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Best Public Schools for Autism

The general misconception is that private schools are better for special care needs like autism and other disorders. But I am going to break that for you. Private schools are smaller than most public schools and can offer more support in the classroom. It is not only that the public schools are free; public schools recruit specialized teachers for helping autistic and exceptional students.

According to the Autistic Society’s research, approximately fifty children are diagnosed with autism in the United States every day.  As the number increases, the government has taken several measures to provide the necessary facilities for children with ASD. By law, schools must create individualized educational programs for each autistic child.

If you are looking for a first-class autistic public school, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 public schools with first-class facilities for autistic students. Without further adieus, let us dive into it!

Kennedy Krieger Institute

Kennedy Krieger Institute is located in Baltimore, which is one of the first-class schools in California. The school is also famous for the Special Education award conferred by the National Association of Private Special Education Centers (NAPSEC).

They also have several campuses in Washington, DC, and Pennsylvania. The school also closely works together with the Maryland State Department of Education to provide the best care for autistic kids. I would highly recommend this top-rated school for its vibrant atmosphere.

Founded In: 1937
Location: Baltimore, Maryland 
Ranking: #1
Contact: 888-554-2080
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Institute for Educational Achievement (IEA), New Milford

The Institute for Educational Achievement is a dissemination site of the Princeton Child Development Center Institute. The affiliation with the Princeton development Centre makes this school very credible. As students become adolescents and young adults, the programs are tailored to emphasize daily living, social and vocational skills.

The Institute for Educational Achievement has a 1:1 staff-to-student ratio. Students spend time in individual and group sessions. Getting individualized care is always an excellent offer for an autistic kid, so it is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1958
Location: New Milford, NJ
Ranking: #2
Contact: (201) 262-3287
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Ascent, Deer Park

Ascent is located in Deer Park, which is one of the first-class autistic schools in New York.  The school is primarily concentrated on students who are having autism and atypical pervasive developmental disorder. The school also focuses on physical activities to keep the students fit.

The school primarily serves children with severe behavioral issues who have experienced failure in the continuum. The advantage of this school is there will be specific care for each student that will help them learn skills that will make them independent and strong.

Founded In: 1988
Location: Deer Park, NY
Ranking: #3
Contact: (631) 254-6100
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Best Public Schools for Autism

NYC Department of Education ASD Nest Program, New York City

NYC Department of Education ASD Nest Program is located in the middle of the city in NY. Inclusion is the core of the program. Catherine Lord, director of the Autism & Communication Disorders Center at the University of Michigan has personally recommended this program for autistic kids.

The ASD Nest program provides a therapeutic setting where the requisite support is provided by a team of specially trained educators and therapists. It is a great school that offers tailor-made programs for the kids. The staff includes not only teachers but also occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and social workers.

Founded In: 2002
Location: New York City, NY
Ranking: #4
Contact: 718-935-2200
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The Autism Academy of Learning, Toledo

Located in Toledo, The Autism Academy of Learning is a great opportunity for kids with autism. The academy has a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1. The academy has about 50 students. It is a highly modest school yet a great school for nurturing a challenged kid.

The highlight of The Autism Academy of Learning is, it had been ranked #3 in Ohio for Performance Index Scores. The school will not educate students with autism as a person with the disorder, it is a great school that teaches academics, daily living skills, behavior, independence, and vocational skills.

Founded In: 2001
Location: Arco Drive Toledo, OH
Ranking: #5
Contact: 419) 865-7487
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Spectrum Charter School, Inc., Monroeville

Spectrum Charter School, Inc located in Monroeville is not exactly a public school but you don’t have to pay tuition for the curriculum. Yes, the home district of the particular kid will cover all the school expenses, so in a way, it is absolutely free to learn at this reputed school.

The school’s mission is to provide school-to-work transition instruction in the classroom and on-site business and community-based work sites for students ages 13 to 21. Moreover, The curriculum consists of traditional, functional, and transitional (school-to-work) academics.

Founded In: 1995
Location: Monroeville, Pennsylvania
Ranking: #6
Contact: 412) 374-8130
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Lionsgate Academy

The school is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and offers first-class education for autistic kids. All students are welcome at Lionsgate, though the program emphasizes meeting the unique needs of students on the autism spectrum and students with other learning differences.

The highlight of the school is it will primarily focus on bringing self-confidence and determination in the kids as generally autistic kids are mostly anxious every time. The school is popular for its first-class training in social skills, occupational therapy, speech-language, and transition skills.

Founded In: 2008
Location: Minnetonka, MN
Ranking: #7
Contact: (612) 351-4567
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Alfonso B. Perez Special Education Center

Located in Los Angeles, Alfonso B. Perez Special Education Center served nearly 286 students in their first class starting from kindergarten until the age of 22 years. The student:teacher ratio of 9:1 is lower than the California state level of 23:1 and they give the best care for the students.

The school is also popular for giving first-class education for deaf students. Parents, students, staff, and the community collaborate to ensure students at Perez are as communicative, independent, productive, and are ready to face the world.

Founded In: 1966
Location: Los Angeles, CA 
Ranking: #8
Contact: (323) 269-0681
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Located on Fourth St., San Bernardino, CA, Anderson is a great choice if you are nearby the area. The reason why it goes down the chart is the school has terrible funding and it has a very below-average student-teacher ratio. So the need to have individual care for your kid will be less.

Nevertheless, The primary mission of Anderson School is to provide instruction to each student in order to develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding which is required to promote independence, personal development, and inclusion to the fullest extent for the challenged student’s potential at home, at school, and in the community.

Founded In: 1973
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Ranking: #9
Contact: (512) 414-2538
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Best Public Schools for Autism

Mariposa School for Children

Mariposa School for Children with Autism, a non-profit  Government based organization, provides intensive instruction year-round to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The school serves students from 18 months to 12 years of age. The school reports being frequently recommended by the faculty and staff of Duke University’s Autism program.

Additionally, the school also reports that families from across the nation and world have relocated in order for their child to attend the school. Each education program is tailored to fit the needs of the student. The Mariposa School for Children with Autism reports that they reassess every student’s skills on a daily basis to monitor and modify teaching strategies as required.

Founded In: 2007
Location: Gregson Drive Cary, NC
Ranking: #10
Contact: (919) 461-0600
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Best Public Schools for Autism

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