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Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is one of the top-rated places to do education as it is a land of opportunities. The study finds Pittsburgh as one of the most ranked educated cities in the US, and they provide excellent facilities for students. So if you are planning to move to Pittsburgh, you are making a great decision. Private schools abound in the Pittsburgh region, with more than 25withg 300 or more students in the areas.

But how to find the right school out of this? Which one will provide the best educational infrastructure? Well, don’t worry, I have got you covered. In this article, I have handpicked the top 10 private schools in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh also offers a cheaper housing market than other large cities. So what are we waiting for? Let us find the right school for our kids already!

1. Shady Side Academy

Shady Side Academy is one of the top-class private schools known for its STEM coaching and AP enrolment programs. The school focuses on giving college preparation for its students and has sent their kids to top-rated ivy league schools in the nation.

With an approach that includes small class sizes, individual attention, and a rigorous curriculum, the school focuses on giving students a hands-on experience. Each student will get a mentor who will guide them through their future goals.

Founded In: 1883
Address: Fox Chapel Rd, Pittsburgh, PA
Rank: #1 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-968-3000
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2. Winchester Thurston School

If you’re looking for a school that provides undivided attention for your kids, then Winchester Thurston School is a great choice. The school maintains a fantastic 7:1 student-teacher ratio, and the school survey shows 100 percent of the students go to college.

If you are looking for Best High Schools for STEM in Pennsylvania, I would highly recommend Thurston School. The strong sense of community & small class sizes allow for individualized attention and gives excellent opportunity to grow and thrive.

Founded In: 1887
Address: Morewood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Rank: #2 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-578-7500
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3. Sewickley Academy

Sewickley Academy is known as one of the oldest schools in the Pittsburgh area, providing excellent educational opportunities and world-class facilities for its students. The school is known for its ample extracurricular opportunities.

Moreover, it is pertinent to note that at SA, there are so many opportunities from athletics to arts to technology. Every student will find their niche through the options provided at this top-rated school. It is a 16-acre campus that provides an excellent environment to study.

Founded In: 1838
Address: Academy Ave, Sewickley, PA
Rank: #3 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-741-2230
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4. The Ellis School

The Ellis School is a top-class school known for its exemplary extracurricular activities. If you are looking for a decent, affordable private school in Pittsburgh, then Ellis can be a fantastic choice. It is also considered to be a safe school in this territory.

The community at Ellis is very approachable and has the best teachers, staff, and administration. They will provide a mentor-mentee relationship with your teachers who will guide you throughout your career. The college prep is fantastic and highly recommended.

Founded In: 1916
Address: Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Rank: #4 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-661-5992
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5. Aquinas Academy

If you are looking for a top-rated catholic school to send your kid to, I would highly recommend Aquinas Academy, which is considered the number one Catholic High school in the Pittsburgh Area. The school lacks a good sports infrastructure, yet they excel in academics.

The school is rapidly growing, and it is evident that Aquinas’ successes are increasing as well. The students from this school have made it through top-rated schools in Pennsylvania and another Ivy League. The students find the school atmosphere very safe.

Founded In: 1996
Address: W Hardies Rd, Gibsonia, PA
Rank: #5 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 724-444-0722
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6. Central Catholic High School

Yet another top-rated catholic school, Central Catholic High School, is a first-class school that has the best sporting infrastructure in Pittsburgh. If you are looking for an all-boys high school, then this school is going to be a good choice.

The school follows the great St. John Baptist de La Salle’s educational approach, which will increase the academic excellence in the kids and provide spiritual growth in your kid. The AP programs and electives at this school are highly appreciated.

Founded In: 1927
Address: Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Rank: #6 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-208-3400
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7. Oakland Catholic High School

Oakland Catholic High School provides top-rated educational facilities where students from different states come to this school for its top-rated facilities. They come from 46 school districts, 4 counties, and 4 countries. So the reputation of this school is sky-high.

The school provides top-rated tennis, XC, and swimming infrastructure for students who want to cultivate their interest in extracurricular activities. They have a lot of championships in their name. When it comes to STEM coaching and AP enrollment, Oakland is the leader.

Founded In: 1989
Address: Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA
Rank: #9 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-682-6633
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8. Trinity Christian School

If you are looking for a school that provides a great sports and athletics department, Trinity Christian School is a fantastic choice. If you have an interest in soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, or you name it, there are a lot of resources for sports.

There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Trinity, which makes the kids want to go to school every day. The school focuses on building a close-knit community for students. The teachers at this school have great experience and are renowned in their field.

Founded In: 1922
Address: Ridge Ave, Pittsburgh, PA
Rank: #8 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-242-8886
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9. North Catholic High School

Located in the beautiful area of Pittsburgh, Cranberry Township is one of the finest places to do your education since they have a beautiful atmosphere. The North Catholic High School is the finest catholic school that provides world-class facilities for its students.

The teachers help you get involved right away and make sure you are connecting with other students in the school. If you want your kid to study in an environment where they focus on building their social skills, then this school is a fantastic choice.

Founded In: 1939
Address: PA-228, Cranberry Twp, PA
Rank: #9 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 412-321-4823
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10. The University School

The University School is a top-class school that provides great opportunities for students who want to get into top-rated colleges once they graduate. The STEM coaching and AP enrollment programs are excellent and provide great help for passionate students.

 There are no bureaucratic layers here – issues are addressed immediately and with fairness which makes the school stand out from the rest of the schools in Pittsburgh. This school is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1890
Address: Som Center Rd, Moreland Hills, OH
Rank: #10 of Best Private Schools in Pittsburgh
Contact: +1 216-831-2200
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