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Best Scholarships for Education Majors 2021

Have you ever wondered what our lives would have been today without the guidance of Teachers whom we have come across in our lives and learned valuable lessons from? Although our Parents are the first teachers of our lives, the role of teachers who mold us during our academic life is truly respectable, commendable, and undeniably important. We all have seen a role model in some of our Teachers at some point in life, and thus growing up, we have never actually forgotten their lessons. Are you a student who has always dreamt of becoming an Educator/Teacher and has thought about passing your knowledge to children who are the future of the country? If yes, then did you know that if you get enrolled in a program directly related to Education of Teaching, you can avail numerous scholarship opportunities? If you are in need of financial support to pursue your dream and carry on your higher education, then these scholarships featured on the list will be your ultimate support. Find the one that is ideal for you from the list below:

1. Alpha Delta Kappa Future Educator Scholarship

Alpha Delta Kappa’s Future Educator Scholarship is especially for students pursuing or wanting to pursue their Major in Education. This scholarship was established to financially assist students who have the potential to become future educators and get established as professional Teachers/Educator.

This scholarship is available only to Alpha Delta Kappa Collegiate Club Students and is awarded annually to the five most deserving applicants on a good academic stand and demonstrates potential and seriousness towards their career. Visit the scholarship website for application details.

Provided by: Alpha Delta Kappa
Amount: Varies
Education Level: Graduate
Deadline: March, 1st 2022.

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2. PDK Educational Foundation Scholarship Program

If you are a member of any of the following clubs- Educators Rising, Educators Rising Collegiate,  Pi Lambda Theta, or PDK Association, this amazing Scholarship is just for you. Designed specially to support High School seniors, Undergraduates, Graduates, or Doctoral students pursuing their higher studies related to Education, the PDK Educational Foundation offers 100 one-time scholarships to the most deserving students who are in need of financial support to make their dreams come true.

The award of this scholarship ranges from $500 to $5,000 that will directly fund your education program. For more details regarding the application process and further eligibility criteria, visit the scholarship website from the link below.

Provided by: PDK International
Amount: $500 to $5,000
Education Level: High School Senior and above
Deadline: April 4th, 2022 (application opens from January 3rd ).

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3. Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program

The Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program is for students who want to become Teachers in the near future and play a major role in the early childhood education of the young generation. This scholarship is open to Undergraduate students who are determined to establish themselves as educators and are pursuing or want to pursue a Bachelor’s, Certificate, or Associate’s program in Early Childhood Education.

This scholarship is open to students of many Colleges and Universities, including Boston University, Cambridge College, University of Massachusetts, and many others (literally many others). To obtain this scholarship, you must be a permanent resident of the U.S and must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree program (full or part-time) in Early Childhood Education, Child and Family Studies, Child Care Administration, Child Development, Child Guidance, Child Psychology, Family Studies, and Human Services. For more details regarding this scholarship and the application procedure, visit the scholarship page from the link below. The deadline to apply for this 2021-22 session is October 1st so, hurry up!

Provided by: Office of Student Financial Assistance
Amount: $250 to $4,500
Education Level: Undergraduate
Deadline: October 1st, 2021.

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4. The James Madison Memorial Fellowship

A scholarship established to encourage and financially support the young generation who aspire to become outstanding teachers in the near future, the James Madison Memorial Fellowship is open to students enrolled in Secondary or Post-secondary School levels. This scholarship is devoid of discrimination, including color/race, sex, origin, marital status, and so on, so you don’t have to think twice before applying.

The application procedure is very simple and has no additional set of criterias to meet. The application dates for 2022 are now live and will end on the 8th of March, 2022. If you see yourself as an established Teacher in the future, then this scholarship is for you.

Provided by: James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
Amount: Up to $24,000
Education Level: High School seniors and above
Deadline: March, 8th 2022.

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5. Frances & Robert Nelson Memorial Scholarship by William and Mary School of Education

The Frances and Robert Nelson Memorial Scholarship are offered by the Mary and William School of Education, especially to students who are enrolled or getting enrolled as undergraduates or Graduates with the aim of pursuing careers in either Teaching or Educational Administration. Students who have a love for teaching and demonstrate potential towards achieving their dream will be given preference. This scholarship can be obtained at the time of your admission to the College.

Provided by: William and Mary School of Education
Amount: $1,400
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: Varies

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6. TAMIU College of Education Scholarships

When it comes to Scholarships for Education, there surely cannot be a better option than Texas A&M International University because there are separate sets of scholarships for Undergraduate and Graduate students who want to pursue their degrees related to Education.

The College of Education of the University indeed offers quite many scholarship opportunities such as, if you are an Undergraduate, you can apply for the “Lacey Cigarroa Keck Scholarship Endowed Scholarship for Education,” whereas if you are a Graduate student, there are quite many options including “Judge Carroll E. and Anabel H. Summers Scholarship for Education,” “Lilia L. and Ernest M. Bruni Scholarship for Education” and a few others. The application dates for the 2022 session open on October 15th, 2021, so mark the date on your calendars. 

Provided by: Texas A &M International University
Amount: Varies
Education Level: Undergraduates and Graduates
Deadline: November 15th, 2021.

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7. Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Training Scholarship by National Council of Teachers of English

Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Training Scholarship is meant to support Post-graduate students aspiring to become English or Language Arts Teachers who want to work in public educational institutions. This scholarship is offered to help in finding your training that will further lead to career development. Students who wish to apply must complete the online application before January 31st 2021, and submit an essay along of about 500 words explaining professional development experience for which you seek support and include specific details such as course titles, planned dates of study, fees, etc., and why you feel this scholarship is for you. For more details, visit the scholarship website from the link provided below.

Provided by: National Council of Teachers of English
Amount: $500
Education Level: Post-graduate
Deadline: January 31st, 2021.

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8. Isabel M. Herson Scholarship in Education by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

A scholarship offered annually to both Undergraduate and Graduate students, Isabel M. Herson Scholarship in Education is open to students currently enrolled in a degree program in either Elementary or Secondary education. This scholarship was established to support future Teachers who want to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation and prepare them for a better future. There is no list of criterias to follow except, you must prove your current enrollment. Contact the scholarship authorities of Zeta Phi Beta for more details regarding this scholarship.

Provided by: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.
Amount: Varies
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: Varies

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9. Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship by NILRR

As the name suggests, this scholarship by NILRR aims to support current Undergraduate or Graduate students majoring in Education in any institution across the United States. The scholarship is offered to the most deserving students who are serious in their academics and have a good standing, and are dedicated to becoming Teachers/Educators in the near future.

To apply, you must submit a completed formal application (online), and along with that, submit an essay of approximately 500 words demonstrating an interest in, and knowledge of, the Right to Work principle as it applies to educators. The application date has opened from September 1st and will last till February 10th, 2022.

Provided by: National Institute for Labor Relations Research
Amount: $1,000
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: February 10th, 2022.

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10. The Journalism Education Association’s Future Teacher Scholarships

The last Scholarship on this list is for Future Journalism Teachers (s) who are pursuing or intending to pursue their Major in Education. Students who intend to teach Journalism, are currently a college junior, senior, or Master’s degree student in a program designed to prepare him/her for teaching at the secondary-school level are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Along with your online application, you are required to submit their a 250-word essay explaining why you desire to teach Journalism in High Schools, answers to the three questions at the bottom of the application form, and submit two letters of recommendation along with one recent Transcript. For more details, visit the scholarship website from the link below.

Provided by: Journalism Education Association
Amount: $1,000
Education Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Deadline: To be updated (for 2022).

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That’s all for the list of best Scholarship opportunities available for students who are the future of the Teaching industry. These scholarships featured above are only meant for students enrolled in programs related to Education, so if it is your dream to become a Teaching Faculty in renowned High Schools, Colleges, and Universities across the country, then these scholarships will help you out in achieving that.

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