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Best Product Photography Courses Online

Product Photography refers to capturing the images of products that will be used commercially to buy and sell. Product Photography is increasingly becoming popular these days ever since people around the world have developed a craze for online purchases. Be it for your own Small Business or the big companies you want to work on, learning how to ace Product Photography can benefit you in multiple ways. 

Think about Amazon in particular; we only purchase things that feature an appealing image; how about you knew how to make simple things look attractive with some Photographic skills? If you are someone, who is looking forward to establishing a career as a Product Photographer, or are looking for a course that’ll teach you to so that you can sell your own handmade products, here are some of the best practices to help you out. 

1. Product Photography – Master Level by Udemy

Now mastering Product Photography is within the grip of your hands; by just getting enrolled in this fantastic course by Udemy, you will learn all it takes to give a magical touch to the most specific products. In this comprehensive course, you will actually come across a lot of essential things that are an integral part of Product Photography; some of the critical topics that will be covered are- how to take photos depending on the texture, shape, and color of the product, setting backgrounds as per products, techniques used in creative product photography, connecting your Camera to Studio lamp and so much more. 

From the basics of working in a studio to giving your photos a perfect look, this comprehensive course will train you in the best possible way. 

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2. Getting Started in Product Photography by Karl Taylor Education

Karl Taylor Education is a website where you come across multiple training courses related to Product Photography. With hundreds of classes, lighting solutions, and problem-solving examples, the expert Photographers lead you on a journey of learning and gaining skills in a way like never before. There are courses for each type of product available on the website, including Bottle and Beverage Photography, Jewellery Photography, Food Photography and Styling, Flat Lay Photography, and so much more to explore. 

Learning how to get started with Product Photography to explore its dynamic areas, Karl Taylor Education is truly your one-stop solution for learning all types of Product Photography. Before summing up, you should know what these courses will be featuring- An introduction to product photography, Cameras & lenses for product photography, Recommended equipment for product photography, Studio space and how to make it work, and so much more. 

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3. DIY Product Photography: Style & Shoot Creative Stills

A short course by Skillshare that introduces you to Do It Yourself (DIY) creative Product Photography that is perfect for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, or building up your own portfolio. Do not go after its length; in just 35 minutes, you will be introduced to 7 critical lessons and a final sum up that will not only enhance your Photography skills but also provide tips to remember for life.

This course will also feature behind the scenes, concept to creation, using tools to enhance images, and many more important things. Grab your DSLR or iPhone, and make the most out of this short, free course.

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4. Creative Product Photography Courses by Doméstika 

Doméstika has become one of the leading online platforms to enhance your hobby in the most beautiful way. From Embroidery to Painting and Art, from DIYs to Photography, you will come across a lot of exciting courses led by industry experts, the systems that are directly connected to the hobbies you want to turn into a profession.

There are indeed a lot of courses based on Product Photography available on Doméstika, each of these is led by experts who know where you need to begin and what points to keep in mind. Some of the best-selling courses include “Professional Photography for Instagram,” “Creative Product Photography from Start to Finish,” “Commercial Photography: Find Your Authentic Style,” “Product Photography for Beginners,” and many others. You can choose the area of Product Photography you want to focus on and take your passion or career to the next level. 

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5. Learning Product Photography by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is undoubtedly one of those most reliable learning platforms, and to much surprise, there are also courses available for Product Photography. The Learning Product Photography course is ideal for those who want to take their Online Business to a different level without seeking help from Professional Photographers. 

Be it Smartphones, mirrorless cameras, DSLR, or any other device; you will learn the skills of making a picture look eye-catching, of course, with the help of a bit of editing in Photoshop or Lightroom. This course can prove to be a perfect way to begin exploring Product Photography. 

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6. Product Photography – On a Budget by The School of Photography

The School of Photography is your ideal destination to learn the skills of every type of Photography, but today we are talking about Product Photography, and let’s focus on that. The Product Photography course here is totally on budget, and feature step-by-step guides from beginning initially, to using easy lighting techniques and use low-cost equipment to get that same outlook that other top-rated websites and business bring. If you do not have a big budget and are looking for a cheaper yet effective course, then the School of Photography will suggest you the best options at minimal costs.

The Product Photography course here is loaded with tips, helpful guidance to remember every time you press that shutter button, and other helpful information that enhances your skills. You can use a phone, or even a second-hand Camera to make the most out of the Product Photography course. If you are running a Small Business or simply interested in Product Photography, there cannot be a better way to get trained with minimum expense than here. 

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7. Product Photography: Creating Images that Sell by Skillshare

Yet another course by Skillshare that deserves mention, Product Photography: Creating Images that Sell, is ideal for those who are running their small, creative business and want to draw more attention with the help of attractive images that one cannot take eyes off! This simple course for all types of learners consists of 12 lessons, focusing on the most critical areas of creative Photography, whether it is your DIY Crafts or things you want to sell over the internet, everything depends on “good pictures,” and for that, you will come across a lot of helpful and useful ideas here in this course.

While upgrading your Photography skills, you will learn how to master and manipulate natural light to capture fantastic product photos using a smartphone or DSLR, and finally, edit them on platforms like Lightroom. Now setting up a home-style studio and at the same time taking your online business to the next level is easy. 

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8. Commercial Photography: Still and Moving Images by FutureLearn

A free online course onFutureLearn presented by the Norwich University of the Arts is where you get to learn the key to successfully capturing Commercial images, on which businesses are mainly dependent. This course is designed to help students develop a visual sensibility and get to grips with new forms of commercial photography in such a way that it is ready to compete with other Professional/Commercial Photography. 

Some of the main things you will be covering in this course are- the relationship between still and moving image in commercial Photography, the differences between narrative filmmaking and moving image photography; and the use of video, CGI, animation, illustration, and mobile devices, technicalities of using a camera to record, capturing Commercial images for advertisement and so on. This free course can prove to be life-changing for you. 

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9. Product Photography Styling Course by Rachael Kimberley

A website run by a professional, Rachel is a Stylist Photographer and an educator who helps aspiring students to master the art of Photography, be it Commercial or Styling. Rachel has designed her short courses in such a way that every type of learner gets benefitted from them and succeeds in selling their products.

It doesn’t matter if you do not have a fancy Camera; your Smartphone is enough to make you a skilled photographer. From DIYs, visual examples, video instructions, you will come across a comprehensive guide that will help you create your own studios at home and conduct photoshoots without any help. 

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10. Still Life and DIY Product Photography Styling with Impact by Udemy

The last course on this list by Udemy is going to focus on Still Life and DIY Product Photography Styling; that is precisely what you need to turn your home into a studio for promoting your products or crafts online. With the most straightforward ideas, step-by-step techniques, pro tips, and tricks, there’s nothing that can stop you from succeeding or becoming famous. 

By the end of this fantastic course, you’ll be able to set up your own home studio and will be able to confidently capture and edit photos of your product and eventually gain popularity for them. This course is ideal for beginners, Small business owners, aspiring Photographers, Instagram Influencers, and Designers. 

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That’s all for the list of best online courses focusing on Product Photography. Now, at the comfort of your home, you can take your Small Business to the next level and even compete with the much popular ones, just by learning the right ways of Product Photography and making your images look eye-catching. All of these courses featured on the list are budget-friendly and will help you a lot in becoming a skilled Photographer in much less time. 

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