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Best Scholarships for Army Reserve

To serve in the army is a prestigious career to be in. Serving for the country often makes us proud and a bit higher than the normal vocations. It is not just a career, but a feeling too. Being in the army reserve allows freedom than the full-time active and serving soldiers. You have the prospect of living a civilian life together with attending college and even getting the chance of working close to home.

Certain scholarships are provided on the basis of their commitment to serve in the military after completing education and will help overcome a major portion of the monetary burden during education. The major expenses would be covered, including the books, tuition, and accessories. Soldiers even get the opportunity to study to earn degrees as well.

There are several categories of scholarships made available for them by various organizations. A few of them are enlisted.

1. Army ROTC Scholarships

The ROTC scholarships provide serious help in attaining desired education without the burden of being indebted for it. Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) also comes up with stipends to help the reserve army men to continue their education. A secured and respected career path of being an army officer is complemented with a degree with an absolute peace of mind. Any student to become eligible should be in high school, planning to register in college, already enrolled into one, or an active enlisted soldier. The complete education is free for committing to serve in the Army as in Active Duty or Army Reserve or Army National Guard once after graduation in the Officer position. The scholarship is provided based on merit and other scholastic activities and not merely in regard to the financial requirements. There are additional beneficiary programs like learning a language which is crucial for the Army’s needs, chances to learn abroad, and much more. An extra amount is also rendered every month for meeting other expenses. The student should also meet certain other criteria like being a U. S. citizen, age between 17 and 26, and a GPA in high school of 2.50 minimum. They should also possess a certain critical level SAT score or ACT. The army fitness test should be completed, which includes the physical weight and height.

Provided by: Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)
Amount: $176,256
Eligibility: High school
Deadline: Varies
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2. Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Education Fund

The education fund being released by the ANCA can be received by the students who are in their baccalaureate, or advanced degree did in nursing, nurse anesthesia, or related healthcare field. They should also be serving, or prior served in any branch, rank, of a component of the US Army, be it the Active Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve. The scholarships will not be available for those who are already receiving full GI Bill benefits.

Provided by: The Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Education Fund
Amount: $3,000
Eligibility: Baccalaureate
Deadline: March 31, 2022
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3. Army Engineer Memorial Awards

The memorial awards have been established in order to remember those Engineer Officers who were killed in Vietnam. It is rendered every year to graduating high school seniors who should be U.S. citizens, and their parent, sponsor, or guardian is in the U.S. Army holding the post of an Engineer. It can also be if they are part of the National Guard U.S. Army Engineer, Reserve U. S. Army Engineer, or presently a member of the Army Engineer Spouses Club. The award is being made available for high school graduates within a year of graduation, and students of any field of majoring can be eligible for applying.

Provided by: Army Engineer Association
Amount: $2,000
Eligibility: Graduating high school senior
Deadline: February 22, 2022
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4. Colonel Frederick W. Best, Jr., USA & Chief Petty Officer Frederick W. Best, Sr., USN Scholarship

The students of Fayetteville Technical Community College in active duty Army or other category and their dependents are eligible for the scholarship. Those applying for the scholarship should be on active duty in the army, other defense force departments, or their dependents. The applicants, in order to become eligible, should be on active duty in the army, navy, National Guard, or reserves. The award comes under the renewable category for up to 3 years. The student needs to maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher for the preceding years in order for the funds to be made available.

Provided by: Cumberland Community Foundation
Amount: $2,000
Eligibility: No required grade level
Deadline: March 15, 2022
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5. Fisher House Foundation Scholarships for Military Children

The scholarship was structured in order to create awareness and recognition about the involvement of the military families to the willingness of the fighting force and to rejoice the responsibility of the commissary in the military family community. The scholarship is dedicated to the children who hold the US Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card, additionally their parents or parent serving in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard. The student should have enrolled or planning to register in an undergraduate college for a four-year course or in a university or a 2-year community college which is recognized in the United States. A GPA of 3.0 should also be maintained.

Provided by: Fisher House Foundation, Inc
Amount: $2,000
Eligibility: Undergraduate
Deadline: February 13, 2022
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6. Military Child of the Year

The awards are being disbursed by Operation Homefront, which is a national non-profit organization. They intend to create powerful and durable military families by securing them and making them able to flourish not by struggling but in a decent manner in a society where they have given themself to provide protection to the commoners. The annual awards implicate the importance of young minds and the positive bang they have made on their military families, schools, and the society in which they are. Eight of the youth aged from 13-18 years are considered for the award.

Out of the 8 awards, 7 of them embodies a division of armed forces; Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Space Force for their scholarship, volunteerism, headship, additional contribution, and other criteria while facing the dares of military family life. The eighth and the special one is for creativity and novelty presented by Booz Allen Hamilton. It is to bring the designed courageous and inspired solution of a military child against a confined, provincial or global challenge. The winners will be bestowed with super special achievements like flying to Washington, D.C., with a parent to be acknowledged at the April 2022 gala. Along with the cash prize, they are also granted a laptop and other donated rewards.

Provided by: Operation Homefront
Amount: $10,000
Eligibility: Military children who demonstrate resiliency, leadership, and achievement
Deadline: December 7, 2021
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7. NBCC Foundation Military Scholarship

The scholarship is a motivation for the students who are willing to be part of the supporting team for backing the people of the community belonging to the undeserved category. The military scholarships were structured in order to boost the counselors to come up in serving the military personnel and families distressed from the scarcity of mental health professionals available for help. It is providers to those who are service members, veterans, and their spouses pursuing a career in professional counseling. The students who are presently studying the course in counseling and planning to continue a career in it and those who are enrolled in the master’s level counseling program, which is recognized by CACREP, are eligible for the scholarship. Additionally, those who are actively serving duty, others who have the past 5 years of military service, or if the applicant is a military spouse, and the students who are committing themselves to serve as military personnel for a minimum of two years also get eligible for the same. There are furthermore details, and eligibility requirements to be known in detail before moving on with the application, all of which are briefed are in the link of the scholarship website.

Provided by: NBCC Foundation
Amount: $8,000
Eligibility: Master’s and doctoral counseling students
Deadline: July 31, 2022
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8. The Pat Tillman Foundation Scholarship

The Tillman scholarship is not just a military scholarship, but it also gives the prospect to be a part of the network of leaders who are creating a mark. It is like getting thrown out into the spread-out world, mingling with high-performing peers and mentors, and developing a sense of leadership.

The scholarship is given to those noteworthy service members, experts, and spouses of military personnel. The expenses to meet the academic needs, tuition, fees, books, and other livelihood expenditure are being provided. It is made available to all U.S. veterans and active duty service members of all branches of the U.S. Military, including the National Guard and Reserve. The spouses of the living army men, surviving spouses, and active-duty service members are also found eligible.

The applicants should be continuing their graduation or bachelor’s education or any professional degree at a recognized institution of higher education based in the United States and should be full-time students. It is a renewal scholarship that can be done if a GPA of 3.0 is maintained.

Provided by: The Pat Tillman Foundation
Amount: $11,000
Eligibility: Graduation
Deadline: February 28, 2022
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9. Virginia Military Survivors & Dependents Education Program

The spouses and children of qualified military service members and Veterans are supported to attain educational achievements through funds and scholarship programs. The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) is associating with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) and Virginia’s public colleges and universities to attain the purpose.

The eligible individuals get the chance to complete their under graduation or further postsecondary education by extending the help to meet the tuition and fee requirement at any public institution of higher education or public accredited postsecondary institution granting a degree, diploma, or certificate in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For three years, these benefits are made available.

The criteria to be eligible for the scholarship are to be the spouse or children of qualifying veteran service members, and the child should be between the age of 16 and 29.  Several more specific requirements which are to be met are detailed in the website link.

Provided by: The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS)
Amount: $2,200
Eligibility: Undergraduate
Deadline: Varies
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10. Ed “Chief” Parsons Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship established by the Delaware Valley Chapter of the is funding the present high school seniors, graduates, and returning experienced old hands who are discharged with honor to advance their education at a junior college, technical institute, or a four-year university/college. The amount is provided from the common working finance of the Nam Knights Motorcycle Club. The Club established the scholarship program in the memory of Ed “Chief” Parsons, an Army veteran and former Chief of Police of Delanco Township who had been a dedicated member and President of the earlier period of the Delaware Valley chapter and has contributed much to the chapter.  In order to be eligible for the scholarship, the student should be a resident of Burlington County, New Jersey. Those who are dependents of Vietnam Veterans, military veterans, and law enforcement are also considered for the application.

The amount will be provided according to the will of the recipient to the educational institution in which they are enrolled into. The financial requirement is considered not the prime requirement but given importance for the motivation to achieve the educational goals and career ambitions.

Provided by: Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club Delaware Valley NJ Chapter
Amount: $1,000
Eligibility: Varies
Deadline: May 30th every year
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