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Best Psychology Courses in Chennai

Psychology is one of the most intriguing and fascinating fields to study. It deals with the science of the human mind and behaviour and focuses on Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Unconscious parts of the mind. A degree in Psychology involves clinical trials and the treatments are directly related to it. Everything in psychology depends largely on practice and interaction, a Psychologist interacts with their patients to help them cure their mental issues and ailment, an individual can trust a psychologist if they are suffering from depression, anxiety and other related issues. A Psychologist has the ability to transform an unhealthy, disturbing mind into a sound mind with the help of medicines and various therapies.

If you are willing to work as a Psychologist in the future and are searching for the best colleges to study Psychology in, then here are top colleges in Chennai where you can fulfill your dream:

1. BSc and MSc in Psychology by SRM Institute of Science and Technology

SRM University provides degrees in Clinical Psychology at itsKattankulathur, Chennaicampus and has tie-ups with many international institutions throughout the world including Berklee Engineering College, Illinois Institute of Technology and many others. The students here can opt for bachelor’s, Master’s and M. Phil programs in the desired field, and gain expertise. From Bachelor’s to M. Phil students are guided here with clinical trainings, psychopathology assessments and therapeutic interventions, that helps them understand the ways treatment can be provided to individuals with mental health problems. The students here are taught to deal with both child and adult psychology and are made to interact with various hospitals and communities that promote psychological health and well being. If you are hoping to become a Psychologist, then there is no better place for you to fulfil your dream than SRM University.

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2. MSc and PhD in Psychology by University of Madras

The University of Madras is one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Tamil Nadu. The university has a plethora of courses for every discipline including Psychology with degrees ranging from Masters to PhD. If you hold a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and are hoping to expand your knowledge further by pursuing higher degrees, and have an aim to research the field in near future, then the University of Madras is your ideal destination.

The department of Psychology at the University of Madras is enriched with top-class Professors who provide top-quality education to its students. The department arranges clinical practices, various seminars where internationally famous Doctors and Lecturers are invited, for its students, and actively take part in the Madras Psychology Society established in the year 1944 by a group of eminent researchers of the university. Studying in this university can be a life-changing experience for you, and after the completion of your desired degree, you may establish yourself as a successful Psychologist.

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3. BSc in Psychology by Hindustan College of Arts and Science

Number 3 on our list is popular in Chennai that has been affiliated with the University of Madras and accredited by NAAC. The Hindustan College of Arts and Science is the ideal choice for beginning your academic career in Psychology, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree program from here, and pursue your dream of becoming a renowned Psychologist.

The Department of Psychology at HCAS takes great care in transforming its students into sensible psychologists. The course focuses on the human brain and its behaviour and emphasises how social interactions can help individuals. Alongside, special focus is laid on the development of personality, interpersonal relationships and leadership traits among the students because their treatments in future will largely depend on these factors. The department has tie-ups with industries and institutions to facilitate internships, and also organises an exclusive counselling centre to guide and assist students with their psychological issues. The department is very active and takes every responsibility to help its students flourish in the field of psychology and become successful in their lives, it also encourages its students to pursue higher studies to enhance their career.

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4. BSc in Psychology by St. Thomas College of Arts and Science

St. Thomas College of Arts and Science is another prestigious college to opt for a  Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. The degree covers a plethora of topics related to human psychology and sociology, that helps the student gain complete knowledge of the subject. The various areas covered during the course are General Psychology, Bio Psychology, Principles of Sociology, Social Anthropology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, and much more. The department has a tie-up with an association by the name “Mithira” that helps students to understand their roles and responsibilities involved in rehabilitating mentally ill patients. Here, the students learn to provide psychological treatment and support to individuals who are suffering from mental health issues. The association conducts workshops and seminars to develop expertise among the students. After completion of the degree, you may establish yourself as a clinical, industry or counselling Psychologist in the future. Or pursue further research.

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5. BSc in Psychology by Stella Maris College

This is a college only for women and has been accredited by NAAC and has also been awarded a higher grade of ‘A’ for its academic excellence. Stella Maris College is affiliated with the University of Madras and serves as the best college for pursuing a BSc degree in psychology as it has been ranked number 8 in India Today among top colleges in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. However, the BSc in Psychology program falls under the category of self-financing programs, and no aid is provided by the college for it. But pursuing a degree from Stella Maris has its own perks as it is most reputed for its academic excellence.

The department of psychology in Stella Maris is new to the college and began in the year of 2016, apart from providing quality education and training to students of bachelor’s, the department also offers other courses related to psychology such as Rehabilitation Psychology, Consumer Psychology and Psychology of Adolescence to  name a few.

The Bachelor’s program covers every details about the field of psychology from experimental to biological. The department also encourages and makes arrangements for seminars that feature highly informative lectures from experts, and clinical practice to help students understand their roles as Psychologist. This only-women college has a lot to offer.

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6. Bachelor’s Program in Psychology by Madras School of Social Work

Another ‘A’ grade college accredited by NAAC and affiliated with the University of Madras, MSSW is another popular choice for studying BSc in Psychology. The department of Psychology in the college was established in the year 2012, and since then the department has been providing the best of education to students of bachelor’s degree who want to establish themselves as Psychologist. The department has been recognised throughout Chennai for its academic progress, and quality infrastructure along with dedicated faculties who provide great support to students.

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7. BSc in Psychology by Women’s Christian College

An autonomous institution accredited by NAAC with grade ‘A+’ for its academic excellency and affiliated by University of Madras, Women’s Christian College is another only- women’s college on our list that has been highly ranked among the state for its quality education and notable academic success.

The BSc in Psychology degree is a 3 years program that is designed by the department to mould their students into successful professionals in the field of psychology. The department provides every support to its students necessary for successful completion of the course and prepares them for the future. You can receive financial aid for the course by contacting the college.

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8. BSc in Psychology by Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute, [DMGRERI] Chennai

The last one on our list and another- grade college that has a renowned department of Psychology. The Department of Psychology at Dr M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute is designed to make students understand the complexities of human minds and the process involved in clinical treatments. The degree focuses on understanding human behaviour, thought processes and interpretations, which is absolutely necessary for building your career as a Psychologist. You will be provided with laboratory sessions, counselling sessions, internships and other helpful sessions involved with the field. After completing the degree, you are all set to establish yourself in the field of Psychology.

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