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Best Real Estate Courses in California

A career as a real estate agent can be an exciting opportunity for many individuals because it does not require a college degree or any specific work experience. Professional in this industry is required to have a thorough understanding of laws, principles, and the practice of representing buyers & sellers in the transaction process.

The purpose of Real Estate Schools is to provide the requisite knowledge of the industry and equip individuals with a real estate license. By being a Real Estate Agent with a fully equipped license, you can have irrefutable benefits of a real estate license investors like earning extra income, access to more deals, expanding contact network, increasing business knowledge, and earn commissions.

Following is a list of all the best real estate courses in California that you can opt for to gain a real estate license:

1. Aceable Real Estate School

Aceable Real Estate School, an online real estate school, is the first-ever provider of real estate education designed specifically for mobile app and the web. Their mission is to create and support agents in the pursuit of becoming the best in the world through superior educational programming and instructional tools. Aceable Real Estate School is the innovator in a centuries-old industry, and it puts real estate courses right in front of the agents who need them. This school has a fully online platform that both active and aspiring real estate agents can easily and quickly complete courses right from their smartphones, tablets or computers.

Moreover, it is the first real estate education provider that offers practical coursework preparing students for real-world scenarios. Using advanced video technology and cutting-edge teaching practices, this real estate school sets up students for success in the industry better than any other program. Their team consists of writers, designers, teachers, engineers, customer experience individuals and people passionate about real estate. Real estate education for the 21st century has new standards for learning, and Aceable Real Estate School is driving education forward.

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2. Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express can be used to learn from the leader in real estate education. Their purpose is to help tens of thousands of professionals each year to launch a successful real estate career. Since its beginning in 1996, Real Estate Express has acted as a pioneer in online real estate education and has stayed true to its mission to help its customers achieve more in their careers. They have another part of the company named McKissock Company, where they offer online real estate courses across a nationally accredited platform. They provide unparalleled free guidance through their Career Hubs to launch and sustain a successful real estate career. This online platform is a part of a family of leading brands that help real estate professionals maximize their career potential.

Since its formation, Real Estate leader has helped people get real estate license and also give the required insights and tools to thrive in the new career. For aspiring California real estate agents, this online school can be a good choice because thousands of people in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Oakland and across California chose it for their real estate California license education. Their well-developed courses have provided effective online learning, and they are accredited by ARELLO and IDECC. They offer a variety of California Real Estate License education packages ranging from the required pre-licensing course to everything you need for a start in your real estate career.

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Through these real estate courses, you can receive education when and where you want it. Everyone has a full schedule, and that is why Kaplan Real Estate Education developed a variety of educational delivery formats to help you fulfil your California real estate license and continuing education requirements. You can complete your California real estate license education online through their OnDemand review courses, Live Online Classroom review or Textbook Home Study courses. Kaplan Real Estate Education is there with you every step of your real estate career, and it is California’s number one real estate school providing a variety of courses for real estate licensing, exam prep, and continuing education.

They guide all their learners from their very first agent or broker license to subsequent renewals years later. They work with thousands of students every year to help launch and become better in their new careers. Kaplan is well-versed in California real estate license requirements, and their representatives work with the learners to navigate their education, recommending courses that will help them excel in their real estate career. The courses can be taken online through OnDemand video courses, Live Online Classroom or Textbook Home Study courses.

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4. 360training Agent Campus

360training specializes in the real estate of Austin (Texas), Karachi (Pakistan), and Manila (Philippines). It is also a leader in regulatory approved online certification and training across a wide range of professions and industries in the United States. It focuses on regulated training to help ensure the safety, health and financial security of customers and employees for the communities they serve. 360training has more than four million users around the world, an integrated strategy of content, regulatory rigour, and technology.

Also, their services help organizations and professionals qualify for jobs, manage their careers, and ensure they fulfil compliance requirements. They launched in 1997, and since then, they have expanded their brands to include Learn2Serve, OSHAcampus, AgentCampus, and Meditec. Doing so has enabled 360training to better serve individuals in food and beverage, real estate, safety, insurance, and financial services. They also provide career opportunities for individuals who are interested in joining a company focused on improving the results for its customers and partners. 360training promotes a culture of excellence that fosters the success of their employees while maintaining a team-centric environment that inspires them to do their absolute best.

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5. PrepAgent

PrepAgent has 135 hours of required courses to enter the California Real Estate industry. Their state-approved up-to-date courses fulfil DRE pre-licensing course requirements like instant online access the moment you sign up, 45-hour Real Estate Principles course, 45-hour Real Estate Practice course, 45-hour Legal Aspects of Real Estate course, open-book final exams and access anywhere from a computer, phone, and tablet. You can receive help whenever you need it, and it is easy to contact the instructor anytime you want. During their regular business hours, they typically respond in an hour and give you access to their thriving online community with thousands of members. Everything required to prepare for the California state exam is provided by PrepAgent as they have all the tools and information anyone needs to pass the state exam. These features include thousands of categorized, interactive practice questions with clear explanations, hours of fun, animated concept videos, seven times a week live webinars, online flashcards, interactive vocabulary worksheet, and much more. PrepAgent also provides step-by-step instructions on filling out the application with the DRE and making sure you complete all the steps needed to schedule your state exam.

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6. California School of Real Estate

California School of Real Estate has been run by family specialists since 1941. It has helped over 300,000 students pass their real estate exam. It offers the fastest way to a California Real Estate License so that anyone can become a Sales Agent or Broker in the quickest and easiest way possible. They provide a guarantee to be the best program at a lower cost with over 98% pass rate on courses and a 200% double moneyback guarantee. California School of Real Estate also offers career programs for Appraisers, Mortgage Loan Agents & Continuing Ed. Their packages include everything needed to qualify and effectively prepare for the California State Licensing Exam, and due to the recent situations, they have even prepared a home study program that creates a safe environment for students.

This school has a partnership with Hondros College and now offer career licensing programs for Mortgage Loan Agents, Appraisers, & Continuing Ed for all programs. These courses feature the top instructor in the state that has taught real estate longer than anyone in the entire field. California School of Real Estate provides a “One of a Kind” Drive & Prep Audio Program that allows students to study while they drive. You need to complete the following three courses to qualify for a state exam date: California Real Estate Principles (mandatory), California Real Estate Practice (mandatory), and Legal Aspects of Real Estate (elective). The course includes Hardcopy Textbooks and E-books.

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Best Real Estate Courses in California

7. Real Estate Exam Scholar

Real Estate Exam Scholar is one of the best 2021 California Real Estate Exam preparation you will ever need. Passing your California real estate salesperson or broker exam the first time is guaranteed, or this course is free. Enrolling in this course will give you instant access to the best professional California real estate exam prep crash course available. Also, it has the lowest price of only $39 for the salesperson course or $49 for the broker course. You can join many other people who have completed their course and successfully passed the exam the first time. Real Estate Exam Scholar courses include 1200+ Questions, 6 Full Months Access, Unlimited Exam Attempts, State Specific Questions, and Pass Guarantee.

With only a one-time $39 payment as an enrolment fee for the salesperson exam prep course, anyone can get access to six full months of unlimited access to over 1,200 national and state-specific questions with answer explanations. Along with that,  you can also receive 25+ targeted practise exams that you can take an unlimited number of times, audio text-to-speech, 750+ digital flashcards, a full glossary, downloadable content, exam keys and secrets, and much more.

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8. Accredited Real Estate Schools Incorporated

Accredited Real Estate Schools Incorporated was founded in May of 1995 in Fair Oaks, California. In 2004, these schools moved to Carmichael, California. However, after 12 years in Carmichael, they decided to return to Fair Oaks in 2016. Their current location is at 5006 Sunrise Blvd #101, Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Accredited Real Estate Schools produce and publish their own exam preparation material and continuing education courses. They take pride in providing the best and most up-to-date information along with the required courses to obtain a real estate license, according to the California Department of Real Estate (DRE), as all of their courses are fully approved by the DRE.

Moreover, even though these schools are situated in the Sacramento area, they have been providing educational licensing requirements, exam preparation, and continuing education throughout California since 1995. They provide the knowledge of fundamental concepts that are necessary to pass the state exam and keep a license. Bryan Church, an instructor at these schools, has been a real estate broker since 1988 and sold/exchanged many properties. His clients have included individuals, partnerships, corporations, and much more. He also has been a custom developer and home builder. The instructors’ list also includes Don and Judi Belanger, who brings a vast background of knowledge and personal experience to share with the students looking to obtain their real estate license.

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9. Lumbleau Real Estate School

John Lumbleau, a renowned motivational speaker and sales trainer, had the ability to simplify the material. This material was developed from over 40 years of sales training, motivational speaking, and developing real estate in-session classroom courses for the profession of real estate in California. Lumbleau’s expertise through videotape education delivers the highest level of understanding that is still unsurpassed. Each of his 33 hours of pre-license videotape education gives his students his own personal research into the “Essentials of Personal Success”. Everything about the subjects covered in state examinations is presented in John’s explanations that provide the immediate ability to repeat, see, use, and apply all of the material you learned even before you advance to the next step on the way to your real estate license.

This Real Estate School was founded in 1938, making it one of the oldest and best-recognized names in accredited real estate schools in California. More than 600,000 students have passed through these courses. This school now delivers online real estate classes to students in the comfort and convenience of their homes. Computers can become the personal classroom for everyone where they can learn everything they need to know to pass the state exam and obtain the California Real Estate License.

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10. Mbition Real Estate License School

Mbition’s foundation includes the legacy of their leading professional education brands that have supported and nurtured real estate careers for decades. Their expertise is fuelled by their commitment to delivering an outstanding online learning experience for every customer looking to begin, advance and succeed in their profession. Mbition Real Estate License School is a nationally approved real estate school that provides online courses for real estate agents, appraisers, brokers, and home inspectors.

Their course catalogue is specially designed to prepare you for your exam to become a licensed professional and maintain your license through continuing education. Mbition’sreal estate, home inspection, and appraisal pre-licensing courses satisfy the educational requirements for licensure by the suitable jurisdictions and adhere to all state licensing requirements. These courses are fully state-approved by regulatory bodies to ensure top real estate education standards are met. Mbitionalso has approval from the organizations like the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), the International Distance Education Certification Center (IDECC), and the Appraiser Qualifications Board of The Appraisal Foundation (AQB).

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