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Best Scholarships for Gap Year Students

Taking a gap and experiencing one’s specialized areas and interest is a part of a student’s academic life. Students often take a gap year before stepping ahead into their college life. In this gap year, students often search out for programs and initiatives that help them to build up their future careers. In this regard, some organizations provide special scholarships for gap year students.

A gap year is especially a period meant to understand self, explore ideas and thoughts, and discover abilities. During this year, students take a break from their daily academic lifestyle. Scholarships provided for gap year students for various programs and outlooks help them utilize their year more effectively. Therefore, this article will help students who are taking a gap in the USA to discover some of the best scholarships. Have a look at this write-up and try to find a suitable scholarship for yourself.

1. Global Citizen Year Scholarships

This scholarship is specially designed for gap year students. These global citizen year scholarships provide need-based grants for young students from all over the world. It offers 30% of its applicant’s full-tuition scholarships, including 80% receive partial accomplishments. Additionally, merit and need-based scholarships are also open. The only needful requirement under this program is to be part of the Global Citizen Year Fellowship for getting the grants.

The scholarship is provided by Global Citizen Year. Global Citizen Year addresses the management dilemma by changing the next-generation leaders’ work, ordering method, and meaning.

Provided by: Global Citizen Year
Award: $5,000 – $32,500
Education Level: Students ages 17-21
Deadline: October 29, 2021
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2. The Pollination Project scholarship

The Pollination Project provides $1,000 scholarships to “help passionate, dedicated individuals with an early-stage social change vision.” The grants and funds provided under the scholarship can be utilized to travel expenditures linked to the project’s accomplishment.

The organization funds individuals, informally established associations and groups, and formally filed or included not-for-profit groups globally. Their purpose is to offer a more equitable, sustainable, and humane world for all.

Provided by: The Pollination Project
Award: $1,000
Education Level: Must be running an early-stage social change project
Deadline: Varies
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3. Eva Gunther Foundation Fund

The Eva Gunther Foundation awards need-based scholarships to youthful girls in the San Francisco area who don’t have the economic capacity to undergo several programs that stimulate their interest, such as travel courses or baseball campgrounds during their gap year. This scholarship is specially designed for girls students. The Foundation promotes the representation of girls’ inner selves in different circumstances, and with its scholarships, it expects to service their motive and enthusiasm for attaining their aspirations.

The Foundation will not support tuition at local or autonomous institutions or different experimental applications. Rewards will not be granted to enable girls to engage in the sponsoring agency’s courses.

Provided by: Eva Gunther Foundation
Award: $2,000
Education Level: Low-income girls between the ages of 11 and 18
Deadline: Throughout the year
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4. Verto Education Opportunity Grant

Verto Education Opportunity grant confers students within $5,000 and $10,000 based on their family benefits, as long as it is beneath $125,000/year. Homes that have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic may additionally apply for the Opportunity Grant in Latin America. Verto Education provides the scholarship. Students need to submit their FAFSA to decide qualification for Verto stipends and scholarships. Verto makes universities more accessible by giving programs at various value points to suit various family budgets. They additionally give need-based awards and merit-based scholarships.

Provided by: Verto Education
Award: $5,000 – $10,000
Education Level: Student with immense humanitarian concern
Deadline: Throughout the year
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5. EF Gap Year Global Citizen Scholarships

EF Gap Year awards up to $5,000 for students in their gap year. This scholarship is also provided for semester-long programs. Numerous scholarships are open for management, blogging, videography, and photography. Over $50,000 of funding is available each year. Global Citizen Scholarships are granted to students who display exceptional interest, talent, and dedication to learning and acquiring in a global society. Multiple scholarships may be awarded, with Gap Year students earning scholarships up to $10,000 and Gap Semester scholars winning grants up to $5,000.

Provided by: EF Gap Year
Award: $1,000 – $5,000
Education Level: Gap-year students
Deadline: November 30
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6. Cow House Studios Gap & Summer Scholarships

Cow House Studios offers numerous scholarship possibilities for the summer program Art on the Farm and gap year program, FieldWorks. All scholarship candidates must present a portfolio that shows exceptional work. They evaluate student portfolios by determining how finished artwork shows a young artist’s interests, knowledge, and experimentation. You can read more extra regarding these possibilities and the application method on their website.

The scholarship compensation involves enrollment and tuition expenses, service, three nutritious feeds per day, all art stores, workshop facilities, field tour, room and access charges, transport to and from Dublin terminal, washing equipment, and bed materials. This scholarship is granted to one individual based on their financial need.

Provided by: Cow House Studios
Award: €2950
Education Level: : 18-22-year-old students
Deadline: November 22, 2021
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7. Omprakash Ethical Global Engagement Grants

The Ethical Global Engagement Scholarships, supported by missionary platform Omprakash, is for those thinking of joining with an Omprakash partner overseas and who want to register on the EdGE training program but are financially incapable of doing so. They have a variety of scholarships.

The expectation is that beneficiaries meet the EdGE learning community requirements and aid or intern overseas for 3+ months with one (or more) of global partner institutions. All grant beneficiaries must become Omprakash Ambassadors, serving to develop and expand the Omprakash channels ahead, throughout, and following their time overseas.

Provided by: OmprakashEdGE
Award: $500 – $1,500
Education Level: Students aged 22 and under
Deadline: Varies
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8. High Mountain Institute Scholarship

The High Mountain Institute’s (HMI) programs lie at the intersection of where nature and minds meet.  This scholarship is provided by High Mountain Institute for gap year students. The grant considers applying for financial aid for students. The award will be provided based on SSS (school and student services calculator) practiced by the National Association of Independent Schools. The applicants applying for the award must submit tax forms from the last two years.

Provided by: High Mountain Institute
Award: $1,000 – $15,000
Education Level: Gap year students
Deadline: Varies
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9. United Planet Service Scholarships

This particular scholarship is designed for gap year students. United Planet provides this grant for students to build a global society, one connection at the moment. United Planet is committed to developing the global convenience of applications. They contribute an extensive variety of accomplishments to achieve essential responsibility. United Planet awards gap year applications, among the longest-standing courses globally. United Planet is satisfied to grant Gap Year Scholarships up to $1,000 towards any 6-month or one-year course. Candidates necessity be first-time Quest members. This scholarship may not be connected with any additional accomplishments given by United Planet. 

Provided by: United Planet
Award: $350 – $1,000
Education Level: Gap year students
Deadline: December 31, 2021
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10. Rustic Pathways Gap Year Scholarships

Rustic Pathways grants this scholarship for gap year students. This scholarship gives a need-based service that enables the most qualified students to travel, despite their spending capacity. Rustic Pathways is employed to create life-changing possibilities potential for students worldwide. They understand how impactful programs are and secure them available to every learner. The award amount is limited by economic necessity, evaluation of each candidate’s dedication to completion, and the features they will lead to society. Financial aid applies to a particular semester program, and learners may solely present one form. 

Provided by: Rustic Pathways
Award: Varies to Programs
Education Level: Gap year students
Deadline: Varies
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11. GoEco Volunteer Scholarships

This particular scholarship is provided to support proposed volunteers in taking part in one of their programs, GoEco, an eco-tourism firm, grants one flight voucher of $1,000 and suspended fees for a two-week program, including travel allowance to strong recipients of their scholarships. To apply, you must be currently enlisted at an instructional system to be suitable for the scholarship. The GoEco Volunteer Scholarship was designed to help excellent learners who need monetary support. 

Provided by: GoEco Volunteer
Award: $1,000 and other allowances
Education Level: High school to college learners
Deadline: Varies
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