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Best Real Estate Schools in Washington State

Real estate is one of the booming sectors in Washington State. There is no denying that the supply is significantly low, yet the buyer’s market is thriving. So to succeed in this competitive environment, it is necessary to get a full-fledged professional degree to stand out from most real estate agents in the market.

Regardless of the low supply in Washington, Sales jumped in the second quarter of 2021, making for a 61.3% increase over the first quarter. So it is high time you get into this market and make yourself a fantastic career. This article has insulted the top 10 real estate schools in Washington State that will help you become a first-class real estate agent. It is necessary to get outstanding mentorship with industrial experts; to get them, we should find out the best real estate schools in the State.

1. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a first-class real estate school for passing the Washington Real Estate examination. Not only in Washington, but this school also offers classes for more than 45 states. The 60 hours of pre-licensing education is highly recommended for its top-class education.

The Unlimited Learning Course gives you everything you need to become a real estate expert. You will learn all the nuances of the real estate business through their program. You can also opt for workshops, 90days Bootcamp, and even a 60 hours introductory course according to your schedule.

Founded In: 1996
Tuition: $590/course
Rank: #1
Contact: 855 432 8282
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2. The CE Shop

The CE Shop is a first-class real estate education provider. Whether you are looking for pre-licensing, exam prep, post-licensing, or even continuing education classes, you have come to the right place. They offer programs through first-class real estate industry experts.

The school boasts about its pass rate. 79% of students pass the national section of the test, and 78% give the state portion, which is pretty high for a first-class school. Presently it is entirely online. Moreover, this school stands apart because ARELLO accredits it.

Founded In: 2005
Tuition: $153/course
Rank: #2
Contact: 888.827.0777
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3. Rockwell Institute

Rockwell Institute offers top-rated real estate education in Washington As well as California. The class is fundamentally designed for you to pass the broker’s license and pass the state examination. Moreover, the school guarantees that you will pass the test on your first try.

The school offers Livestream and go at your own pace online classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home. This program is popular because the faculties are top-rated experts who have been rated 5 out of 5 stars by the previous batch of students.

Founded In: 1974
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #3
Contact: +1 425-747-7272
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Best Real Estate Schools in Washington State

4. Kaplan Real Estate Education School

If you are looking for a school that will offer first-class education online, I would highly recommend Kaplan Real Estate Education School. National Testing services have themselves endorsed Kaplan for their first-class education courses. They have first-class faculties who are industry experts.

The career launcher program includes 60 hours of Washington real estate fundamentals, 30 hours of real estate practices, national PSI broker exam prep, Washington real estate exam prep, a live interactive study group, only and a real estate accelerator live online course.

Founded In: 1938
Tuition: $509/course
Rank: #4
Contact: +1 800-636-9517
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5. North Seattle College

The real estate program offered by North Seattle College is highly recommended. The North’s Real Estate Associate of Applied Science program gives you a broad perspective on various real estate nuances, including brokerage management, property management, appraisal, commercial and residential real estate sales.

Moreover, only the program also prepares you to pass the state’s continuing examination. Additionally, the school also provides guest lecturers, hands-on projects, field trips, and credit for outside activities, which will broaden your understanding of the real estate sector.

Founded In: 1970
Tuition:  $20,832 (before aid)
Rank: #5
Contact: +1 206-934-3600
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6. Mbition Real Estate

Mbition Real Estate is a first-class has been picked up a first-class tailor-made platform where you can get your real estate license. Whether you are looking for exam prep, continuing education, broker classes, or even for a new license, this school will tailor your curriculum according to your future goals.

Moreover, the school is very popular as there is active monitoring of new developments in the real estate industry that will help you get the current trends. The faculties are highly knowledgeable and will give you their insights through a complete hands-on experience.

Founded In: 1992
Tuition: $344
Rank: #6
Contact: 800-532-7649
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7. Gateway School of Real Estate

Gateway school of real estate is a first-class Washington state real estate license school that will help you prepare for the state real estate examination as well as get greater insights on the subject. This program is ten weeks long, 9 hours per week.

The classes are given by experienced realtors in Washington, where you will find workshops, seminars constantly given by top-rated industrial experts. You will learn major skills like Making an Offer to Purchase, Counteroffers and Negotiations, Earnest Money Deposits, Fair Housing Considerations, Requirements for a Valid Purchase, and Sale Agreements.

Founded In: 1990
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #7
Contact: +1 772-919-2687
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8. A Plus Institute Real Estate School

A Plus Institute, Real Estate School, is a fantastic choice if you are looking for the best offline class. The pre-licensing program offers a great perspective on the real estate program. The program is designed by industrial experts who have a five-star rating on Yelp.

Located in Colbert, the class is filled with real estate enthusiasts, where you will get a great perspective on the subject understanding. The program is offered according to all the 50 states’ requirements.

Founded In: 1994
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #8
Contact: +1 509-844-3884
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9. Red Carpet School of Real Estate

Red Carpet School of Real Estate is an exemplary school that offers an efficient, independent structure where each student will get tailor-made according to their future goals. Belmore is a first-class instructor who will always be available for you to answer your queries. The program has been offered for more than 30 years. Moreover, You can “Start” or “Stop” as needed and pick up where you left off. This school is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1966
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #9
Contact: +1 206-523-5080
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