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Best Real Estate Schools in MA

Cambridge was ranked the best real estate market in Massachusetts in a new Wallet Hub study that compared cities around the United States. It is fascinating to know how MA’s real estate market has been booming and it managed to place the top in the whole of the US. When it comes to long-term growth, equity, and profit, MA’s cities have been flourishing.

This year, the housing market is in a unique situation as mortgage rates are only slightly above record lows at a time as many Americans are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, Massachusetts has been doing great and if you plan to do your real estate education in MA, you have made a fantastic choice.

In this article, I have enlisted all the great real estate schools in MA which offer first-class guidance to get into the real estate industry. Isn’t it exciting? So without further adieu, let us get down to business.

1. American Real Estate Academy

American Real Estate Academy is considered to be the top real estate school in Massachusetts.  They have been providing real estate classes since 1972. The school designs your curriculum according to the subjects needed in the Massachusetts Real Estate exam.

If you are planning to launch a real estate broker business, the school will guide you through the procedure. There are separate sales as well as broker classes according to your future goals. The real estate sales classes consist of 40 hours of instruction which must be completed before taking the real estate state exam.

Founded In: 1972
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #1
Contact: 781-893-2832
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2. Freedom Trail Realty School

Located in Boston, Freedom Trail Realty School offers a top-rated program on realtor training. The school guarantees that after completing your training program in this school, you will ace the realtor state examination on your first try. Industrial experts instruct the classes.

The programs offered in this school also include job listing and sales programs. So after getting your license, you can continue their top-rated programs to succeed in this career. In addition, they provide a lot of practice tests which will help you get a comprehensive perspective on how the examination works.

Founded In: 2011
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #2
Contact: N/A
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3. New England Real Estate Academy

One of the most significant advantages of doing your realtor program in New England Real Estate Academy is that they offer their top-rated program in offline and online classes. The primary purpose of doing your education in this university is they provide great coaching to pass the Massachusetts Real Estate exam

Whether you are looking to obtain your real estate salesperson or broker license or need to complete your continuing education credits, the programs offered by New England Real Estate Academy are highly recommended. In addition, if you don’t pass the Massachusetts Real Estate exam, the academy offers free coaching for your future try.

Founded In: 1998
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #3
Contact: 508-952-1010
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4. Mass-Real-Estate School

Mass-real-estate school is a first-class realtor training school that offers classes exclusively online. They are fully bonded and licensed in the State of MA as a Real Estate School. The education provided by them is top-rated by industrial experts.

You will receive a stamped certificate on completion of your course. Their program has high credibility as they are licensed and have been in the market for a long time. So if it’s Contract Law, Brokerage Relationships, Residential Rental, everything is covered totally.

Founded In: 2010
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #4
Contact: 339-645-0208
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5. Lee Institute School of Real Estate

Lee Institute School of Real Estate has been offering more than 2000 programs related to real estate. This institution’s highlight is that it has been the oldest and longest-running real estate school in Massachusetts since 1956. They have a total of five academies in Massachusetts.

Lee institute boasts of its outstanding achievements all these years. The students have a 98% passing ratio for Massachusetts Brokers and Salespersons real estate license exam first-time test takers. In addition, you can take their program online as well as in person.

Founded In: 1956
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #5
Contact: (617) 734-3211
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6. South Shore Realtors

South Shore Realtors is one of the finest realtor schools in MA. After the Covid 19 pandemic, they shifted to both online and offline programs. If you are looking for real estate salespersons courses, continuing education (CE) real estate classes, Real Estate Broker training, or real estate designation, you have come to the right place.

Classes are typically two hours long. It is offered by industrial experts who will teach you everything about the real estate industry. Their class is located in Pembroke and provides first-class hands-on training experience for students who want to succeed in real estate.

Founded In: 2004
Tuition: $99 for each course
Rank: #6
Contact: (781) 826-5139
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7. ROVI Homes Real Estate School

ROVI Homes Real Estate School is a top-rated real estate school in MA. The credibility of this school is high as they are affiliated with Harris Real Estate School to provide the best program for passionate realtors. In addition, they offer a salesperson license, brokers license, and continuing education program for students.

Each class is offered by the top realtors who are industry experts. Harris School is providing the learning material. Harris Real Estate School’s curriculum offers a well-thought-out approach to learning the material you need to pass your MA real estate license test.

Founded In: 2014
Tuition: $300 per course
Rank: #7
Contact: 1 413-307-4019
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8. Professional Real Estate Training Institute

Professional Real Estate Training Institute is an excellent training institute offering classes for a long time. The programs are offered online, and it is considered the most affordable yet top-rated training program; in addition, If you are looking for a program that will just give you CE, this is a great choice.

The program is designed to meet the growing needs of educated home buyers in the current century. It is significantly updated with the present laws and regulations. The Professional Real Estate Training Institute (PRETI) provides Massachusetts state-regulated education to people who want to acquire a real estate license or keep a license active through mandatory continuing education.

Founded In: 2002
Tuition: $185
Rank: #8
Contact: (617) 499-7710
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9. ABA School of Real Estate

ABA School of Real Estate is one of the finest real estate schools. They offer Salesperson’s Examination, Brokers Examination, and Instructors Classes for first-class students. The program is particularly tailored for passing the State Administered Real Estate License Test.

The Real Estate is located in  Wrentham, MA. The instructor license program offered by the institute is first class. The courses offered by the academy are tailor-made by Industrial experts. The faculty team is highly qualified, and the program is highly recommended.

Founded In:  2004
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #9
Contact: 508-493-3393
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10. Greenwood Real Estate School

Greenwood Real Estate School is one of the most exemplary real estate programs located in Wakefield, MA. Robert Guida is Principal and Instructor of Greenwood Real Estate School, and he offers excellent education. The programs are delivered using real-life scenarios and stories to get a broader perspective.

Greenwood Real Estate School is a first-class school that offers hands-on experience. Another instructor is Scott Gordon, a licensed real estate instructor & Broker with over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. The enriched understanding of the instructors will give great insight to the students.

Founded In: 2012
Tuition: N/A
Rank: #10
Contact: 781-486-3633
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