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Best Scholarships for Current Teachers

Teaching is a wonderful profession. It is one of the very few jobs that will let you make an impact on another person’s life, and that too a child. This is why teachers are respected and admired everywhere. This is also why a lot of students decide to pursue teaching as a career option. Teaching is not easy. It is not easy to keep the attention of a class full of students for an hour. This is why every student who wants to pursue teaching as a career should be given proper training. But unfortunately, this training is not cheap.

A lot of teachers end up with student loans after their education and after they start working. In most instances, they do not get paid enough to cover all their expenses. Scholarships for aspiring and present educators are widely available in a wide range of curriculum areas, including English, Social Studies, Physical Education, the arts, and STEM sectors, for those who are ready to heed the call to teach.

A following list is a great tool for students just starting out in the field of education. While many of these scholarships are open to anybody, others are state-specific, content-specific, or need additional qualifications. Go through our list and pick your favorite scholarships to apply for.

1. Edwyna Wheadon Postgraduate Training Scholarship Fund

This $500–$1,000 grant is for current educators who want to continue their education through graduate school. The National Council of Teachers of English is the sponsor of the prize. To be considered, a current middle or high school English teacher must submit a 500-word essay outlining the suggested courses and how they will benefit their teaching. Each year, a number of awards are given out. The deadline for applications is January 31. Prize transactions are paid directly to the qualified, degree-granting public and private two-year junior and community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and graduate and professional schools on behalf of the winner. Payments from scholarships can be applied to a degree or non-degree courses. By March 15, applicants will be notified of the panel’s judgment, allowing the awardee to participate in the suggested events during the following semester. Edwyna Wheadon was an active member of the Houston Council of Teachers of English and a long-time member of NCTE.Ms. Wheadon launched a scholarship program for teachers in the Houston region who wanted to further their education during her lifetime.

Provided By: National Council of Teachers of English
Amount: 500-1000 USD
Education level: High school teacher
Deadline: January 31
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2. Mathematics Graduate Course Work Scholarships for Grades 9–12 Teachers

This $2,000 stipend is given to a group of mathematics teachers who want to improve their maths teaching by enrolling in graduate education training. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics sponsors this award, and candidates must be participants to be considered. To be considered, you must have three years of high school mathematics classroom experience and submit a curriculum proposal (complete with budget), resume, and a letter of support from your present principal. This scholarship is meant to promote mathematics and mathematics teachers. Maths still is taboo among a lot of students and this scholarship will help maths teachers finance their education.

Provided By: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Amount: 2000 USD
Education level: Grades 9–12 Teachers
Deadline: Applications will open soon
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3. Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Almost every major school/college of education in the country participates in this scholarship program. This comprehensive scholarship program, funded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, encourages undergraduates and graduates who desire to educate one of the STEM curriculum areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Scholarship recipients receive complete fees and payment in exchange for a two- to five-year pledge to teach, based on the scholarship award amount. Since the program’s inception in 2010, over 500 prizes have been given out, with numerous awards being given out each year. State and university/college deadlines differ. The goal of the initiative is to increase the number of K-12 teachers in high-need school districts who have good STEM topic expertise.

Provided By: AAAS
Amount: Varies
Education Level: K-12 teachers
Deadline: Varies
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4. James Madison Graduate Fellowships

This $24,000 competitive grant helps students who want to teach the American Constitution in high school. College graduates seeking an MA, MSEd, or MAT degree with a major in American History or Government, as well as current Social Studies teachers, will benefit from this course. Each year, around 50 prizes are given out (one in each state, plus Washington DC and US Territories). After completing their graduate work, recipients must pledge to instruct for one year. Applicants must have a good GPA (no minimum required) and submit an essay about James Madison, a suggested plan of study, a current transcript, and three letters of recommendation in order to be considered. The James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation awards $24,000 James Madison Graduate Fellowships to individuals who are interested in becoming excellent secondary school teachers of the American Constitution. Candidates for fellowships compete exclusively against candidates from their legal resident states. The Foundation intends to give one fellowship per state per year as finances allow.

Provided By: James Madison Memorial Foundation
Amount: 24,000 USD
Education Level: Secondary school teacher
Deadline: March 1
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5. Alpha Kappa Alpha Education Advancement Fund

Friends, corporations, and community contributors contribute to the Educational Advancement Foundation’s success. Individuals from various areas of life can complete a program of study, receive seed incentives to carry an idea into a reality, or begin or complete a research project thanks to generous gifts. Undergraduate students might get scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 based on their academic achievement or financial need. AKA’s mission is to get involved in the community, and students who want to be teachers support this mission. Students who want to apply for a merit scholarship must have a 3.0 GPA, while those who want to apply for a financial need award must have a 2.5 GPA. Applicants must submit a personal statement, resume, financial need information (if applicable), three letters of recommendation, and official transcripts in order to be considered.

Provided By: Alpha Kappa Alpha
Amount: 1000-3000 USD
Education level: Sophomore 
Deadline: Yet to be Updated
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6. Mark A. Jefferson Teaching Scholarship

More than $520,000 has been awarded by the Jefferson Scholars Foundation to approximately 65 academic staff in the College of Arts and Sciences, Curry School of Education, Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy, McIntire School of Commerce, School of Architecture, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and School of Medicine. Faculty award recipients get monetary financial assistance and are honored at a reception hosted by the Foundation. All honourees are also welcomed as Faculty Fellows into the Jefferson Scholars community and are invited to participate in all Foundation programs and events. To really unravel the numerous intricacies present in all sectors of our world today and to break down many of the systematic hurdles encountered in communities of color, educators must have backgrounds often left out of history texts.

Provided By: Jefferson Foundation
Amount: Varies
Education level: Graduate
Deadline: January 1
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7. Knowles Teaching Fellowship

Grants may be given to Knowles Fellows to support the costs of obtaining classroom materials and participating in professional development. Fellows may also be eligible for funds to develop and implement leadership initiatives that have an impact outside of their classrooms. Fellows can utilize about half of their allotted cash to pay themselves a stipend each year. These fellowships are meant to assist Fellows in repaying whatever debts they may have incurred, as well as the financial stress that many teachers face, both of which are factors that lead to the profession’s long-term viability. Stipends can also be utilized to financially assist Fellows during the summer months, allowing them to focus on thinking on the previous year, planning for the future year, and professional growth rather than working part-time.

Provided By: Knowles
Amount: Varies
Education level: All
Deadline: Yet to be Updated
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8. Federal TEACH Grant

A TEACH Grant differs from other federal student grants in that it requires you to agree to complete a teaching contract obligation as a condition of getting the grant, and if you do not finish the contract obligations, the TEACH Grant will be transitioned to a loan that you must pay back with interest if you do not complete the contract obligations. The TEACH Grant Program awards up to $4,000 in annual grants to students who are completing or planning to complete course work required to begin a teaching career. According to the Budget Control Act of 2011 (the sequester law), any TEACH Grant disbursed after October 1, 2021, but before October 1, 2022, must be reduced by 5.7 percent from the award amount for which the learner would instead be entitled.

Provided By: N/A
Amount: 4000 USD
Education Level: Undergraduate, postbaccalaureate, or graduate student
Deadline: Varies
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9. Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

You are eligible for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award after successfully completing your AmeriCorps term of service and registering in the National Service Trust. The award can be used to repay approved student debts as well as pay for current educational expenditures at approved higher education and training programs. The maximum value of the Pell Grant for the fiscal year in which the term of national service is authorized is equal to the amount of a full-time Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. The Pell Grant amount varies from year to year. As a result, the amount of a full-time reward may fluctuate. Once a person receives an award, the value of the prize does not alter. The value of the award is determined by the length of service performed.

Provided By: Segal AmeriCorps
Amount: Varies
Education level: All
Deadline: Yet to be updated
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10. Harry S. Truman Scholars Program

This $30,000 grant is given to 55 graduate students who wish to pursue a career in service, such as teaching. While there is no minimum GPA requirement, most applicants have a 3.5 GPA or better and are involved in school or community managerial roles. After being recommended by their university or college students must apply in their junior year. A total of $3,000 in support is provided during the student’s senior year, with the remainder distributed during their graduate studies. To apply, ask to be nominated by a faculty member at your school, and then submit three letters of recommendation, a résumé, and a written statement.

Provided By: Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
Amount: 30,000 USD
Education level: Graduate students
Deadline: Varies
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