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Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County

Palm Beach County is a beautiful place to move in. It is filled with luxurious destinations and has excellent prospects for job opportunities, education, and many more. If you are looking for a top private school for your kid, then you have come to the right place. There are around 140 private schools in Palm Beach County, and in this article, I have handpicked the top 10 private schools.

Whether you are looking for K-12, middle school, elementary or even high school, the following schools are great choices. When relocating to a new community, it’s important to make the right decision when evaluating your children’s education opportunities. So choosing the right one could be a very detrimental factor for your kid’s future. So what are we waiting for? Let us get down to business!

1. Advent Lutheran School

Located in Boca Raton, Advent Lutheran School is a first-class private school that starts from giving first-class education to toddlers and infants to High school students. The school focuses on providing a holistic approach to its rigorous curriculum.

Lutheran Ministry is very well known as the school gets great funding from the wealthy families of Palm Beach County. There are great extracurricular activities that help students find their niche. Opportunities like community service, public speaking and leadership activities are provided at this phenomenal school.

Founded In: 1968
Rank: #1 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: 561-395-3631
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2. American Heritage School

If you are looking for a school that will have great reliance on college preparatory programs, then I would highly endorse American Heritage School, which is located in the beautiful Delray Beach of Florida. It is a huge campus with around 40 acres of space.

One of the reasons why the school is popular is because of its first-class student-teacher ratio, which is greatly managed at this school. It is also worthy of knowing that the school’s 60 per cent of the staff hold a  postgraduate degree which means the school focuses on giving a more advanced educational experience for their students.

Founded In: 1965
Rank: #2 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: 561-495-7272
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3. Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy

Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy is a first class school that is located in Palm Beach Gardens of Florida. The school focuses on intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of the kids and each and every student will grow great in this first class academy.

In Arthur, students will get a chance to go for many camps to many countries which will help them culminate their educational experience to a whole new level. The school has a fantastic campus life where students find it a very peaceful and less stressful atmosphere.

Founded In: 1973
Rank: #3 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: 561-686-6520
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4. The Benjamin School

The Benjamin School is a popular school as the college acceptance rate at this top rated school is at 100 percentage. If you are into competitive athletics programs and sports, then I would highly recommend this top rated school as they have great sporting infrastructure.

The school is known for its first-class STEM program and Ap courses. Moreover, the  TV Studio Broadcasting and Video Production activity is a more exciting program that will help students find out their niche. They provide a very challenging, rigorous curriculum for the students.

Founded In: 1960
Rank: #4 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: 561-626-3747
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5. Cardinal Newman High School

If you are looking for a first-class catholic school, I would highly recommend Cardinal Newman High School. The school focuses on providing a curriculum that is catholic infused. So the students of this school are taught all the principles, wisdom and values from a really young age.

Another advantage of studying in this school is the faculty of this school focus on motivating students to strive for excellence themselves in order to develop the self-discipline needed for college. There is a mentor-mentee relationship between the students.

Founded In: 1964
Rank: #5 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: +1 707-546-6470
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6. Grandview Preparatory School

Grandview Preparatory School is a first-class private school which is considered to be one of the most affordable private school in the Palm Beach County. More than 50 per cent of this school holds a postgraduate degree which shows the excellent education the school provides.

If you plan to get into the colleges like Florida Atlantic University and Palm Beach State College in the same state, then I would highly recommend taking their AP courses which will help you get into these top-rated colleges in the future.

Founded In: 1997
Rank: #6 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: +1 561-416-9737
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7. Jupiter Christian School

Located in Jupiter, Jupiter Christian School is a first-class school that offers exemplary education. The whole perspective of all the wisdom is given through a biblical perspective. They have a fantastic campus which has a really good diversification of all cultures.

The school fosters an academically advanced curriculum with opportunities to compete in Math Olympics and the National Geography Bee. Moreover, the school is popular for its AP programs and STEM coaching, which is offered by well-experienced faculty.

Founded In: 1963
Rank: #7 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: +1 561-746-7800
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8. The King’s Academy

One of the finest schools that offer an exemplary curriculum is The King’s Academy. It is yet another top-class Christian school that focuses on interdimensional education, and it is highly recommended.

If you have an interest in theatre or music or dance etc., this school offers great infrastructure and opportunities for students who want to discover their talents. Apart from extracurricular activities, the school also has great guidance to college preparatory programs.

Founded In: 1970
Rank: #8 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: +1 561-686-4244
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9. Gulf Stream School

Located in a small coastal town, Gulf Stream School is a fantastic school if you are looking for a less stressful environment. The school is popular as they give prime importance to students’ mental health and provide classes and education accordingly.

It is also noteworthy to know that this school is nationally recognized as one of the fifty best independent U.S. elementary schools by Moreover, if you want a school that will give you hands-on training through projects, then this is your school!

Founded In: 1989
Rank: #9 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: 561-276-5225
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10. Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches

If you are particularly looking for a private school that focuses on giving first-class college preparatory programs, I would highly recommend Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches. The school has an exemplary campus that has beautiful infrastructure.

The Academy is known for its use of project-based learning, a dynamic approach where students explore real-world challenges through hands-on projects that develop creative thinking skills.

Founded In: 2001
Rank: #10 of Best Private Schools in Palm Beach County
Contact: 561-972-9600
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