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Best Private Middle Schools

If you want your kid to have undivided attention and want them to develop intellectually, emotionally, and socially, then making them study in private schools can be a fantastic option. The reason why parents prefer private schools is they get a tailor-made curriculum and a lot of opportunities to explore.

Even according to the National Association of Independent Schools, they show a massive increase in the performance rate of private schools than public ones. But how to find out the best private school to send your kid to? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. There are a whopping 34,576 private schools in the US, and after in-depth research, I have handpicked the top 10 private middle schools that will be the best for you. Moreover, if you want to send your kid to a private school for the religious association, there are several schools for that particular purpose. So without further adieu, let us get started.

1. Trinity School

If you’re looking for a school with exemplary teachers who hold advanced degrees and have great experience dealing with middle school students, Trinity School is the top choice. They have an excellent infrastructure that provides first-class facilities.

Moreover, if your kid studies in this school, there is a high chance of being successful. Some of the successful alumni of the school include tennis star John McEnroe, fashion consultant Stacy London to name a few. This school is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1709
Address: W 91st St, New York, NY
Rank: #1 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 212-873-1650
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2. Roxbury Latin School

Located in Massachusetts, Roxbury Latin School is one of the top-class schools which provides an excellent diverse student body. This will help your kid learn about different ethnicities, linguists, races, and gender. It is nicknamed the ivy school for middle grade.

If you have an interest in music, then Roxbury provides top-rated facilities. They have teachers who have experience teaching any music; a glee club, a capella group, a junior chorus, a jazz band, you name it. The school provides a lot of opportunities.

Founded In: 1645
Address: St Theresa Ave, West Roxbury, MA
Rank: #2 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 617-325-4920
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3. Brearley School

Located in NY, Brearley School is a top choice if you want your kid to study in an all-girls school. Moreover, when it comes to diversity, Brearley has the best record. It is not often we find private schools to be diverse, and forty-four percent of the student body is composed of students of color.

Even if the tuition fee is pretty high at this school, most students get a chance to bag top-rated schools for their college. Brearley’s emphasis on academics is witnessed by its high Ivy League/MIT/Stanford placement rate of 37%.

Founded In: 1884
Address: 83rd St, New York, NY 10028,
Rank: #3 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 212-744-8582
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4. Princeton Day School

Princeton Day School is a first-class school which is the feeder school of the top school, Princeton University. If you want your kid to have a high chance of getting into top ivy league schools shortly, this school is a fantastic choice. It is located in New Jersey.

The school provides a fantastic curriculum for middle school students who want to pursue an artistic passion that cultivates creativity. Prominent alumni of this school include actor Christopher Reeve and singer-songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter, industry specialists in their field.

Founded In: 1899
Address: Great Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540,
Rank: #4 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 609-924-6700
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5. Germantown Friends School

If you want your son to excel in academics, then Germantown Friends School is a top-class German school located in the heart of Pennsylvania. Most of the students from this school get into top schools, especially at the University of Pennsylvania.

The school is unique in its marking system. They focus on giving the proper education, which will help them improve every day. In fact, Germantown Friends does not calculate GPA for class rank. Alumni of this school include Nobel Prize-winning physicists and many famous personalities.

Founded In: 1845
Address: W Coulter St, Philadelphia, PA
Rank: #5 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 215-951-2300
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6. University of Chicago Laboratory Schools

Locally known as the lab school, the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools is a first-class school if you have an interest in science or maths. The school is located in the top-rated neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. The school has a beautiful infrastructure, and it is highly recommended.

Suppose you want your kid to study in an atmosphere where they will learn academics and cultural, communicative ethics, and civility education. In that case, this school is the best choice. Significant US Supreme Court justices have studied in this top-rated middle school.

Founded In: 1896
Address: E 59th St, Chicago, IL
Rank: #6 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 773-702-9450
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7. Collegiate School

Located in Virginia, Collegiate School is a first-class school that provides top-rated education for students who provide academic and personal excellence. Prominent faces like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, film producer Michael Gottwald are some of the alumni of this school.

This shows how the school balances academic opportunities, extracurricular options, clubs, and organizations for students. They will find this school very stress-free and provides a challenging curriculum at the same time.

Founded In: 1915
Address: N Mooreland Rd, Richmond, VA
Rank: #7 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 804-740-7077
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8. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School

If you want your kid to study in a  middle school where they have a stellar rotation in academic records, then I would highly endorse St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. They have a long history of providing a great education for passionate students.

St. Andrew’s consistently leads the state in the percentage of National Merit Semi-finalists. The highlight of this school is they provide hands-on training for middle school students to learn every nuance of the subjects. The school puts emphasis on cultivating creativity.

Founded In: 1947
Address: Old Agency Rd, Ridgeland, MS
Rank: #8 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 601-853-6000
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9. University School Nashville

University School Nashville is a first-class school known for its college preparation right from middle school. The teachers in this school provide great individual attention for each and every student. It is the feeder for the top-class Vanderbilt university nearby.

When it comes to diversity, no private school in Tennessee can beat this school. USN presents a cultural dialogue series to promote multiculturalism on its campus. Moreover, the tuition fee at this school is far more affordable than most of the above-mentioned schools.

Founded In: 1975
Address: Edgehill Ave, Nashville, TN
Rank: #9 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 615-321-8000
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10. John Burroughs School

John Burroughs School is a first-class school that provides great educational opportunities for middle school students. This is the only school that focuses more on sports and extracurricular activities. The school is located in the heart of Missouri.

The school has an appointed office of diversity and multicultural education to ensure that awareness and inclusion span across the curriculum. The teachers at this school have a great experience bringing up the middle school students into top-class industrial specialists.

Founded In: 1923
Address: Price Rd, St. Louis, MO
Rank: #10 of Best Private Middle Schools in the US
Contact: +1 314-993-4040
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