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Best Scholarships for Good Grades

Worried about taking your dreams forward even though you are standing high in your academics and other curricular aspects? There is not a single ground to be overwhelmed about. Those who are doing well in their studies possess a hell of a lot of scholarship opportunities afforded by various providers. If you are apprehensive regarding the tuition and other financial needs to be covered during the learning course, then scholarships are the best alternative.

A merit scholarship might be looking for an exceedingly normal GPA, SAT and ACT scores.  3.15 may be considered as the standard by most colleges nowadays. Those who are score between 3.5 and 4.0 can be pretty sure about the academic scholarships.

Certain institutions also value certain other criteria along with the scores. If you feel ardent, positive, unruffled, excited, with systematic skills and anticipate abilities, then browse through the list provided to choose the one most appropriate for you.

1. Academic Merit Scholarships

The scholarships are aimed at students who are fresher, second-year students at the university or high school students, or a graduate at a 4-year university or junior college. It is applicable to both members and non-members of ABA (American Bus Association). The major concern of the area of the study is transportation, travel, and tourism commerce.  A GPA of 3.4 on a scale of 4.0 should be maintained for the successful progression of application. There are a variety of subjects included under the broad topics referred to above. Further details regarding the application and the related documentation and attachments are detailed on the website. Those high school students who are following an excellent position in academics, accomplishment in P.E., and are actively serving the society with a well-built aspiration and an endearing outlook besides the ability to prevail over hardships can be a perfect candidate.

Provided By: The American Bus Association
Amount: $5000
Eligibility: All
Deadline: February 04, 2022
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2. Augustana College Athletic Grant

Importance and consideration are based on the GPA scores here! You should have at least a 3.0 during the time of enrollment to the college. This will help in maintaining the scholarships in the succeeding years. The student-athletes who show off their excellence in the related field would be considered in the context. The merit scholarships are granted in the structure of help in the form of a gift and moreover, they need not be paid back. The academic base, aptitude, and speciality are also considered among the criteria.

Provided By: Augustana College
Amount: $4000
Eligibility: Student-Athletes
Deadline: Varies
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3. BioWorks IPM/Sustainable Practices Scholarship

The students who are pursuing degrees in floriculture are considered by the providers for this scholarship. You can be a sophomore, junior, or senior student who is planning to trail a vocation in the sector. The basic criterion is sure to be academics with a 3.0 or higher GPA score. Together with it, the student should have a deep aspiration towards the advancement in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) or sustainable practices in the specified sector. They are mainly focusing to improve the area of floriculture and horticulture for the generations to come.

Provided By: American Floral Endowment
Amount: $1200
Eligibility: Sophomore, junior, or senior student
Deadline: May 01, 2022
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Best Scholarships for Good Grades

4. Cameron Impact Scholarship

The prescribed scholarship program attracts the attention of individuals who are exceptionally outstanding in their profession along with their personal relationships throughout their lives. Students should be high school graduates who are planning to move towards a bachelor’s degree at any U.S. college or university after high school graduation. They should also be a citizen of the United States with an increased aptitude towards extracurricular activities, and also should be expressing an energetic involvement in the community service. Above all, they should have a GPA of 3.7 on a scale of 4.0. The scholarship is awarded annually and includes the entire tuition and books based on the merit of the students. Their leadership qualities are also taken into account. The application is completely open without discrimination of race, socioeconomic condition, belief, sexual orientation or any other backdrop aspects. Young leaders with a positive way of thinking and passionate commitment are considered as they tend to spread a positive impact.

Provided By: Bryan Cameron Education Foundation
Amount: $60,000
Eligibility: High school graduates
Deadline: September 10, 2022
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Best Scholarships for Good Grades

5. Cas Trust Scholarship Program

In order to become eligible for the prescribed scholarship, one should be presently attending college or university for a full-time course alongside being a member of a Student Central. Those who have not won it even once would be given preference too. The scholarship tends to have the purpose of supplementing the interests of students who are in the property or casualty actuarial profession and persuading aspirants to move towards the quest for CAS designations. The scholarships are based on the merit of the individual. Around eight students are considered, who when found to be commendable, will be awarded the CAS Trust Scholarship.

Provided By: Cas Trust
Amount: $5000
Eligibility: Undergraduate
Deadline: January 31, 2022
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6. Cite Incoming Student Tuition Scholarship

The scholarship program has been established in order to enlist extraordinary students to the Information Systems program of the college. The criteria of eligibility include being a fresher with a GPA of 3.0 at the least from the high school along with an ACT score of 22 minimum or SAT score of 1010 at the least. The student should have opted for Information Systems as the major subject. Based on the merit in academics, the CITe scholarship committee would come up with the selection of the students who become eligible for receiving the scholarship.

Provided By: University of Akron
Amount: $2000
Eligibility: Freshman
Deadline: January 14, 2022
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7. Colorado Mesa University Academic Achievement Award

The award is considered every academic year for those fresher students who are having a GPA of 3.20, along with being the cream layer of the class. They should also possess an ACT score of 22 or a combined SAT of 1110. Those students who are applying to the Colorado Mesa University for admission will directly become eligible for consideration for the scholarship of merit. The detailed requirements to be fulfilled in order to apply for the scholarship are briefed in the link.

Provided By: Colorado Mesa University
Amount: $1250
Eligibility: Freshman 
Deadline: Varies
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8. Diamond State Scholarships

The renewable scholarship is eligible for those who maintain a GPA of 3.0 for up to three years. The applicants should be legally residing in the Delaware area and should be a high school senior being placed in the upper sector of the class. The SAT should be 1290 or an equivalent ACT is commendable. Moreover, the student should have enrolled in a degree program at a non-profit institution that is accredited regionally. An approximate number of 50 awards are presented every year.

Provided By: Delaware Higher Education Commission
Amount: $5000 (1250 Every Year)
Eligibility: High School Seniors 
Deadline: February 28, 2022
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9. EMU Recognition of Excellence Scholarship

The students who are being transferred and also those who are continuing and are eligible sophomores become eligible for the Recognition of Excellence award. The students should possess at least a 3.0 transfer GPA along with 30 credits which are transferrable. Those students who are continuing should have a cumulative EMU GPA of 3.5. The award can be renewed every year for up to 4 years and the GPA should be maintained at 3.3 in order for this renewal. Even if the students become eligible for more than one scholarship, a student tends to obtain only one academic scholarship. This scholarship since based on merit seems to be competitive and requires the above-mentioned GPA and credits during the time of application.

Provided By: Eastern Michigan University
Amount: $8000 ($2000 for 4 Years)
Eligibility: Transfer/ Continuing Students, sophomores 
Deadline: Varies
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10. Hubler Endowed Scholarship

The students intended to apply for the scholarship has to be strictly based on the religious aspects of the student. It also gives emphasis on the fact that they are involved in studying religion as the major subject. The applicants should be exhibiting a level of commitment towards the church activities, should be a strong believer along with the revealing of a dedicated way of life following the principles of the Christian life and along with being enrolled as a full-time student with a confirmed major in religion. To sum up it all, they should possess a GPA of 3.25 which can be renewed. The scholarship by the Trust is mainly aimed at benefitting the Baylor University ministry students who have majored in Religion majors and are partaking in the Ministry Guidance Program in the Department of Religion. The presently enrolled students should possess a GPA of the least 3.25. The incoming students should get qualified for a merit scholarship in order to become eligible.

Provided By: Hubler Family Trust
Amount: $10,000 ($5000 per Semester)
Eligibility: Full-Time Student in Religion  
Deadline: March 15, 2022
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