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Best Public Schools in Charlotte NC

Are you moving to or have you moved to the Charlotte area in North Carolina recently? Or are you planning to stay there for your job or other personal reasons? Are you worried about your child’s education and which school is going to be the best? Then you are going to love this article for sure. Do you have a tight budget and prefer public schools for your child’s education but are confused about which one will be the best? Then follow this article till the end to find out what exactly you are looking for.

Education can never be compared in terms of money, meaning; you cannot ever compare the level of education in public or private schools; they are both the same in terms of education actually, only the facilities vary. Hence, the thought that getting your children enrolled in expensive private schools is better for their future is wrong. Public schools in Charlotte are not only top-rated, but also you have numerous options to choose from. From Montessori to High Schools, Charlotte is home to some of the most popular public schools that can easily compete with many other private schools in the area. There are about 177 public schools in Charlotte, and it really can get confusing to choose amongst this varied list. Find out which school is going to be the best for your children from this top-10 list:

1. Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy

One of the best public schools in Charlotte, and the one that has been constantly ranked in the top-10 list, Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy is a non-profit charter school that is known to serve the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the most underserved children. Although Metrolina accepts students from all socio-economic groups, backgrounds, and cultures, it provides special opportunities to highly gifted students who have met with greater risks of social, economical, and emotional problems compared to their age mates. Since highly gifted children from disadvantaged backgrounds are doubly at risk of academic failure, Metrolina takes pride in helping each child reach their full potential.

Metrolina offers classes to students from grade kindergarten to 8th and is an ideal choice for your child to begin education in the right way. For more information regarding the school, visit here.

Founded In: 2000
Grades: K-8
Rank: 1st
Contact: +1 704-503-1112
Address: 5225 77 Center Dr, Charlotte
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2. Marvin Ridge High School

A top-rated high school situated in Waxhaw, Marvin Ridge offers classes for 9th to 12th. Marvin is not only popular for its academic excellence but also for its athletics, which paves many future opportunities for students interested in sports. The best part is, Marvin Ridge is a part of the Union County Public School system and is regarded as one of the best public high schools in North Carolina and listed amongst the list of top-5 high schools for athletics in North Carolina.

Marvin Ridge is a great choice for your kids because it has a graduation rate of 99% and encourages athletic abilities among students.

Founded In: 2007
Grades: 9 to 12
Rank: 2nd
Contact: +1 704-290-1520
Address: 2825 Crane Rd, Waxhaw, NC
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3. Ardrey Kell High School- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Another top-rated public high school in Charlotte that is very popular for its academic excellence, Ardrey Kell High School, is a part of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools district and prepares students of grades 9 to 12 for a brighter future ahead. Ardrey Kell offers a lot of facilities to its students, including athletic facilities, music, spacious classrooms, an exquisite library, a vast playground greener than ever, and so much more.

Ardrey Kell has ranked number 15th in the list of public schools in North Carolina and has ranked number 1 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Some of the main support and services offered by the school include breakfast, lunch, tutoring, School-Based Health Center, School-Based Mental Health Services, School Counselors, Speech/Language Pathologist, Psychologist, and much more. You will never regret enrolling your teens here.

Founded In: 2006
Grades: 9 to 12
Rank: 3rd
Contact: +1 980-343-0860
Address: 10220 Ardrey Kell Rd, Charlotte
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4. Providence Spring Elementary School- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Located in the glamorous city of Charlotte, the cityscape surrounding Providence Spring Elementary is indeed amazing. Another popular school in the list of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Providence Spring, provides an enriched environment where children learn and grow.

The school offers state-of-the-art facility housing 42 classrooms, and all the classes, including kindergarten through fifth grade, art room, music room, resource room, media center, and computer lab, have SMART Boards or Promethean ActivPanels to provide the best learning experience to young children, who are future of tomorrow. The best part is, for students of grade kindergarten to 2, Providence Spring offers 10 IPads for student use, and for 3-5 classrooms, there are Chromebooks available. Some of the encouraging, skill-enhancing activities include Safety Patrol, Math Olympiad, Girls on the Run, Xcel 2 Fitness, Chess Club, Mystery Class, Quiz Bowl, and Science Olympiad. Providence Spring is undoubtedly the best choice for letting your children begin their academics in the best way.

Founded In: N/A
Grades: K-5
Rank: 4th
Contact: +1 980-343-6935
Address: 10045 Providence Church Ln, Charlotte
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5. Polo Ridge Elementary School- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schoo

Ranked 2nd amongst the list of best elementary schools in North Carolina, Polo Ridge Elementary also falls under the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools District and is situated in a calm neighborhood of Charlotte that serves as an ideal learning environment. The school values culture and diversity and promotes academic excellence; as a result, students discover the joy of learning in an encouraging and competitive learning environment.

Offering classes to the children of grades Kindergarten to 5, at Polo Ridge, your children can begin their education in an environment that inspires them to focus on the development of critical thinking and experimental learning skills.

Founded In: N/A
Grades: K-5
Rank: 5th
Contact:+1 980-343-0749
Address: 11830 Tom Short Road, Charlotte
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6. Community House Middle School- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schoo

Middle Schools play an important role in shaping the future of children; through the right education of middle school, students get a chance to enroll in top-rated high schools, where they major in their subject of interest. Community House is one such middle school that has been named an Honor School of Excellence with High Growth, the biggest honor awarded by the state of North Carolina. Community House has demonstrated excellent academic results throughout these years and has successfully provided a safe and nurturing learning environment where early teens get to explore their talents.

Community House offers classes from grade 6th to 8th and provides quality education to prepare students for a competitive, brighter future.

Founded In: N/A
Grades: 6 to 8
Rank: 6th
Contact:+1 980-343-0689
Address: 9500 Community House Rd, Charlotte
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7. South Charlotte Middle School- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Another top-rated middle school that deserves mention, South Charlotte, is a top-rated school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools District and has ranked number 6 in the list of best middle schools in North Carolina. With a diverse learning environment that depicts a value for culture and creativity, South Charlotte has been demonstrating academic excellence for the past years and preparing students to meet and exceed their future challenges.

Some of the main support and services offered by the school include tutoring, Breakfast, English as a Second Language (ESL), Psychologist, Exceptional Children Education Services, Lunch, School-based Health Center, and so much more. The school also encourages many athletic activities.

Founded In: N/A
Grades: 6 to 8
Rank: 7th
Contact:+1 980-343-3670
Address: 8040 Strawberry Ln, Charlotte
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8. Myers Park High School – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Established in 1951, Meyers Park High School has ranked 55th among all schools in North Carolina. Meyers offers a beautiful 62-acre campus and 13 individual buildings; students are able to learn in an environment similar to a small college. One can sense rich history and a legacy of academic success at Meyers; students here get a chance to explore their academic as well as athletic talents. For five consecutive years, the Meyers has been ranked among the 100 best high schools in the United States by Newsweek Magazine.

There are more than enough reasons to choose Meyers, not only because of its good reputation and rich history, but also many other reasons that are related to academics.

Founded In: 1951
Grades: 9 to 12
Rank: 8th
Contact: +1 980-343-5800
Address: 2400 Colony Rd, Charlotte
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9. Irwin Academic Center – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Ideal for children ready to begin their education, the Irwin Academic Center offers classes from Kindergarten to Grade 5 within Mecklenburg County, just minutes from uptown. Irwin is the only CMS full magnet program for Learning Immersion (K-2) and Talent Development (Academically Gifted-grades 3-5) students and offers its students rigorous and academically challenging curricula.

Irwin has been recognized as an “Honor School of Excellence” under the state’s ABC goals and has also been recognized by the state School Board and Hunt Institute for its academic honors.

Founded In: N/A
Grades: K-5
Rank: 9th
Contact: +1 980-343-5480
Address: 329 N Irwin Ave, Charlotte
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10. Highland Mill Montessori – Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

The last one on this list is a top-rated Montessori that cannot be ignored at all. Highland Mill Montessori is a magnet school and has ranked number 15th among 109 elementary schools in North Carolina. At Highland Mill, students learn and grow in a peaceful and caring environment and get a chance to explore their intellectual curiosity. Highland Mill Montessori can be the best school to get your toddlers or growing children get enrolled in.

Founded In: N/A
Grades: PK-6
Rank: 10th
Contact: +1 980-343-5525
Address: 3201 Clemson Ave, Charlotte.
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