) program. Since it is a scholarship based on merit, the student has to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 and a minimum ACT of 28. The scholarship is provided in halves for the first year with an amount of $2500 and the second half of the award $2500 for the successive year of study. The student has to stay enrolled in a full-time STEM field of study.

Provided by: The Gladys Carol Scholarship Program, Inc
Amount: $5000
Eligibility: High school seniors, high school graduates, and undergraduates
Deadline: 31 March 2022
SAT Score: 1290
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10. The Maguire Scholars College Program at Gwynedd Mercy University

The Maguire Foundation has put forth the concept of providing scholarship support for five incoming freshmen. The students are selected as those graduating from a Maguire Foundation-approved high school. The economic support is extended up to four years of matriculation. The students are selected based on perfect academic eminence along with being part of the extra-curricular activities and/or community service. The criteria include; the student is maintaining a GPA of 3.0 in high school and shows substantial financial need. The Gwynedd Mercy University, established in 1948, extends Presidential Scholarship, which can be renewed for an extra 3 years if the recipient meets with the minimum GPA of 3.5 along with other eligibility prerequisites. The application should be completed and sent along with a letter of recommendation from a supervisor of community service or extracurricular activity. The students who are incoming freshmen are eligible for annual scholarships for four years while being undergraduate students at GMercyU. They ought to be part of extracurricular or community volunteer activities and should maintain an acceptable GPA score. The students who are already in the Maguire Scholars Program and are transferred to the GMercyU from a partaking community college also gain the eligibility to maintain their scholarship for a period of three years.

Provided by: Gwynedd Mercy University
Amount: $5,000 to $10,000
Eligibility: Undergraduate
SAT Score: 1300-1360
Deadline: Varies
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