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Best Public Elementary Schools in Brooklyn

When B.B. King said, “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you,’ he surely meant to associate learning with the learned and how the process can go on expanding! We often hear kids singing rhymes, especially at festivals like Christmas. They are truly a bundle of joy and inspiration for living life to the best. They are the future and vision of a country which will forecast and turn the thoughts into actions. Elementary education covers kids between five and eleven years of age; here, the child learns the basics before entering a correct and routine school. In the United States, from the age of around six, it’s compulsory to attend elementary school. This stage of schooling is provided free of charge. (Public School is free).

Brooklyn has 540 public schools which provide elementary education and others. Also, holding the status of 2nd most densely populated county in the United States, Brooklyn has a record of promoting education at all levels. It is also termed as offering the largest public schools system in the country. In 2019, it was reported that school enrolment in public and private elementary schools was generally higher than in other educational institutions.

In this article, we have organized some Public Schools in Brooklyn which provide elementary education along with other levels of education. The schools are chosen on the basis of the competence of teachers and how they are successful in delivering the best education to the children. Some of the schools on the list are run by Non-Profit Organizations, while some are directly the responsibility of the Government.

1. Success Academy Charter Schools- Bed-Stuy 1

Before children jump into books and experiments, the purpose is to make them capable of some interactions and understanding of the basics with which the world around them functions. The aim of the elementary education of this school is to reduce the method of direct instruction but rather focus on hands-on exploration, discussions with peers, and solving the problem at hand. As it gets clear that the aim of elementary education here is to build a strong foundation on which these children upgrade themselves and not crumble. It is indeed  ‘More than a School.’

Founded in: 2006
Contact: 718-635-3296
Rank: #1
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2. KIPP AMP Charter School

The complete school came out of one classroom in 1995 at the beginning, where the idea was to help the students come out shining and successful in whatever they put their hands into. Education is complete only when the sense of belongingness and oneness is achieved by the way it is imparted to young minds. The school offers a supporting and positive environment to its children as well as the teachers. As we have mentioned that the purpose and motivation behind setting up this school were to make leaders out of children who have the potential of leading masses and especially those who are into bringing change. The school aims at making education wholesome!

Founded in: 1995
Contact: 718-943-3740
Rank: #2
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3. Achievement First- Bushwick School

The foundation of the school is on an amazing thought which was invoked while a student teacher had trouble teaching the book Johnny Tremain in a middle school classroom, so the mentor teacher suggested she show them the movie. So boom! She laid the foundation of her school. So this is how the journey of Achievement First Network took birth. It can be inferred that the idea was to fill gaps between income/race and quality education and how sometimes access to opportunity is hindered by these factors. The diversity is appreciated, the lack of enough resources is not given so much importance, and that is how the children spread their wings to fly. (What else does a child need?)

Founded in: 1998
Contact: 347-471-2550
Rank: #3
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4. Achievement First- Endeavor School

This school is also a product of Achievement First. It is a non-profit network of high-quality, free, public charter schools. The schools of Achievement First are also answerable to the State Board of Education.  It is truly said that the strength of any foundation is determined by the way its roots are placed. And as we have already mentioned that Achievement First respects diversity and values equity and inclusiveness in every field. Isn’t it wonderful when children get to evolve and involve in an environment where they can see and make their world a piece of the source of inspiration for many?

Founded in: 1998
Contact: 718-622-5994
Rank: #4
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5. Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Elementary School

It is one of the high-rated public elementary schools in Brooklyn, New York. The motive of the school is to produce students who can compete with the outside world by having a deep understanding of the concepts and logic. The Leadership Preparatory Ocean Hill aims at preparing children in such a way that they are ready to achieve the success of any kind whatsoever. And graduate from a four-year college. The school offers a conducive environment for the children to flourish, and also, the parent’s involvement in the school and their children are given a lot of importance.

Founded in: 2010
Contact: 718-250-5767
Rank: #5
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6. Hellenic Classical Charter Schools

The mission of the school is transparent, ‘Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth.’ As the name suggests, the Hellenic Classical Charter School aims at providing all students with a profound classical education in a challenging and environment which is learning pointed. The school offers the study of Greek and Latin languages. One of the very striking attributes of this schooling system is the method of instruction which is didactic and involves Socrates questioning. Thus, your kids will leave the space after becoming intellectually competent and make a substantial contribution across the globe.

Founded in: 2005
Contact: 718-499-095
Rank: #6
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7. Excellence Girls Charter School

Excellence Girls Charter School is an all-girls school located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. The education delivered at the school prepares the students for a world that is outside the campus and has multiple opportunities which can only be grabbed with knowledge and skill. The school is also well known for its faculty, which is superbly committed and result-oriented. The school is a mixture of everything that a parent would have wanted for their children, from a joyful atmosphere to rigorous learning that can mold the future of these children into glowing stars.

Founded in: 2009
Contact: 718-638-1875
Rank: #7
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8. Kings Collegiate Charter School

Kings Collegiate Charter School focuses upon enhancing the reading and speaking skills of its students through a double period of English Language, Arts, and activities. The most outstanding point of the school which needs to be addressed is the strong emphasis on discipline, and academics is regarded as a top priority. This, in return, also motivates children to come out of the fears that they develop at times and learn things that are going to be beneficial to them only in the long run.

Founded in: 1998
Contact: 718-782-9830
Rank: #8
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9. Achievement First- East New York School

Achievement First has made a significant contribution in improving the standards of education in the country especially making education accessible & this has a very positive and mind-blowing impact on the education sector. The mission of the school is simple and clear as it says that the agenda is to give the opportunity to all of America’s children to have equal educational facilities. We cannot call a nation with a good-quality education system if some population doesn’t even have access to basic education, right? The school offers an atmosphere where children can learn, practice, and move towards their goals with teachers who are more like family.

Founded in: 1998
Contact: 718-485-4924
Rank: #9
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